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  1. the max zombies look like so much fun. but the faces on the walking dead zombies rock. if only the walking dead zombies had cool outfits like the max zombies. the walking dead zombies are just normal people in plain lcothes. i want some fun one!
  2. Yes!! and will be the first property to produce figures for them. Defintly a great idea. Lightsabers!?!49
  3. Link the ask please zach. I will make sure to send one. And as for a letterman a jacket I couldn't find one who has one except the max zombie ): But I will look in the comics for a letterman jacket zombie ( other people look too please! ) and zach and I'll get back to you. If really like to see the funky cool zombies from the volume coves like the du rag zombie. The pimp zombie the rocker zombie with the ear plugs . The zombies in the waves are nice but should go for differnt looks they all are starting to look a little similar. The punk zombie looks so cool but was super rare ): Any plans for weird new cool zombies?
  4. there is so much love for Lee & clementine. plus lots of great zombies like the school jacket zombie. my personal favorite. you guys actually had a prototype for one back for max zombies. any chance for that if no interest in the games figures.
  5. this thread is dead. the nail was nailed in by TY's hammer. hahah #toosoon?
  6. Ok I got it! This tyrese don't have his hammer hair piece or alturnitive arms for his turtle neck look. So they release this Ty. We all buy it. duh! Cuz it's pretty Then they release turtle neck tyrese with hair piece and hammer. Or no hammer. Hah yolo!
  7. Hey I said my opinion brosepfs (; too far away to be excited for.
  8. wtf no hammer and summer release date. my buzz is killed. nothing to look forward too really. damn. in my opinion.
  9. my TRU glenn figure was glittery i didnt try to wipe it off. thanks for the heads up
  10. Zach can't hear our cries . He sits on his throne knowing all the knowledge of the future yet only teases us mere mortals. Oh zach the minimate god please make it rain knowledge on us . The crops are starting to die! Lmao what have I been smoking! Lmao
  11. when are these planned to release? PLEASE ZACH ;lolll
  12. morgan is totally unnecessary since its not even a different hair cut. we deff didn't need 2 morgans. maybe just 1 with 2 different hair pieces.
  13. exactly! i was gonna custom that but those pirates aint cheap haha
  14. with a different floor that can totally work for Hershel farm!
  15. Lol that's what you get for iPhone posting lol Hopefully this michonne with have her hair piece fit proper on her head. The hair makes her like an inch taller than the other figs. It looks much better in the wave one prototype pics. It saw lower and went out to the side more. Maybe if you heat it up and push it down it can mold differently . Hmmmmm
  16. Tyrese is the best part of the wave. Guessing that's short hair Maggie Tyrese is the best part of the wave. Guessing that's short hair Maggie
  17. !! i picked up 2 i love him. with my custom one eyes comic carl. LOL you know its bad when we are talking about other figures in a minimate thread. the well has just been dry for too long. nothing to be excited for. ): -___- ); lol
  18. i don't exactly know, but i know its right.
  19. i try and keep my customs NO PAINT when possible. here are some random customs from me. Elizabeth Shaw & David's head (Prometheus) Scarecrow ( DC movie ) (johnathan crane unmasked & goon ) Maranda tate & bane (Dc movie ) BANE & shirtless bruce wayne & goons ( dc movie ) Solid Snake (MGS ) Batman Cloth cape ( john mcclane ( die hard )
  20. you guys like having your minimates with lego stuff? i rather find things inscale not lego brick dots showing.
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