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  1. Damn not to sound negative but I'm only interested in the diamond select daredevil from the reveals so far, I guess a lot of us were expecting too much lol
  2. i dont think anyones excited for the vinis but more excited that dc mates might be close.
  3. i think its too early. pops took a while to catch on, but i do think they saturated the market. im honestly sick of seeing pops or funko type products right now in stores. we need articulation lol
  4. looks like injustice outfit but i really like how it looks. i wasn't sold on vinimates but these dc ones really look great
  5. Can't wait for the second dd set. The bloody daredevil is a must
  6. zach can you confirm that its something thats been said in this thread?
  7. thought that was the case, the 2 comic stores on the island where I live don't believe in mates so I always miss specialty store mates & I don't like buying blind bag online. ( I like to feel them lol ) thanks for the info BD ?
  8. Mario could look cool into mates but pretty sure kanex has very similar minimate style toys out right now. It can be smash , a great way to get lots of characters but I doubt it. I can't even guess lol I'm stumped
  9. Where can you buy these blind bags, ( besides online ). I didn't even know these came out ?
  10. comic loki hair, rick grimes face and wolverine black suit
  11. i made one when the first movie came out too, love john wick!
  12. can this line come out asap ? i want army build hand ninja right now lol . <3
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