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  1. Damn. So they hand ninjas aren't hitting tru. ?
  2. i heard you bastards did them but his picture links are expired a few pages back so i cant see them.
  3. Anyone ever make decals for the casual Jules and Vince figures ?
  4. Got a new camera, i still don't know how to use it. wanted to show my Bruce Lee qc
  5. cant wait for all the cool pics people are going to post with those space jockeys. i wanna start making a dio for it
  6. mates id love to see: DC movie verse mates horror icon blind bag mates harry potter mates. planet of the apes mates hell boy mates. WWE mates.
  7. we need movie mates, we should all ask DST for them. made this quick today
  8. since diamond has made cigarette parts in the past, is there ever a chance of a ray hanging cig figure in the future? maybe and adult exclusive? i think it would look super cute on a mate. lol
  9. Hey zach, Any updates on the new x files mates ?
  10. i'm stoked that others on the page liked it as much as i did. cleared shelf space as well. haha !
  11. You're right! I need to google them. I hope they go a few waves, we need a slimed Erin
  12. Awesome on the wave 2 news. I wish we get a ghosts from our past book and a Chinese food accessorie.
  13. Just saw it again today. Deff a fun solid movie. I'm happy to see what comes next .
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