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  1. well with the end half of CAGE and a lot of people hating iron fist i don't doubt it. the trailers didn't look like anything was happening in the defenders either. i honestly couldn't wait for the show to end when i was watching it. and i hated that i felt that way lol
  2. More x files mates and classic 7" figures please! smoking man thanks you
  3. it's easier to just make pop like little figures. much cheaper and more people want them for some reason.
  4. It was my post on fb (: alt="IMG_3937" border=<a href=><img src
  5. all i see is this with that sdcc exclusive and i'm happy!
  6. not really into the walking dead figures anymore. but they're never really hard to get or sell out so it shouldntbe hard to find a set for yourself!
  7. whos gonna be the first person to draw a little dr manhattan on dr manhattan?
  8. i wish the alien mates hit tru! and hound is green, neca was more brown hard to compare neca to minimates. the cartoony green pops better in packaging im sure thats why they went with it.
  9. found them in staten island new york. these look real nice in person.
  10. i almost didn't see the film, for a pretty silly reason,
  11. lets revive this thread. i want pota matess!!!! lol
  12. imagine in these were minimates ):
  13. package shots from Instagram. Liking the package and excited for these mates. Even though I didn't love the movie. It wasn't horrible . Hopefully we get a directors cut.
  14. you don't think people want an arnie figure in a red polo? that figure looks great, wish he has a normal non cigar head though.
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