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  1. the carl rapists & the cannibals were big parts of the comics but too small to warrant minimates that would sell anything. i rather make sure we get the main figures we need first ^__^
  2. There's gotta be someone who snuck a photo no? I can't find anything hah
  3. Out of all the amazing new mates I might be most excited for this, my friend was doing press at toy fair and said he saw them in person and said they look next level, like they stand out from minimates right away in a good way. Can't wait for pics *_*
  4. Hah nice that's my dude boogs video. Everyone should sub him . Plus I'm in the opening sequence so it makes it better Ha #yolo ACBAcrew son. *gun shots
  5. lets hope. i wouldnt mind rocket getting that deadpool treatment for a little while ^__^
  6. Height is not the issue it's that he's not articulated. I just want a rocket I can pose and play with. That's it. Hah
  7. So apparently gotg is trending on twitter and fb and has more interest/views in a shorter time than man of steel did. And a big percentage of the people are talking about rocket and groot. And they said there's no interest in a rocket minimate. Let's just make it a statue. Lol #no #yolo
  8. yea if you don't care about rocket then you ovb wouldn't care, so theres no point arguing with people who wanted an articulated rocket. gosh buzz kills. just let us be bummed haha
  9. Them in those outfits look like an 80's buddy cop movie. Oh how I fuckin wish! Hahah
  10. aweee mannnnn, REALLY stupid call on a non articulated rocket. i don't understand, first we get 2 marvel legends with un articulated feet, a marvel universe thats fully un articulated and now we get ANOTHER unarticulated rocket. this sucks i was totally banking on using this for all my ml displays to have an articulated rocket. im sad brb #NO #YOLO
  11. thought so. black and white really makes you skip over stuff
  12. i read all the comics i don't remember her in either outfits. unless she wore that outfit in the new town
  13. carl is beautiful! love the extra head.. wow that just sounds all wrong. #YOLO
  14. rick looks like he's gonna be my FAVORITE rick or maybe mate ever. so many accessories and the extra jacket? come on man this is amazing!!!
  15. No, he's saying there is NOT a new villain in the set. Paraphrasing: "Not everyone will want it," "I can't imagine why i'd say not everyone would want it if there's an unmade villain in it." Good to hear Carl confirmation just for the sake of, i mean, we kinda need him even if he's a moron. But MEGA-GOOD to hear that the superhero set is like the lowest priority. It's just ridiculous. carl ain't a moron read the books! hah (:
  16. maybe more riot gear. from the "Not everyone will feel the need to pick it up, I'm sure."
  17. hey Zach, random question. why do you guys always hide all the accessories with the mini-mates. i don't know why you woudnt show off all the goodies they come with, but they are usually hidden behind the packaging logos. ?
  18. Yes! That tank top undershirt just sold that new michonne for me! Stoked! <3
  19. Zach quick question does the new riot michonne come with the same face and hair as the others,?
  20. imagine they make a double chin add on piece. that would be funny.
  21. this is eugene , that minimate looks like jack from 24 or somthing lol
  22. i was thinkin the same about eugine but with the way rick and abes looks i could care less. i always pictured him fat nerdy sloppy. lets hope for a mullet oh well #YOLO
  23. woah the TRU wave is so good! love the aberham and rick <3
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