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  1. Another Sentinel. Again. At least he's packed with that Wolverine so I can avoid it. DST needs to slow down with these awful Sentinels, rest of what I've seen looks really good though. We're getting somewhere.
  2. I'd wager Nintendo will be limiting any toys using their properties in order for them to push their in-house Amiibo line as the next big thing.
  3. AIM Soldiers Super Adaptoids Humanoids
  4. 16 German Suplexes and 2 tiny short-lived comebacks by Cena. That was a literal squash and easily the best match I've seen in a while. I was really disappointed by Reigns though, he had the charisma of a ringpost and Orton was the clear star of that match and shined throughout.
  5. I would buy multiple sentinels, I'm really tired of DST using these 2" sentinels in so many things. DoFP and 59 and probably the 60/19 line has another one of them. It bugs me so much, they don't fit anywhere and are always used for parts.
  6. Ok that's horrible but what gets me the most are the paid off reviewers who are saying the CGI/VFX are incredible and so good, they're not though. Blows my mind that movies like the first TMNT and Jurrassic Park still look better than most movies today.
  7. There's plot details that should be considered spoilers in that "review". Also Seems like a plant. He praises the screenwriters and bolds their names in the review. He actually explains what the ninja tutrles are, and writes out the plot like it's going on the back of the DVD case. It's zero coincidence that most all of the early websites reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I'm not a fan of TMNT, I don't care about Bay, but these reviews touch all the key points of a write-up. Like I said, maybe this guy genuinely writes like that and has zero faults and thinks it's a great movie, but movies like these need all the help they can get out of the gate. I've seen the trailers and I'm just more inclined to side with minimadman.
  8. When I interned at a movie studio for a few years I learned that when major movies don't do press screeners they do social media and minor press screenings where you get paid to write a favoriable review. It's more common in the video game world now though and IGN. Obviously that's not always the case, maybe he genuinely wrote those 10 paragraphs praising it unconditionally but I know a write up when I see one and we've all seen those TMNT trailers...
  9. I'm wondering if TRU wants less waves in general, or just less movie waves? It could just be that DST had so much movie stuff lined up that TRU didnt want, that we're in a limbo because none of those waves got made (Thor 2, Cap 2, DoFP) except ASM2 which they bit on because they probably figured more kids would see that. It could very well be that we'll return to multiple TRU waves every year because going forward, DST won't be pitching much movie stuff. I'm all for it, here's to hoping for a healthy and steady TRU influx of comic waves.
  10. It wouldn't be so tough if we got really big comic releases like 2 AFX Brotherhood of Mutants boxsets or some much needed classic X-Men stuff. I think this would be the best time for DST to really look at the wish listing, the Banshee/Sunfire kind of packs and throw the comic fans a little something special.
  11. We got a really good run out of these though, DST covered just about all the major characters. I'd be curious if sales were good enough to warrant a second run of the very first boxset though? Or if their deal is done and that's it.
  12. w h a t I have 2 gamestops near me that are pretty small, so if they don't stock the bags, I basically just buy them online and get like 5 of the same character? Or pay ridiculous markup on ebay? If that's true, this line isn't looking so good :/
  13. Soooo I guess TNA lost Spike TV. I wouldn't watch TNA if you paid me but it's going to mean a lot of guys flooding back into WWE and maybe ROH getting a little better. Maybe Tru Tv or something could pick up TNA but I can't imagine it helping.
  14. I'll put my Trek fandom up against anyone here in a heartbeat. I'm well acquainted with the movies and merchandise. I'd love to be able to buy more Trek minimates but I'm not so blind as to miss the blatantly obvious signs of decline in the overall Trek brand. If you're so concerned with how others are mischaracterizing your opinion, maybe you should actually state it. Overall decline like what? DST does other Star Trek merch that does well, I see Star Trek themed merch in all pretty much every place toys are sold, there's conventions that sell out around the country. The DVD and blu-ray sales on the shows and movies is good, all tv shows are currently on Netflix, there's an active movie franchise. What small corner of the world do you live in? The last part of what you said is just grasping, I already stated my opinions, if you can't read them or choose to ignore them that's fine, just don't pretend to be witty about it.
  15. "Worried about it" again you're just putting words in my mouth. If you're going to say it's because of sales, all I'm asking is that you show me where that was said. If not, then don't say it lmao. YOUR phrase, that's your explanation and your opinion on it, not anyone elses, remember that for next time because it's important you know the difference. You're most likely not a Star Trek fan so you probably do narrowly see it as a niche thing, that's fine if you think that but using it as an argument is pretty ignorant because you'd be basing it solely on your opinion of it and not a broader scope of what the brand means in terms of movies and merch. I'm not saying sales of the line were excellent but every Ask DST I've seen and things from Zach I've heard never specifically say sales. Until that's directly said it'd be best to not claim to know what's going on or say the brand isn't as profitable as it was.
