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  1. Got a couple days off from work so time to organize my extra Legends parts...
  2. Society of Serpents covers 1985-1986. Beginning of the Mark Gruenwald run. Highest possible recommendation. A Touch of Typhoid covers 1988-1989. The first half of Ann Nocenti and JRJR's run. Nocenti has a very unique voice that isn't to everyone's tastes, but I really enjoyed her work here.
  3. Leader's costume looks slightly different every time he appears. He really doesn't have a definitive look. Shoulder pads or straps or boots or armor or gloves or gauntlets, it all changes depending on the artist. Funky orange space suit is the one constant and it's represented here. This works just fine for me.
  4. 70's? Groovy!
  5. Awesome job Kris! The New X-Men era was such a great time to be a fan. I agree that the X-jackets hold up particularly well but the other parts can be difficult. One suggestion, have you considered the All-New X-Men Cyclops hairpiece (and head)? The hair is relatively subdued and the visor is very thin. I think it's a perfect match. I posted a pic a while back, I'll see if I can find it.
  6. Talking Iron Fist with fellow Epic Marvel Podcast co-host Kurtis:
  7. Hey guys! Me and Kurtis are back to discuss Silver Surfer Epic Collection Volume 3 - Freedom. This volume covers the incredible Steve Englehart run from 1987, plus more. Cosmic comics at their absolute best. Plus, Englehart and Joe Rubinstein stop by to drop some knowledge! The Epic Marvel Podcast goes in-depth on topics that no other podcasts tackle. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  8. Wrecking Crew should just have powerhouse chest pieces. Using the full bulked up method would be going overboard. Looking forward to seeing your work!
  9. Correct. Branching off that, I would like to see a Best Of-style Human Torch in a solid yellow and red color scheme. The Nova Flame Torch in solid colors would look really cool.
  10. Damn dude, office setting is so delightfully boring! These are frickin amazing!
  11. FWIW, Squirrel Girl seemed to disappear off the pegs rather quickly. The character has a Deadpool-esque cult following.
  12. So did wave four already come and go? It's been awfully quiet since these were spotted.....
  13. Need help finding series 4 in central NY
  14. Checked three walgreens in central new york, still no wave 4