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  1. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    Go get em, they're live! I picked up two sets. Payment was quick and easy, no clocking.
  2. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    SDCC sets go online today. Gonna try to snag two. It's past 11 and nothing yet...F5, F5, F5, F5....
  3. Group or Team photos

    I feel Thor is unique because while not a "team" book, he has the highest amount of periphery characters that have at least some relevance. You really can't say the same about Iron Man or Cap, who have great supporting casts in their own right, but not the sheer volume of Thor's.
  4. Group or Team photos

    Here you go! Just characters with direct Asgardian origins plus Bill and the Olympians for fun. Didn't include villains who fought Thor, just Asgardians.
  5. Group or Team photos

    I could do one for the comic versions if you give me a minute. Do you need every version of Thor or one of each character is cool?
  6. You still have your pics in your album, you just can't host them anywhere.
  7. Well, not exactly... About a month ago Photobucket killed third party hosting without any warning unless users paid a fee. And it was something insane like $300-$400 a year. So there's thousands of message boards out there that look like this, not just Matt's stuff.
  8. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I usually get a few of each figure for customs and I can't think of anything I would use the extra wing pieces for. I may be able to help you out, might not be right away though. SDCC sets and and the TRU set are going to take up most of the budget.
  9. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    All Marvel Legends are on clearance at Wal-Mart right now. They're labelled with all different prices, $19.99, $17.99, $9.99, but they're all ringing up at $9.00 even. Snagged a few Moon Knights and some other stuff for parts.
  10. Epic Marvel Podcast thread

    http://epicmarvelpodcast.com/doctorstrange-3/ After a brief hiatus in the Dark Dimension, we're back!! Kurtis and Craig cover Doctor Strange Epic Collection Volume 3 - A Separate Reality. This volume includes Doctor Strange 180-183, Sub-Mariner 22, Incredible Hulk 126, Marvel Feature 1, Marvel Premiere 3-14 and Doctor Strange 1-5. The good Doctor at his trippy, groovy, psychedelic seventies best from 1969-1974. What is Sise-Neg an anagram for? What happens when the Ancient One ascends from the mortal plane? Wait, the Defenders without Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist? And why is there a talking caterpillar? Comic book legends Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart also give some behind the scenes details of working in the seventies Marvel Bullpen. Check it out! You can follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/epicmarvelpodcast https://twitter.com/epicmarvelpod
  11. Group or Team photos

    Nice! I need that Meggan costume for an upcoming shoot, is that an existing torso or a decal?
  12. Take Care, MMMV

  13. Genis-Vell is in my top five favorite Marvel characters. This is an excellent representation!
  14. tru wave 24

    I think Negative Zone Spidey may be the first thing ever merchandised from the post clone saga-pre editorial upheaval era.
  15. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Wow, I didn't even see there was a second photo! Carrion is a very welcome surprise. We knew Gwenpool was coming so good to just get her out of the way. Scarlet Spider is exactly how I wanted an update to be done. And Collector!