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  1. But he does wear a Chameleon mask over his face. That's kind of his gimmick. You never see his actual face. Even after he gets his powers upgraded, you still see what's left of his face underneath the tech version of the mask. You see it in the pic YOU posted. Don't accuse others of right and wrong unless you know what you're talking about. If I'm happy with what I got, I'm not going to actively look for reasons to make myself unhappy. That's crazy. The same people bitching about a slip over mask would be bitching if it was done the other way. Like it's some geek-culture "right of passage" to be a negative tool about every piece of minutia. Anything remotely resembling positive thought and you're not a "real fan" or don't know what you're talking about regardless of evidence. It's beyond tiresome and it's in every single thread on this board now. This place used to be fun. Nobody posts reviews anymore, nobody posts pics. It's just non-stop bitching. Whatever, I'm done with this place.
  2. Then I guess it's a matter of preference. Chameleon with a slip-over MJ mask. I don't see how that would work without looking clumsy. You can't get away with a plain MJ using that method; it's always going to look like someone wearing an MJ mask. OR Chameleon with parts to make MJ. Giving us two modern versions of characters that haven't been made in a decade. Essentially brand new characters considering how much the aesthetics have changed since then. EDIT: Hellpop posted as I was typing. He gets it.
  3. If the mask is supposed to be tight, then I would rather have it printed on a plain head. If it's a helmet or mask with raised, 3D elements, I want a slip over mask piece. Different artists, different interpretations and what not, but if I'm looking for "iconic" Chameleon, I want something along the lines of Ditko or Our Pal Sal. And they drew the head like the above pic. I want accuracy and that's what I got. No complaints here. People complain when slip over mask aren't used in the Walgreens waves, what's the argument here? Honest question.
  4. Chameleon came out perfect. The slip-over helps the look in this case.
  5. I'd be all over a Lawler custom! And that Bret look great!
  6. If they add Conan to the Epic line, I'm all in! There isn't A TON of stuff out there that depends on Conan licensing and continuity, but it would still be cool to get that stuff back in circulation. The Conan Essential volume from way back in the day was one of the first volumes to get crazy high on the aftermarket. Red Sonja isn't part of the deal.
  7. I like the current model but wouldn't mind seeing experimentation every now and then. Packaging that could double as an accessory/backdrop could be a neat way of doing it, make it a once a year convention exclusive. The Vault immediately springs to mind.
  8. They're not out yet. They hit overseas first then take a couple months to show up here.
  9. Picked up the whole wave when they were buy one/get one 40% off. Reminds me of the Best Of Minimates series. Excellent stuff all around.
  10. When I'm doing my super-nerd statistics, I go by the packaging text if the identity is ambiguous. Which reminds me, a Harry custom would be ridiculously easy to make with the bucketloads of Norman Osborn hair pieces I have lying around. That hair...
  11. Surtur is an absolute must-have. Perfection!
  12. Gladiator is easily one of my favorite Marvel characters so he gets my vote.
  13. Happy New Year! I got to check a lot of stuff off my wants in 2017. Here's to more in 2018!
  14. Big thanks to a helpful board member for these! I'll post some more pics later.
  15. The Muir Island team, the Genoshan team, the Street Team from Morrison's run, and others I'm probably forgetting, were never officially considered X-Men. They were ad-hoc groups assembled in the absence of an official X-Men team and have always been listed as such. Any lists that considered them official X-Men are incorrect. If the present leader of the X-Men gave them official status, it would be different. The Ariel panel you mentioned before is a perfect example: Cyclops (the leader) stated "she died an X-Man." There are Utopia residents who were never considered X-Men like Avalanche, some of the Morlocks, and others I'm forgetting. I totally get the imposter thing, but I guess it falls down to the lax in-universe rules for X-Men membership. The X-Men can't revoke a member, the Avengers could (has that ever happened? I wanna say The Hulk had his founding member status revoked at one point?). It really does boil down to minutia, but hey, that's what makes this stuff fun! I appreciate looking under the microscope with passionate X-Fans On the topic of official, the only "official" rosters are in publications approved by Marvel editorial. Wiki entries, Sporcle quizes and DK books don't count. DK books are a BIG point of contention; many people reference them because they carry the Marvel logo (not a knock on DK, I actually really like and respect their work), but they do not go through editorial, just licensing. There's a few examples in one of their books where unofficial fanfic real names are used. There was a very long, geeky thread about this kind of stuff at the old Who Watches the Watchers forum, but it no longer exists since Comixfan went down. If I can find an archived version, I'll post a link. The OHOTMU staff does go to straight to editorial in the event that clarification is needed. When possible, the original writer is contacted.
  16. Officially, they're in the same category as the Phoenix Force. X-Men imposters, per se.
  17. X-Men membership was very easy to keep track of until around Utopia/Secret Invasion. The last official membership list came out in 2010; as you can imagine, a lot has changed since then. Unfortunately, the softcover TPB editions of the OHOTMU were cancelled due to low sales five volumes in. The softcovers reprinted the contents from the hardcover volumes, but a few pages of "where are they now" style updates were placed at the end. The letter "X" would have been in Volume 13 and we would have used that to officially update and clarify the X-Men roster. Theoretically, a volume 13 of the softcover trade updates would have been released around 2013. It's tricky because X-Men membership isn't as "official" as something like Avengers. It isn't an officially sanctioned group, it doesn't have charters, bylaws, etc. If whoever is leading the X-Men says you're an X-Man, then you're officially an X-Man. So characters like Ariel (Coconut Grove), Aurora, the Secret Invasion-era New Mutants, many of the Utopia residents, are officially considered by Marvel to be X-Men. There were some from around that time that we needed official clarification on, but unfortunately, we never made it to that stage. Now that we live in a post-Marvel/Disney/Fox world, hopefully we can get an official stance soon!
  18. I picked Lilandra and Ch'od. Dave Cockrum was seriously the greatest costume designer of all time and I would love to add more of his creations to the mix. And I strategically chose Ch'od for potential parts reuse down the line.
  19. Nobody's started a dedicated TRU 25 thread yet. Let's keep TRU 25 discussion here. have at it!
  20. Conan and Red Sonja wouldn't be covered by the license. Legal reasons are why we got the Howard we got instead of a 70's Howard.
  21. These are all great! I had to pick Shang-Chi. I'm reading through all the Omnibus volumes, great stuff, and he's fresh in my mind.
  22. Checked today and no luck. Old stock is actually moving well with holiday traffic. Probably going to need help obtaining a full set.
  23. Whhhuuuh? Anyone here find them? We never even got 24.
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