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  1. So we're getting Tennessee , Shaw & David. how about that main girl Daniels ?
  2. not bad , thanks. im passing on this wave, only getting the vulture for a keaton head lol. i saw someone on fb make a batman custom with him and it looked great
  3. SPOILER?? It seems like there was a good movie there & the studio had too much say in it. "Add more pointless horror action scenes! " All that aside boy do I love micheal fassbender as an actor!
  4. exactly. that was my plan as well, makes it shorter too.
  5. Who reads comics, comics are for nerds.
  6. love the whole wave. Really need that mantis! Added tiny white dots to rockets eyes and wow what a difference it makes. Can't really tel in this photos but I suggest trying it on yours
  7. "young jack sparrow" is perfect for a farm boy like custom ??
  8. he wears a black shirt for the majority of the movie so i'm just going to swap it when i pick the mate up. i did think that shirt was going to have a bigger role due to it being in all the promotional ads as silly as that sounds.
  9. similar with mine too, only we got 7 full racks of dr stange mates left.
  10. funny, i feel like the shows been better than ever. also jerome is great.
  11. More ninja lol. Even if they're not on the show. You can never have enough
  12. That packaging is really nice and stands out really well. Hope to see more like it. Hopefully it Might make more casual buys from non minimate fans.
  13. they have more daredevils they want to make hence no extra head/
  14. I'm gonna draw a tiny dr Manhattan on my dr Manhattan minimate if you know what I mean ?
  15. i like the idea of making cap a nazi, i like when comics shake it up. ... it's fun to dance sometimes...
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