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  1. Please tell me there will be a Burtonverse Penguin and Joker eventually.
  2. Joe Hill

    wave 77

    Thanks! The Buffy Palz line was great, I wish Palisades Toys would have lasted longer. I would also love a Dr. Strange crossed legs/levitation cape minimate. It would make it different from the rest.
  3. Joe Hill

    wave 77

    I would love an astonishing update. Especially for Cyclops and Kitty.
  4. I personally like the movie/TV properties like Beetlejuice, Gotham, X-Files, etc. I'm bummed that Gotham minimates seems to have stopped, the villains have just gotten really interesting on the show. X-Files is a cool property in theory, but understandably after Mulder and Scully, there are not a lot of characters to sustain a license except for the weekly monsters and aliens.
  5. Thanks! I really hope there is another pack. I mean now we have Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, Professor Pyg, and a new Ivy (in 2018)! DST can take the 4-packs beyond just civilians in suits and really make them interesting.
  6. The entire series has an excellent likeness to the actors/characters, I was pleasantly surprised. Wedding Lydia is series 16 Scarlet Witch torso, Alice in Wonderland Red Queen dress, and the frilly top and veil was made with red translucent sculpy (it looks more see-through in person).
  7. Where was quality control with that one?! Picked up the TRU sets today. Aside from Tuxedo BJ and Otho, the rest look pretty much the same as the boxset. Interestingly, at one of the local TRUs, apparently someone stole all the BJ minimates the day they were stocked. Also the Mulder/Scully 2-pack from the new series was on sale for $0.03! The checker rang it twice because he thought it was an error! It took me about 20 minutes after I got home before I customized a red wedding dress Lydia to go with Tuxedo BJ, it will work as a spot filler until DST releases an official one:
  8. His left arm checkered pattern is misaligned on mine. Also, one small nitpick. Betelgeuse was clearly wearing boots with his pants tucked in when in his striped suit. A little black paint and it is an easy fix.
  9. That is a bit ridiculous. At the very least maybe the boxsets could have exclusive accessories *cough* Handbook for the Recently Deceased *cough* I agree, Beetlejuice allows for a variety of colorful mates. I hope they do a "waiting room guests" set next. I want a Shrunken Head Guy and a Miss Argentina.
  10. I have yet to purchase the TRU packs, only the boxset. While the Maitlands clearly have their stretch-faced heads, I can't tell if the striped Beetlejuice has his carnival gear.
  11. I saw some of the box sets appearing on eBay, I think the official release day is tomorrow though (10/18), so a lot more might be showing up soon.
  12. Yay! Any ToysRUs sightings yet?! I don't want to miss out on Tuxedo Beetlejuice and Otho.
  13. Two awesome 4-packs right there! (I would maybe lose Falcone, as they have a lot of minimates in suits). We also need Azrael, considering he was the main villain of season 2. Additionally, Barnes should be updated to his executioner look. Maybe we can get a virus-infected Gordon/Lee "together forever" two-pack exclusive?
  14. The X-Men Level was my favorite part of the first game! I hope they are in it. If not, maybe they can have their own game.
  15. JRSly, I was also about to start a Beetlejuice custom set right before these were announced. Painting a striped suit seemed like a pain! Your BJ decal looks great, nice to have for an alternate look!
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