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  1. So the trailer is out and it looks excellent. I didn't catch any shots of Mulder as he looks as a Minimate. I could have missed it but it seemed like he was bearded in street clothes and shaved in a suit. David hasn't aged too bad, hopefully there's a clean face to give him a classic look. A red hairpiece for Scully would probably pass pretty well too.
  2. I was going to break down and make a custom out of that Gotham 2-pack with the trenchcoat but I'm so glad I didn't. This is easily my most wanted property ever. Run with it DST.
  3. Shepard has a better face, and looks cool in the uniform. Still a shame the human armor turned out so terrible and the colors on the actual mates were so different, could have been a cool line. Hopefully this is it.
  4. At least the Rams got rid of Bradford, I swear he doesn't get enough credit as being one of the biggest busts of all time. Also can't wait for the Rams to be in LA again, seems like an obvious choice. It's weird people think it won't happen, like the owners won't vote for another owner to build a stadium out of his own pocket, move to a bigger marker where the other owners will get a better cut. Come on. Espcially when the ghetto Chargers and Raiders are begging to have a stadium built for them, scumbags lmao. I live/lived in San Diego for like 15 years, worst sports city in the country. Also, go Lions.
  5. Congratulations MisterPL, you no longer have the worst post of the day. That's completely true though. Why should I care about Minimates if they're not making characters I want? Every person has a different answer, we collect because there's things we like and want, if that ceases why would we care if it kept going or not? I think about this more every time some boring Marvel wave comes out or some crappy property gets introduced.
  6. It'll make more sense if they skip the horrendous X-Men movie coming up too, otherwise it's going to look like a really bad move on DST's part. I'm sure just about everyone thinks Deadpool will be the MUCH better movie of the 2.
  7. This is an actual part of the movie. I can't even believe this.
  8. He was high af and wanted to go over budget and then when Fox told him no, he pouted and just showed up high af and Fox tried to re-shoot and fix it but it was too late, or so I've heard.
  9. EDIT: Lmao forget it. In some other interesting spoilers:
  10. The movie is literally at 7% on RT and falling. Gonna be cool when it's Fantastic 4%. Also this movie is rated worse than Pixels, let that sink in for a second. EDIT: Literally worse than Catwoman at this point. Just think about that.
  11. Superherohype has a review up that continues to explain why this movie doesn't deserve your money. To no one in particular: If you see this movie, you're part of the problem. Your morbid curiosity and complacent attitude is just enough for this movie to make an inkling of a successful box office and will make Fox think they're on the right track so they'll try again and again and continue to shovel the shit right down your throat until you actually stop going to see these. Don't settle for mediocrity, don't give Fox your money and then be disappointed when they keep shoveling this garbage out. Show some restraint and you might get rewarded for it. Sony was smart enough to hand Spider-Man to Marvel, Fox won't hand a property off unless it's completely dead and that will never happen when you still go "just for the hell of it" or "to see what it's about".
  12. Fox didn't want the cast to see it, they'd be depressed and not want to do interviews to hype the movie like 50 the Shades of Grey disaster. Yet people will still watch and it somehow defend it.
  13. Why do the figures look so well done on the back of the packaging yet turned out to be nothing close to what we got? Garrus' head shape, and the overall coloring on just about everyone is way better on the back of the package but clearly did not translate to the figures themselves.
  14. For me, as a huge Mass Effect fan, when I first saw both Shep's I was immediately let down. They're just tampos with some shoulder pads and it looks terrible. DST did Halo very well and that's not to say ME didn't have great sculpts because it did, but when the main character(s) are botched then it's just not worth my money. They could have done a way better job. Also it was a bad idea because Gamestop literally sells 5 or 6 inch ME figures that are extremely detailed, and those deformed pop vinyl figures right next to the blind bagged Minimates with boring packaging and shoddy likenesses. I think it just comes down to the fact that ME did not translate well and definitely was not marketed well. Both of my Gamestop stores just had all the collectables in a bin you had to dig around lmao.
  15. Hot Topic? Nightmare Before Christmas seems super obvious, there's tons of that stuff there.
  16. The hair is the most offensive part, that and he's 12.
  17. DST will probably ride the hype train and put out more of the same characters. I'm curious what DST thought of DoFP mates now that it's been a while. Did we ever hear anything about how they did?
  18. Lmfao Apocalypse reminds me of the villain from the power rangers movie
  19. Damn I still think the first 'Best Of' Iron Man is the best one, still blows me away on the color and shape of everything.
  20. What sense does it make to have these types of signs in the movie? They could have easily done a different design that didn't directly remind anyone of children holding KILL ALL F*** signs. There is no way this is acceptable, people who actually have an understanding of what this vile hatred really is, probably don't need to relive it through their christ-man analog fictional all powerful superhero that literally experiences no real emotional or physical damage from normal people. It's not parody, it's not art, it's not some deeper meaning, it's literally lazy as shit directing and shock value from a director who feels the need to make everything so blatantly obvious that it's a slap in the face. There's no meaning behind this, he just has people holding up signs that he has no idea what disgusting things it means to people that are hurt by it so his fictional superhero can look sad for a scene.
  21. Hating a fictional alien is in no way similar to real life hate groups that in real life, advocate for the death of certain people. It's lazy and in bad taste. I don't remember the FoH literally wearing white hoods and burning flags, they were more subtle than directly copying something that was singularly used as a symbol of hate and discrimination.
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