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  1. Haha ,really nice fights bro I wish I had so many blanks :0 ...some day....some day
  2. What about a battle beasts themed case? I guess it would be logical since the BB mates based on the comics are pretty much exclusive to the minimates line. Am I right ?Or if The Hobbit minimates line would come out maybe make a case themed on that xD(I know nothing has been mentioned of a line based on the hobbit movies,but IF they would release them). But my big guess is that most people will ask for a marvel case,since its the biggest and most popular line for minimates.
  3. Really nice playset ...Price seems a little too much for me though,haha.
  4. I remember when I first saw these, I was so wanting them. They look so clean,and like they could go with any mate.
  5. I just put them carefully in a box...So I can sell it boxed later in the future(But I doubt I will ever do that)
  6. Sweet ! Just asking,but can we make a duo of,lets say Dead pool and that flying headpool? Or both have to have atleast ther whole body compleat? Im thinking about making something.
  7. I heard this a cuple days ago(Im a HUGE starwars fan) I was like: SAY WHAT?! Star wars 7?! Only 3 years from now ! Im going to be in collage for the movie.....But how Im going to be independalble,Im going to watch the movie 3 times on theaters. EDIT: I hope disney dosnt make a stupid musical out of it...Or make star wars suck bad as hanna montana
  8. I thought this was about the Avatar movie (the blue guys?) That would have been cool. But I think they would make more money with Naruto and naruto:shippuden mates. DST/AA should go with some poppular anime lines. I think many anime/manga fans(like me) would dig anime mates(but thats just my opinion). I think they should make avatar mates.
  9. But DST has said several times that their main target audience is children. But if you see,most people that collect them are kids older then 14 and up. Legos are for 7 year olds to 12(even though some people collect them,like me) But if we all see,most people that collect minimates are 14 up to 40 or so. Plus,ther boxes say 8+... But I might be wrong(Because if I saw people buying a minimate set,they were adults)
  10. This would be cool. Lego makes these blind bags thingys, with just random avarage type of characters. But I think it would be better in a blind box? Because minimates are more of a collectors toy line,not like lego,wher mostly kids and custom makers buy them. But I think it would be a cool idea(if its only avarage character like figures,like army builders)
  11. Aw Oh well. More money to collect the bats! Cant wait to have series 1 in my hands !
  12. DANG ! I havent read any of the comics(except the#0 on the site they had) Im going to beg my dad to let my download them on his kindel or wait ti'll my ipod touch 5 comes here. I want to read all 4 of them(I wish to get the phisical versions ,but...Dont wanna wait) And I hope DST decides to make more gator mates ,and make them army builders(They were the ones that made me want BB mates.I just fell inloved with ther style)
  13. OH gosh... Now I need to know wher to find the money for these
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