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  1. Unofficial Vinimates Photo Thread

    i think chase sticker vinimates will get those casual hype fans into the line and can help it !
  2. General Minimate Pictures Thread

    making some little minimate dios, with a minimate me, and some of my art graffiti on the wall. lol
  3. General Minimate Pictures Thread

    love the dojo
  4. Elf

    zach you're right. makes sense! i'm sure will get a chevy chase face in a movie line in the future and we can kitbash
  5. Elf

    yesss what he said ^^ glasswear has been done many times by many companies. only you guys make minimates. GIVE US MATESS haha
  6. Elf

  7. Predator Minimates

    these didnt hit my store. only older sets.
  8. Ask Zach

    2 minimate 4 packs, 7" selects ( even though mcfarlane pretty much has that now ) and sure cups and other stuff like that. target has a whole section of stranger things stuff and it cant stay stocked.
  9. Ask Zach

    i knew i liked you zach, i HATE battle droids myself. that being said i really do like episode 1. not so much the other 2
  10. Ask Zach

    Zach. Are you or chuck a fan of stranger things and do you think it’s something Diamond is interested in?
  11. Saw on Instagram these hit toys r us, what cool looking sets. I need to track them down
  12. Elf

    Awesome ! & Are the vacation mates canceled ?
  13. wave 75

    maybe the best marvel wave i've seen, not huge into marvel but these are some of my favorite characters. really happy with this wave!
  14. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

  15. Stranger Things

    Bump? Lol here’s for wishful thinking