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  1. it' confuses me how people think they know how to run a company as complex as diamond with dealing with lots of licenses , and likeness rights , also working with concept designs all while rushing to meet the shortened time between movies now, it's not like when super hero movies came out every few years and took longer to create/film these movies.

    i think diamond is doing their best, i wouldn't assume they want to put out incorrect stuff on purpose. what business sense is that. 




  2. 7 hours ago, Ninturtle said:

    The Dusk and Heartless look really good, wish there was a way to buy them with out getting the other figures that aren't as well done

    I don’t plan on doing much action with these so for a shelf pose I’m happy. But I can see what you mean, Deff he best deal for the price point compared to other KH figures though. Diamond usually wins in the price point department 

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