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  1. it kills me, i wish the red ninja were toys r us exclusive. i had a big gift card i was waiting to army build those ):
  2. Series 4 Gotham set is the best one yet. Hope this line continues
  3. Made it out of that pink foam stuff that people use for dios. And the joker head is from the imaginext line
  4. this is a huge problem for me as well as of late. there isn't a time i've been to the movies without seeing at least 2 phones glowing like flashlights distracting me. i've cut down my movie going 99% & it sucks but i cannot stand people in the movies anymore. talking on their phones whatever. im not paying $16+ to get distracted and annoyed. lol
  5. that no dc minimates comment really bummed me too.
  6. purple man suit makes for great joker body. Edit: a close up of them.
  7. fun fact: the "hand headquarters" base is filmed right near me on staten island. that place is actually a wedding hall lol. i wish i knew they were filming i would have tried to meet them.
  8. it was still fun lol. better than the second half of cage for sure
  9. wow i really slept on this old set. love them both.
  10. hah yea i know i'm just joking but seriously throwing it out there at the same time. deff want a gao, she is a very cool character that seems to have a larger role in the future so i'm sure (hope) we will get her.
  11. Yea we totally didn't need 2 Danny's. He could have just had an extra chest blocks we should all. Complain maybe they can swap out gao
  12. how did we not get a madame gao minimate yet hahaha
  13. Any news for x files ? Or is it an x file.... lol
  14. I loved Prometheus. I also didn't compare it to any other films. I loved the visuals of that film. It's hard to argue it didn't look great. And Shaw/David was badass .
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