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  1. Lady Loki has them and you can still find her super cheap.
  2. Master of Kung Fu Omnibus Vol. 1 Just finished Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol. 20, starting Avengers Vol. 2.
  3. In all fairness, the Wolverine vs. Marrow issue is a very good comic that holds up today. It's one of the only memorable issues in a very long run of forgettable stuff.
  4. So first Mastermind anywhere ever, right? Not exactly a guy who is easy to make into a toy. The Professor X swapping stuff is genius. That's why I love this line so much. The innovation is second to none. I've noticed Legends do a lot more alternate character part swapping now, I wouldn't need surprised to see them do the same thing.
  5. Coloring is a weird thing. Early coloring really didn't have much thought put into it. White in particular wasn't used much because you could see through the newsprint paper. Everyone probably knows the story about how Dave Cockrum originally intended Phoenix to be white instead of green. Printers couldn't use that much white without the final product looking "cheap." When Cory and the crew restore stuff for Masterworks, Epics, etc, they use a "warts and all" approach to the coloring. So stuff like red and green Galactus or purple Dr Doom make it to the final product. But when these tales are revisited in later comics that's often what is considered canon. So when Galactus shows up in Marvels (in continuity!) he's the Big G we all recognize. Hope I made sense. So is green Quicksilver supposed to have white or green trim in canon? You could go either way. I haven't read Avengers: EMH in years. What did he look like there?
  6. Yeah, not necessary at all. The "different" headgear can be attributed to artistic license.
  7. The prehensile tongue version of Toad doesn't apply to this one. That's a common misconception due to his portrayal in other forms of media. They made the comics version identical to the movie version in X-Men Forever when they "corrected" his genome. Post-X-Men Forever-Toad has the green skin, prehensile tail and corrected posture just like the films. Nothing like this guy.
  8. Very nice! Mastermind looks like it's more than just a head-swap. Separate chest block?
  9. Found wave 5 today. Hint: keep an eye on the Walgreens website and watch for the "items in stock" count to change for your store. Only saw one case, left the Spider-Girl/Carnage pack on the shelf. Won't be needing Kang, Hulkbuster or Iron Man. Wave 4 never hit this area at all. Oh, and in reference to my earlier post, Customer Relations emailed me back with a case number. They said a regional manager will be calling me. We'll see if that happens.
  10. There's a "request to carry product" page on Might be worth a shot. I'm sending one to all four stores in my area.
  11. I'll need someone to hook me up with the entire wave. Minus the Spider-Girl/Carnage set if possible. Cost plus shipping. Also willing to help anyone here who needs older stock in hope that it triggers restock here. We have the Nighthawk set, Power Princess set, Power Man set, Thanos/Thor, a ton of Falcon/Ant-Man, some Hyperion, and Noir/Itsy-Bitsy Spidey.
  12. Nice find. They've been doing that with the packaging backs for animated waves. They're separated by cartoon.
  13. New episode (I'm late with the image)! Kurtis and Drew cover Wolverine Epic Collection Volume 1 - Madripoor Nights. This volume includes Wolverine 1-16 and material from Marvel Comics Presents 1-20 and Marvel Age Annual 4. Wolverine at his Terry & The Pirates-inspired dirtiest from 1988-1989. Lots of fun with Patch, Roughhouse, Bloodsport, Tyger Tiger, Jessica Drew and assorted Madripoor lowlifes! Friends of the show Chris Claremont and Peter David also share their insight on working with Wolverine around this time. Check it out!
  14. Jesus, these are already out? Four stores in this area and we didn't even get the last wave. Terrible.
  15. Dormammu was made. The look from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is the look he rocked in Kevin Maguire's Defenders mini-series.