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  1. Wow, nice to see old discussion threads like this being revived. My favourite minimate, not for the character but for the design, is (to my surprise) probably the first taskmaster release. I just think it nailed the look of his first appearance perfectly and has a lot of cool accessories. Honourable mentions to valkyrie and strange tales morbius too though.
  2. Not posted on here for a while but couldn't ignore this topic since thor is my favourite character. For me it's got to be classic all the way and I would echo what some others have said that despite him being released lots of times he's never been done "right". The FA version is the best but he is simply too slim. While I agree that he's not the hulk, he is closer to that than spiderman. Also most classic thors only have 4 circles rather than 6, and the hair needs to hang quite long down the front, which some don't. Thus I agree that the only way to get a perfect thor is customising or amalgamating several versions. Maybe one day DST will do him the way i would like but I kind of doubt it these days... Having said that I think the female version is superb some of the modern ones are pretty good.
  3. Great to finally have a new comic lcs wave to look forward to and great for my taste that it's pretty classic. Interesting that spiderman seems to have displaced the x-men as the "go to" wave theme lately after what felt like years of near neglect for him. I have no real opinion on the redos, though hydroman looks like a big improvement, but I'm happy with molten man, very happy with prowler and delighted and amazed in equal measure with the jjj spiderslayer!
  4. Great tributes guys. And yes, a sad day to lose one of the two most important pop culture influences of my childhood.
  5. Yeah as a comic wave fan I was pleased with the trend of movie box sets only at specialty as I thought that would mean more comic waves. However, it seems to be working out as less waves overall instead unfortunately as the number of upcoming waves announced seems to be decreasing and the gaps between reveals getting bigger. It looks to me like maybe TRU was becoming the main outlet for comic waves which makes its demise even more unfortunate if so.
  6. Now, this is REALLY the poll for me and I think they should all be made! However, as it seems unfair to pick any one of the warriors 3 I think ulik deserves the vote as he is probably the most iconic unmade thor villain. Likewise frost giants are probably the most iconic army builder but I'd love the rigellians too.
  7. Maybe you are right and I certainly hope so. Maybe 90% was a bit pessimistic but based on DST's general release schedule over the last few years I will be very pleasantly surprised if we get more than one or two of these characters with these looks in the near or medium term future. I see deathlok as the most likely but admittedly you can never tell for sure...
  8. Oh ok, fair enough, thanks. Although as this is an informal poll and 90% of these characters have almost no chance of getting made anyway I guess how much interest there is in them would still have been interesting to see...
  9. Wow, what a great poll! This is the era and the looks that I love. I also could have voted for most of them but had to go with Captain Britain. Can I ask why no Conan, Red Sonja or Howard the Duck out of interest though? They'd all make great 'mates.
  10. Yep, that's the thor I'm looking for exactly! As you say, we're so close but not quite there! I also hear the debate on the biceps and I agree, although then a range of other characters could need those two, such as Hercules...
  11. Ok, well I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the biggest comic thor fans on here and as such it's always bugged me that, in my opinion, there is no definitive classic thor. My reason is fairly simple. He needs to have 6 circles on his costume, 4 above and 2 below his belt. That immediately means that only the TRU 12 version has a chance, and he is very good as he also has the most classic looking hair. However, his helmet wings are not white and he just looks a bit spindly to me. Thus a bulkier chest is needed, similar to wave 16 thor's size and also, although it is true to the first appearance that TRU 12 thor is based on, the little lock of hair sticking out of the bottom of his helmet is not representative of his typical definitive look for me. So yes, a very good thor can be made by mixing and matching but I still can't make all the parts come together quite enough to make the perfect thor. Admittedly I'm probably pretty fussy but I live in hope that we will get one one day but I get the impression that DST think they have already achieved it so I'm not as confident as I once was.
  12. Yeah I think that's pretty much the point. I think the character choices in this wave are good and it's great to see 3 new villains. Also they look really good up against what I've seen of the source material. I'm one of the people who has championed the animated line as being a good fit with the 616 line on the whole, and that is why I collect it. However, in this particular wave to see characters off my want list like jackal and madame masque getting made but look too different is a shame. However, I'm still grateful for the squadron supreme, medusa, man thing etc and I'm encouraged by Zach's comments on madame masque hopefully getting a 616 version at some point.
