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  1. This this this this this It's just not possible for new collectors to get decent (or any) army builders from previous waves.
  2. Sounds like you're describing Black Widow, who I imagine would be up for release in the next 'Best Of' wave or Electra, certainly before Spider-Woman. I always assumed these waves were catered to the impulse buyers and casual shoppers. I don't see Spider-Woman in the same light as Widow or others.
  3. Johnny's hair looks really high up to me for some reason.
  4. Hulk and Silver Surfer Cyclops and Magneto Carnage and Scarlet Spidey or some Spidey variant like 2099. Ghost Rider and Hobgoblin
  5. It'd be a great excuse to get another Silver Surfer (if we don't already in TRU 15) and another Cyclops, maybe Hulk. Let's hear some speculation!
  6. Yessssss I really do need the set. I literally almost bought that for $30 right now on ebay until I stalled.
  7. I voted along the lines of pretty much everyone else. Box sets of army builders would be awesome. I'd buy multiple box sets of Shield, AIM and Hydra agents.
  8. I guess this site is hosted by GoDaddy. They had a massive outage today due to DDoS attacks. If not's still good to be back.
  9. I love TNG but that's later on, it'd have to be. For now, I'm happy Trek is back but I'm wondering if we'll get new line to go with the ship. And I'm all for another Kirk, he SHOULD be updated. I hope they keep this to a few waves though, pump out the important stuff then move to TNG. It seems to hit that demographic of collectors a little better.
  10. Been lurking here for a while now, decided to jump in on the fun. I've just got into collecting minimates, but I bought a few sets from Wave 1 waaaay back when. So I'm currently wasting my bar checks chasing minimates wherever I can. Hopefully I can grab some stuff on the Flea Market that seems impossible to get on ebay. Shout-out to Luke also, he helped me on this crazy problem I had with the wrong minimates being sealed in a package. I think I've seen a picture of something like that posted here before, some kind of factory error I guess. He really goes out of his way to help and I'll definitely be buying anything recent on his site. You'll definitely see me around, thanks for having me.
  11. I emailed about a Wolverine from the 'Best of' wave that had a snapped leg at the hip. They offered to send me a loose Wolvie from MvC3 but that was over a month ago. I had to learn real quick to soak some new figs in hot hot water to loosen up the joints, seems a lot of them have this problem, or I'm just that lucky.
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