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  1. I honestly think DST could get a lot of mileage out of themed box sets. They'll do none of that though because they haven't already.
  2. Damn so I never reported back. I made a pretty big order of 3 sets of Assault Kingdom and it was cancelled. Are these sold at retail stores that anyone has seen?
  3. I was gonna say, they could have paid Thomas Jane whatever and he probably would have done it. He sunk his OWN money into a Punisher project already, should have given him a chance I think. This is a good casting choice but far from the best ever, there's a few people I'd have rather seen but I'm not disappointed.
  4. Yeah I don't think they're changing the name of a multi-billion dollar industry anytime soon. Fans would be upset, sponsors would be upset. It's fine for the U.S since soccer isn't a big deal here.
  5. I am literally giving John Oliver lots of credit for what he's done and what's happened.
  6. At least maybe they're figuring out people would rather just see the original releases back in theaters instead of whatever sequel/reboot garbage that gets popped out now.
  7. I have to be the only person who doesn't like Owens. I hate that he wears basketball shorts and he's pretty out of shape. It really started back in ROH, when story has it, that he didn't want to lose weight, get in better shape and he was complaining about losing or not getting his way. Now he's this savior to smarks to beat Cena. The match last night was one of the better Owens matches I've seen but it's not because of Owens. Samoa Joe is finally in WWE and while he's not the shining star of physically fit, he looks better than ever now and his cardio is ridiculous. His work is some of the best anywhere and he's an established star. Once he starts wrestling on the active roster, I'm almost positive Owens will sink into obscurity again like he was when ROH had the best talent in the world. The IC chamber last night was one of the laziest, worst matches in years. No one looked like they were trying and the last minute substitutions really killed any hype that match and belt had. Back to obscurity, IC title! Can't wait for that sweet ass Roidback run. Rollins is a good heel champ and the match with Dean was ok but I'm not sure where they're going with everything. Anytime the authority is on, I leave the room so whatever. It'd be cool to see the Shield back though, wonder if they could make it work with Rollins as champ or not.
  8. It's the weird "eyebrows" and pig nose isn't it?
  9. Just looked these up. Thanks, now I'm broke.
  10. He looks like a guy pretending to be Tom Hardy pretending to be Bane that gave up when he couldn't afford the mask.
  11. I really think we need a new Doctor Doom. The MvC3, BO2, Zombies sculpt is the most disappointing Minimate in my collection. He has almost zero mobility because of that connected cape and hood that covers his shoulders. Put the cape behind him so he can move his arms and don't connect the hood to it so Doom can move his head. Other than that, I would vote for anything that could pass for classic comic appearance. Looking at pics of the Ultimate Spider-Man characters though, Kraven seem to be pretty faithful to the comics, while Dock Ock is some gothy Deviantart mishap. Seems odd.
  12. Is there really some blockade on X-characters and the FF for DST? I had a great idea for a wave 4 but it'd be too X heavy I guess. Has DST talked about a new wave yet? I really wish this series was yearly, we could always use upgrades to classic characters. If we can't have X characters or FF I'd love to see Ghost Rider, Abomination, Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Vision, War Machine, Black Panther. And realistically some "usual" characters, possibly Black Spider-Man, Red Hulk, Winter Soldier or some other recent major releases that are a necessity for DST to get their big-guns in.
  13. -The final mask is absolute trash and hopefully they fix that. -Fisk being portrayed as an awkward adult virgin sometimes was a very low point along with -I thought Foggy was terrible at first because he delivered his lines so forced but he got progressively good near the end. -I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing but despite the forced references to Avengers, DD didn't feel at all a part of the MCU but the show held it's own so well that I don't mind. -Felt way too much like a Nolan batman movie sometimes, especially the final episode. I felt they could have brightened things up and made it look and feel much more like it's a part of the MCU while still keeping the overall tone of the show.
  14. The tattoos are too contrived. They're extremely cliche and seem more like weird fan service than something creative. I'm not a huge DC fan but it just seems like the last thing Joker would do is calmly sit down and let someone tattoo him. I don't know though! Just some observations.
  15. I've heard Leto say that Manson inspired him musically, now add film roles to that list without a doubt.
  16. You're trying to rationalize what comic characters are saying instead of seeing why the real life implications are so dangerous. Bobby was NOT ready to come out. Everything Jean did was wrong and it's easy to point out if you summarize the panel like this: "Bobby you shouldn't catcall women because you're gay." Instead of saying, gee I don't know... "Bobby you shouldn't catcall women because it's sexist and insulting." Jean avoided the MAIN PROBLEM and attacked Bobby by bringing this up. It literally does not matter that he's only being outed to himself, this is something personal and in REAL LIFE situations, sometimes results in teen suicides. The whole point isn't the actual comic characters, it's that what they're doing echoes real life situations that end in tragedy. Jean even SUGGESTING that he's not bi is dangerously presumptuous and she has no right doing so. She is influencing a teen who is conflicted and not ready to talk about that. It doesn't always end in the other person agreeing that they are, in fact, full gay. Regardless of the outcome between two comic book characters, they painted a dangerous picture of confrontation and abuse in trust that really happens with LGBT teens in everyday life with Marvel trying to ignorantly spin it into a positive outcome.
