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  1. Also, if you aren't crafty, there are a lot of different playsets that are in scale with minimates. Like BHM said, Megabloks are good for that, and some of the Spider-man sets are perfect. And, if you can hunt down complete ones on eBay, the older Imaginext city builder sets are right in scale.

  2. I've been stopping by my store every other day, and no luck so far. I had them look it up in the system, and it looks like there's about 950 of them sitting at the distribution center in New Jersey waiting to go out, so the Northeast should be seeing them soon.

    I used to work there, so the one manager is going to toss a set on the side for me and give me a call when they show up.

  3. Really digging Ronan. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm one step closer to filling out the original Sinister Six, I'd say that Ronan is hands down my favorite of this wave. He even matches the old Kree soldiers really well.

  4. Just want to say also, make sure you check the whole Boys section. I found mine next to other "collector" figures like the Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones, and video game figures in a separate aisle from the Marvel stuff.

  5. Stopped by my TRU again today, and they had a whole peg full of them.

    I managed to get the helmet off of Thanos after a little bit of wiggling. He's definitely cool, but something about his face bugs me. Maybe if I can find an Infinity Gauntlet set for a decent price, I'll try putting that head on him. I'll probably custom make him a gauntlet, too.

    For as much as I don't care about him, Thane's pretty cool. The tampo work on him is really slick, and I like the clawed left hand. As neat as the Hulk and Cap are, they'll probably get broken down for parts. I just don't need more of them.

    If the effort that went into these goes into the new Iron Man armor and Ronan (and by extension TRU 19), I'll be one happy camper.

  6. Kind of late, but I figure I might as well.

    I'm thankful for Minimates because of the community that it has created here. A community so friendly and welcoming that I felt like I belonged as soon as I made my first few posts. That I could wait in line for the Minimate panel at NYCC this year, and strike up conversations with people also waiting about new announcements, custom 'mates, and our individual hunts out on the convention floor. That we have people who have made some really great resources for us to use, like the forums here, the Database, the Factory, and the Toy Store.

    It's the people, man. cool.png

  7. I haven't opened my Cage/Iron Fist set yet, but, looking at Iron Fist's mask, it looks to me like its uneven. The mask under his right eye appears to not be even with the rest. Has anyone else had this problem with theirs?

    Yeah, the plastic curves up inward on the one side, and the other side is straight. The Shadowland mask is the same way, but it's not as bad.

  8. Walking Dead is an ongoing multi-year license. Each movie license is only good for a year once we start development. Not sure we could start and release a movie box set between movie release and contract's end OR DVD release.

    And a single wave requiring four new contracts for older films from multiple studios? UH-uh.

    Series 7 reveal countdown starts now. 2 weeks.

    Oh snap.

    Hey, if Negan, Jesus, or Ezekiel (or any combination of them) are in there, I'm happy. And any zombies are good news. Always love to expand the horde.

  9. I'm glad there's so much interest. happy.png

    So, the site I found them on is a German Heroclix site, since the original artist took them down from his site.

    They come as ZIP files. The instructions are a little lame, but they're easy to figure. They won't be quite to scale, just a smidge too small, but they should work out. The Baxter Building seems a little odd, since there aren't any instructions. It seems like you'd need to print everything except the roof out 4 times. If anyone tries building it, I hope you let me know!

  10. I'd put a cardboard cutout of Galactus' head peeking up behind the horizon.

    That's a pretty ambitious display you've got there!

    I've been thinking about arranging my Minimates by hue.

    Hey, thanks! Wow, I hadn't thought of that! I'll have to find a nice hi-res image of him.

    From where did you get all those buildings, etc.?

    Some look like MegaBloks but not all.

    Looks cool. I agree with making dioramas, its a more rewarding display approach when you can make it work.

    The original display had a few MegaBloks sets in it, but I had to take them out as they didn't match as new buildings were put in.

    So, the biggest one is the Toybiz Daily Bugle set from the 90's. The short gray building and police car are from a Fisher Price Imaginext set, as are the two red buildings. The Sanctum Sanctorum is paper and foamboard from a template that someone made for Heroclix. They had a really nice Baxter Building (that I couldn't fit) and some other neat places. If any one would like a link, just let me know. For a bit of depth, I made some building standees out of paper and extra foamboard. Then behind them, Luke was nice enough to help me out, and have a custom backdrop printed out for me.

    The bus stop in front of the Daily Bugle is a Kubricks set. Everything else, like the streets, telephone poles, dumpsters, signs, trash cans, etc, are all papercraft templates that I found online.

    I still need to decide on how I'm going to set my 'mates up, but I figure since I won't be gluing them down, I can change it up every so often.

    Sorry for the long post, have a picture of Howard waiting for the bus to make up for it.


  11. I've been working on a way to display my 'mates in a way that lets them be a bit more dynamic than lining them on a shelf, or putting them in a display case. I bought a few playsets and buildings and turned the top of the dresser in my comic room into a permanent Minimate diorama. Excuse any bluriness. I'm taking these with my phone camera!

    I'd really like to find a Max Galactus to put in there, but I'm really happy with how it came out.

    So are Dr. Strange and Wong, since they don't have to be homeless! happy.png

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