  16. Ok but find me where that's said, otherwise you're just speculating and I'm not sold on your word. Using the 90's toy sales is to make the point that the merch was hot, that it has legs, no one is "hanging on" to it, you're reaching for that one. Also I'm wondering where someone said "the perfect character selection" or if this is just your phrase incorrectly projected onto how others felt about the line?
  17. I'm betting the results were manipulated but we are literally getting all 6. It makes most sense to pack the characters like this so there's no duds, but guys, we get ALL of them. I'm happy just knowing there's no leftovers.
  18. Yikes this is a really bad post. I don't remember Chuck or Zach saying they didn't sell well, maybe you could point that out. Everything I've read said they were unsure about what they would do next. The Captains are not always the most recognizable characters on the show. More people are familiar with the TOS and TNG cast moreso than DS9, VOY and ENT. I didn't have peg-warmers in San Diego or Los Angeles, is this something you're saying for YOUR area and making a blanket statement for? Star Trek struggled in its last year of TOS then went on to have movies and more merch tie-ins than almost any brand in history. Its popularity and impact is engrained in everyday culture, moreso than any other brand. The way your post reads, it sounds like you're unaware that there was Star Trek shows in constant syndication from the late 80's to mid 2000's. "Niche fan base" is pretty bad too, they have Star Trek conventions around the country that sell out, hardly seems niche at all. Movies and tv shows pretty much throughout the 70's until now that did well. I don't get your scope of what IS longevity then, especially comparing Marvel to Star Trek, which by itself is very narrow. Marvel is a comic company, outsourcing its saturday cartoon shows to other companies while Star Trek was in the movie and tv business. You're compaing apples and oranges at that point. Also where do you figure Star Trek toys are "notorious" for not selling well? Seems like a blanket statement for the JJ Trek stuff and not the merch in the 90's that was wildly popular. No hard feelings but next time you want to get into all this, you should know what you're talking about first.
  19. I finally need to say it, Dolim is the worst Minimate of all time. Everything about the mate is wrong, the color, the detail, the tooling. It's just incredibly bad. Why we didn't get T'Pol or a Klingon instead will always confuse me. A bunch of people at DST had to look at that Dolim mate and literally say "This is ok, we will go forward with this." and it makes me so sad. Also I said it in another thread, but when DST just threw all the captains together I knew we weren't getting anything else. I'm not even sure we're getting anything for the 50th Anny. It's either more repeats or nothing. It'll get replaced by some boxset from a low IQ tv show, or an irrelevant iOS game, or maybe another trashy indy comic.
  20. Imagine getting new Star Trek and PotA mates instead of the 900 other new properties we're getting.
  21. I guess we'll find out in a year or two when they do it again! I'm happy with the ones we have now but I knew they blew it when they released all the captains together.
  22. So obv these are early production samples right? They're a little rough but I'm all in, they look spot on and I'll be enduring gamestop just to get these.
  23. -Tons of new licenses, some surprisingly bad. Lines like Star Trek, Invincible and Tomb Raider dropped despite there being a huge window to do more. It's basically that we're getting all this new stuff and we can't squeeze out another boxset or wave for VERY incomplete lines? We probably won't see anything else from at least half the new properties than what we know we're getting so I hesitate investing in that knowing there could be huge gaps. -New retailers worry me. Every K-Mart I've ever been to is in a constant state of Hurricane Katrina. Gamestops are often unreliable and full of awkward workers who will beg you to pre-order something and will insist on selling you a used game when you want new. But I love Mass Effect so I have to deal with these dweebs. Walmart is strictly TMNT? I have great Walmarts near me but zero interest in that TMNT line so that's a bummer. And the Sears near me, like most Sears, will be out of business soon. Wonderful. -Blind bags are the absolute worst. There had better be a unique indentifier on that SOB for Mass Effect, especially at the $5 range. -Luke is the aboslute best and the boxset is wonderful. I hope he gets more, it seems like a low production number would be great for exclusives to his store. You know, like a Star Trek or Invincible boxset. -AFX must feel burned by Alpha Flight or idk? Seems like they used to get the coolest boxsets. Give them a Botherhood boxset or 2 and see what happens. Gee, what a thought. -TRU is probably pretty conflicted, Walking Dead does so good but their Marvel waves went down in quality each wave. I imagine the deal was to cut back and offer something that would sell easier. Overall the most interesting year I've seen for 'mates. Also it's the first year I've spend more on OLDER releases than new ones, BY FAR too. I'm really looking forward to Best of Marvel 3 and Mass Effect, I want to see where Aliens pans out first but it looks great so far. I'm not 100% happy personally but from a business standpoint it all makes sense so DST is in the right and hopefully it all works out.
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