  17. Exposing it to whom? Bobby? I'm pretty sure he already knew. Exposing it to Bobby that Jean abused her powers and now knows his deepest secret and is confronting him on it inappropriately. Bobby didn't know that Jean knew. This ambush, and disregard towards another persons secrets are what cause real life people to take their own lives in situations like these. Regardless if Bobby knew he was gay or not, it's very stupid for Jean to tell Bobby he's not bi, but full gay. That's so dangerously presumptuous. No one has a right to tell someone what they are. My biggest gripe isn't that Iceman is gay, it's that everything in that panel is what makes real life LGBT teens feel targeted and sometimes leads them into self-abuse or worse. There's so many better and more positive ways to make Bobby gay, but instead it's a nightmare, echoing countless real life scenarios of tragedies.
  18. Except there was no reveal! People are treating this as if Jean shouted, "BOBBY! Knock it off! You're HOMOSEXUAL!" right in front of the whole team. She didn't. If anyone was "outed" it was Jean coming out to admit that she knew Bobby was just playing hetero. Bobby knew. Jean knew. Now Bobby knows that Jean knew. Otherwise readers are just getting pissy that Jean outed Bobby to readers, and that seems a little unreasonable. It doesn't matter that only Bobby and Jean know. The whole point is that it was never, EVER Jean's responsibility to confront and "out" Bobby. It's entirely reckless and irresponsible to think that's the correct way to handle that situation. It shows the absolute inexcusable ignorance of the writer. There is no acceptable situation where purposefully exposing someone like that is ok. LGBT teens are a HUGE suicide risk and there are too many real life stories of teens being outed by "friends" that result in a loss of life, no matter how "good" the intentions were. I don't care if someone thinks it's part of Jean's character, it's the wrong thing to do and instead of attracting LGBT readers, it could easily shut them out because of the harmful message sent in that panel. Every single thing about this whole issue is very wrong.
  19. There's still the inevitable problem of "why"? Jean confronts Bobby about cat calling and she calls him out as "full gay". How does this help the situation? No one else knows he's gay so is he going to stop cat calling? Then if that's the case, why did Bobby have to be gay in the first place? Couldn't hey have just written something positive about NOT objectifying women or saying sexualized things about them? And then I get PL saying they're just kids, but still that was handled in the absolute poorest way possible. Jean was trained to use her powers by then and would have been told not to confront people in such ways especially by Prof X. You are lying to yourself if you think Xavier never said "By the way, maybe it's not a good idea to find a persons deepest secret then confront them on it in a situation where it's not warranted at all." It all boils down to a bad writer though, someone who has no experience dealing with these issues and should have never brought them up. He literally did everything wrong in that one page.
  20. In that situation though, instead of Jean trying to tell Bobby that "cat-calling" or shouting out sexual names at a woman isn't the best thing to be doing, she reads his mind without his permission and confronts him when he's not ready about his deepest and most closely guarded secret. Then at the same time telling him he's not bi, that he's "full gay" which sounds derogatory in itself, even among friends. It reads like a literal horror story of "outing" someone. It's like exactly what you should never do. Jean completely ignored the original issue of Bobby saying stupid things, and turned it into Bobby suddenly being gay. Everything about the situation is ridiculous and didn't need to be done at all.
  21. It seems so weird to me now that so many characters are now labelled "gay" or "bi" in an effort to attract readers or stir talk. It just doesn't feel like I need to know if someone is straight or gay or anything, and instead of adding character depth it's just adding needless shock value. It doesn't bother me that Iceman is gay, but it bothers me that he's *suddenly* gay, just like that. You already have gay characters in Rictor, Shatterstar, Hulking, Wiccan and I think even Wolverine's son. Instead, they did another lazy handwave "he was totally gay the whole time guys" on an established character without having to actually show him being gay. Marvel continues to try and get credit for being progressive without putting in the work. It's how I feel about characters switching race and genders now too, it's not for any real storytelling purposes, it's solely to stir controversy and get some media attention. Instead of focusing on established gay characters, they turn a popular character gay for no reason. You want to bring attention to __x__ group or __y__ problem? Don't just dump it on a popular character for no reason, find someone who fits and give that lesser seen character some much needed spotlight. There are already established gay characters for Marvel, why not showcase them? And to top it off, the scene with Iceman is basically Jean confronting Bobby and abusing her powers to out him in a very awkward and (to Bobby) uncomfortable way. Way to go Marvel!
  22. It seems I clash with a few of the members here and it's not doing the forum any favors so I'm thinking maybe I should request an account and IP ban? Just being super honest and not sarcastic, I have a way different posting style than people here and it seems like it's not working out. The last thing I want to do is call anyone out or blame anyone because it's not anyone's fault, it's just how things are. So should I get in touch with an admin by PM?
  23. Actually yeah my parents were killed. Obviously there's no way you could know that so no harm done. It's just one of those cliche things people say and sometimes it turns out to be the case. Obviously my tone of posting is pretty brash and I suppose comes off as confrontational so I'll just I apologize for putting this thread in a tailspin and say I'm glad you're happy about the new line and that you're behind it and I hope things go well for you.
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