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  1. guy has some valid points. how do we make him board president?
  2. a bunch of shang-chi's villains popped up in recent issues of the Domino series. interesting group!
  3. apropos of nothing, man i love usagent. probably my favorite character ever. great little minimate too. flawed marvel legends figure tho. i really hope that cryptic captain america related tweet by john cena signifies the perfect MCU casting of cena as john walker.
  4. i enjoyed that series and my comic book nerdiness compels me to make sure you know about Gwenpool Special #1from 3 years ago. it acts as the unofficial last issue of that she-hulk series.
  5. i've noticed a change in the way symbiote suit spidey is drawn lately in marvel comics. the eyes seem to extend beyond the mask as if they were a funky pair of spidey-eyed glasses. i think i recall seeing a pic of an upcoming marvel legends figure with these 3-D eyes. maybe a new symbiote spidey minimate will sport them?
  6. original look typhoid mary please! i wish the recent ML figure wasn't so darn bland. i'd like a red three-piece suit look matt murdock w/ inter changeable "i'm not daredevil" sweater

  8. he was never a member! funny you mentioning him. i just read his wikipedia entry yesterday after completing the latest iron fist collection. was a fun out of the blue read.
  9. gosh, yes! do any of you know if they've ever made any serpent society members?
  10. i'd love to see a steve rogers as the captain /john walker as captain america wave. d-man! nomad! battlestar! the griffin from that one issue! steve rogers in the captain uniform (w/ silver shield).
  11. i just bought some new minimates and they were six inches tall and in marvel legends boxes. wtf, dst??
  12. do you have a favorite character that has yet to be made?
  13. i'd like to see a Morph and Pam Dawber 2-pack
  14. nightwatch played a significant role in the really enjoyable charles soule she-hulk book. the best arc of that book is the she-hulk/daredevil/old man steve rogers arc. good stuff.
  15. pretty sure this is the work of bendis. yikes.
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