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  1. Well, the precedent it's setting is that a non-zombie villain may show up in one of the boxsets. A character generally regarded as a hero is never gonna show up in a Marvel Zombies set zombified or otherwise, unfortunately. Seems that's just how Marvel wants it.
  2. I've read all of them (even Marvel Apes vs Marvel Zombies.. Yeesh!). So, the ones worth reading for sure are Dead Days, the first and second series. They're all written by Robert Kirkman (guy has zombies on the brain). The third and fourth are just OK. Return finishes up the storyline from the original Kirkman ones, and is written by Fred Van Lente. The issue where Spider-man goes to the 1960's universe is kind of good, but the whole thing's more or less meh. The rest (Supreme, 5, Evil Evolution) are blah, too. Your mileage will vary, but they're pretty forgettable. I will say, though: Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness is fantastic. If you only read one, make sure it's that one.
  3. Really good looking customs, man. A couple of them could totally pass as official ones. That H'ylthri is giving me some ideas based on how to customize the animated wave's Man-Thing depending on how cartoon-y he comes out looking..
  4. Whew! Getting down to the wire! Here's my entry!
  5. Where I live, I have a Walgreens right down the street, so I can make daily stops once these start hitting stores. I'll try and help out as much as I can.
  6. Yeesh. Guess I'm going to be saving a lot of money when they switch over both on comics, and potential minimates. Ant-man is the only one I'm interested in, and that's only because it looks like they're just re numbering the current run that Nick Spencer was already doing.
  7. Mine also arrived. Thanks a ton!
  8. Zak's correct! It's the one that came with Storm in this past wave.
  9. It's a big difference that a head swap will make.
  10. Oh, cool. I'll take one please!
  11. I'll probably buy this, but they're all going to be custom fodder. I don't have a Bullseye or Vulture, so doing head swaps for regular versions looks like it'll work out OK since they don't have any wounds on them (aside from Bullseye's forehead. Maybe just leave the mask off?). The Ultron Drone and Pyro will probably just get broken down for parts. It's such a tease doing Zombie versions of these hard-to-find figures, though lol
  12. Maybe. I mean, we've gotten a Dazzler minimate before and she's going to be in that A-Force book. Howard has a solo title right now and made a movie cameo (plus his own movie which we will never speak of), so everyone and their mother knows about him now.
  13. Might be good for making some custom larger Marvel characters, but otherwise.. .. Meh.
  14. (below is my submission for the contest. sorry i didnt get any packaging shots. they somehow got tossed during some cleaning i did! will not make that mistake again. ) Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man & Mysterio - TRU Exclusive: Wave 19 A Toys 'R' Us set featuring our favorite wall-crawler and a master of illusions. There have been many versions of one character, and one of the other. Lets take a look and see how they compare to the previous figures! Packaging The box is the standard windowed box that has become the norm for the Marvel line of Minimates. It features the control art bust shots and the names of each character below the window, as well as showing the control art for each figure on their respective sides. The back has a group shot of each figure, as well as character bios for the figures appearing in this set. The Figures Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man Spider-Man's greatest foes have a habit of teaming up against him. After his last tangle with the Sinister Six, Peter Parker developed a new suit of armor he could use against them. The suit that this figure is based on is from the story arc "The Ends of the Earth" which had a dying Doc Ock trying to take revenge on everyone by destroying the planet in his final villainous plot. He gathered up a new Sinister Six team and gave them all different improvements to their equipment. In order to battle it out with them, Spidey came up with this suit. The figure itself is a very good depiction of the armor from the comic. The helmet has nice gray line details along it, and the eyes are very sharp and defined. The line details are continued to his chestcover which features a big, angular spider design on the front. He also features a pair of sculpted gauntlets and standard feet. Spider-Man doesn't have any accessories this time around, but underneath the helmet and armor are tampos so you can display him two ways. The face looks great, with a concerned look on Peter's face. The skin doesn't quite match what's on the chest block, but that's a very minor complaint. The back of the chestblock also features a red version of the spider logo that was on the armor. He also comes with the clear base that's become standard for Minimates these days. All in all, he's a great figure that will make an excellent addition to an already large collection of Spidey suits. Mysterio The illusionist and criminal Quentin Beck has faked his death numerous times, but he has always resurfaced to menace Spider-Man, either on his own or as a member of the Sinister Six. This is the second Mysterio we've had, and I'm really thankful since the first seems to be a hot commodity these days! They used the same sculpts for his cape and gloves, which is great because they were perfect the first time around. The detailing on the inside of Mysterio's cape is fantastic, which makes it a shame that they haven't been able to use it for any other characters. He has lines going all along his body, however these don't go around to the back of his chest block, waist, or legs -- which don't have them on the inner side either. As he'll be wearing his cape most of the time, this isn't a huge concern. The main difference between this and the previous figure was the decision to change the bright green feet and hands to gold, as well as the cape being a darker purple. In addition, the hands are separate from the sculpted glove pieces, and allows easy positioning. His head is more translucent, which gives it a bit more of a "crystal ball" look. For an accessory, a clear magical base was included which is a re-use of the one from the "Strange Tales" Dr. Strange. As with Spider-Man, included is a clear display base if you don't feel like using the magic one. I didn't rate the figures since I think reviews are very subjective thing, and that mileage will very from person to person. What I hope is that someone makes a decision from what I describe the figure as, rather than a number I assign. Thanks for reading!
  15. New 'mates look great! Just bummed that we're starting to get to the point where the series has been losing steam for me. Definitely gonna snag Rosita and Gabriel, but I think I'm gonna pass up the rest.
  16. I think I'll do Mysterio and Anti-Sinister Six Spidey if that's OK.
  17. Haha, I have no illusions. I just want to do everything I can before I give up.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. I ran over to my store as soon as I got out of work and had them do an SOS order on them so I got free shipping. Whew. Now we'll see if the secretly sold out and if I'll get a cancellation email.
  19. Ezekiel is also gone. This is so frustrating. I might be done collecting Walking Dead 'mates.
  20. So, popped by Toys R Us again. I ran into a supervisor who has worked there for a while and had them look up the item in their inventory system. Looks like there's 480 packs at the distribution center, but the stores in the area are showing as "Eligible: NO" which means they're not getting them in ever, from what she said. Kind of a major bummer.
  21. Good question. It seems like the game is based off the comic, but I'm not sure how the licenses with that works. I'm pretty sure we live in the same area. Have you been checking Dickson City or Wilkes-Barre?
  22. Well, I think it's time I call it quits, and ask if anyone has a full set they can help me out with. My TRU sometimes ends up not getting a wave in, and I think this is one of those times.
  23. Yeah, I avoid him now. Bought a Scott Lang Ant-Man from him for $7.99. He sent me a message that the listing was inaccurate, and that he didn't have any in stock, and when he does they're $14.99. He then offered to sell me the two-pack which he did have for $19.99. Yeah, pass.
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