  13. Ok I've taken pity to help save you from your anticipation. I kind of forgot to vote in this one due to the excitement of the avengers poll! It was classic dormammu and mindless ones all the way for me but I'm not sure that'll change much on the poll.
  14. I think that's highly likely, as it also puts him on the radar a bit more. I'm also surprised he's winning though. Nice to see poor old graviton has a vote now though, I'm surprised he hasn't had more!
  15. Yep, this is the poll for me! To be honest I want them all and I could have chosen any between attuma, grey gargoyle, graviton, korva and nefaria. I went for nefaria in the end but it was pretty random and I almost went for poor graviton just because, inexplicably, he has no votes yet! Lava men were a bit easier to choose in the other category.
  16. Yeah I went prowler, though beetle, jackal and hammerhead all went close. The mark V spiderslayer was an easy win for me in the other category though. I actually can't believe how few new classic spidey villains have been made in the last few years when there are still so many, but the current TRU waves seem to be addressing that, which is great.
  17. I too actually think the FF have been pretty well represented but I would also love to see most of the classic characters mentioned. However, Thundra gets my vote. Uatu would have got it but I don't see him as just an FF character really. I do see the inhumans as mainly FF related though and they are the ones I would most like to see completed from that corner of the universe.
  18. Ok, well as probably one of the biggest classic avengers fans on here I thought I ought to throw in an opinion. I'm pretty much in agreement with most of what's been said actually. I would personally only count "avengers" as people who were members up to disassembled - once we get to new avengers etc for me that's not the same, hence I will never see spidey or wolverine as true members. However, for me "classic" avengers would probably only be those who were in the roster roughly up to the end of the '80's. Thus I'm pretty much with your opinion Buff but would definitely count moondragon and hellcat. Give me those two and swordsman and mantis and my main avengers needs will be met!
  19. Bit late to the party here but really pleased with some of the figures in the TRU waves, especially carrion (never thought we'd get him and he's one of my favourite spidey villains!) plus jack o lantern, unworthy thor, collector (though if I'm being fussy I'd have liked his classic version more) and I really like the updated chameleon/mary jane - a huge improvement on the originals! Did we get any hint when these might hit? I'm hoping less of a wait than we will have for waves 74 and 75.
  20. Thanks for the pics minimatt! Loads of interesting stuff here, after what I thought were very disappointing toyfair & C2E2 this year this makes up for it! It's quite hard to assess it all straight away but at first sight really liking the Jessica Jones/Purple Man set. Also some of the new ragnarok stuff looks cool, especially the skurge/grandmaster pack, though I would also like to see them out of package. Oh, and the more I see Medusa the more I like her! Really hope we do get to see TRU waves at the panel though, especially 24!
  21. Thanks, nice wishlist! In fact to be honest I only remembered it because your list so closely matched the era and character choices that I would love to see. Oddly enough though and I'd rather collector or korvac than grandmaster, though I'd be happy with all three. Having just seen that gm is in the ragnarok assortments at sdcc I'm now thinking he's unlikely to be here too so I guess collector is most likely if it's one of those three?
  22. If only!! Still, I am very encouraged to hear the trend of more obscure characters being packed with the high profile ones now, even at TRU. As for this wave I have very little idea, though regarding the classic cosmic character there was a post some time back by Zach in the wishlist thread where he commented on a list of avengers villains posted by Ronan and said one of them was in TRU24. Three of the list were cosmic I think: collector, grandmaster and korvac, so I'm guessing it may be one of those. If so I'd imagine the likelihood is grandmaster, collector and korvac in that order?
  23. Yeah I agree re the abomination. I'm mostly very happy to display the animated 'mates alongside the comic ones but the abomination looks pretty different. However, VERY happy to finally see Medusa - great news!! With her and Surtur it's been a good day!
  24. So, the "worst-kept secret" in minimate wave reveals is out. As I guessed would be the case once the wave's likely make-up was worked out, some of the modern variants that I don't know much about don't excite me but the Surtur looks wonderful so I'm happy just to be getting him! I also like the red king/hulk pairing and indeed the wave's theme in general.
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