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  1. Anyone attending this year that is willing to help me get the mega construx battle bones set?
  2. Anyone attending SDCC this year that is willing to help me out and get the MOTU bones set. I have paypal and help would be much appreciated.
  3. Damn well that sucks, I was really looking forward to those.
  4. Where did you see that there aren't getting made. I have the first wave and was looking forward to those as well.
  5. Found a full wave today in Park city KS
  6. There too many good wrestlers but I would like to see Stone Cold Steve Austin, the rock, big show, mankind, dude love, cactus jack, Mick foley, Triple h, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, physco Sid, big daddy cool disel, Kane, Undertaker american bad ass and the phenom versions, the acolytes, new age Outlaws, xpac, Owen Hart, Ken Shamrock, shawn michaels, rob van dam, brock lesnar,Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon,Vince McMahon, Matt and Jeff hardy, the Dudley Boyz, edge and Christian, goldust, Chris benoit if no one is offended, Eddie guerrero, Chyna, x Pac, Val Venis. There's too many to name this was wrestling best era
  7. You could use the wwe stackdown ones but those are harder find than the wrestler zombies.
  8. I haven't even found wave 8 yet, but I'm I've been lucky to find a set of the Infinty war wave 2 out of the 10 stores I visted damn you walgreens.
  9. There out there, I found a complete set a couple of days ago. I live in the midwest.
  10. F*** Walgreens is all I can say, I was denied at three stores that had them. I tried to explain to them what was going on but they didn't listen. They told me they were pulling them off the shelves for a recall, I showed them people who had them in hand and not even then would they sell them. This shit is getting frustrating, I don't want to resort to ebay for these.
  11. Could someone please explain to me how to resize decals to fit right? I have tried the copy and paste on to existing templates trick but to no avail. I finally have the parts I need to make some customs but these decals are setting me back from actually starting on them. What software do you guys use? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Maybe a Shenron Maximate, and some vehicles Saiyan space pods, friezas ship, or Trunks time machine.
  13. Don't forget androids 13,14,and 15. You could even reuse Vegetas hair for Super Android 13. Friezas ancestor Lord Chill, there so many characters in the DBZ universe they could keeping this line going for awhile.
  14. Garlic Jr and the spice boys, with transformed Garlic Jr would be awesome.
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