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  1. Those are amazing! So jealous.
  2. I agree. That torn shirt makes me want to buy this despite passing on the others. I’m so torn. (Pun intended)
  3. Damn, seeing those together make me regret not buying this line. ☹️
  4. Based on the lineup given on page 3, no more X-Men characters coming.
  5. At this rate, I should have bought a subscription.
  6. Dammit Luke, you’re trying to pull me in to this series of customs too, and I haven’t watched wrestling since the 80s.
  7. I second the Nuke guess. I was expecting to be able to pass on a Daredevil villain, but this will very likely be another purchase. The way things are going, I should have just bought the subscription. 😕
  8. I’ll give up my second body, if that will help.
  9. Thanks. After missing Moondragon, I won’t let it happen again!
  10. Love him!!! I’m a bit paranoid Luke, can you confirm that you received my order? Thanks.
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