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  1. Honestly gutted to once again not be there. SOOOO many awesome exclusives this year. Got my 'Mates on preorder already. The only other thing I'm really after isn't available for preorder, and sadly I couldn't find anyone to be my "mule" and pick 'em up for me. :'(
  2. I just want a regular, modern hand gun close to what he uses in the book.
  3. This Deadpool is making me DROOL. Getting two of these so I can throw a harness on my Lady Deadpool.
  4. Honestly, I'd just like to be able to grab one or two of the packs with the clear stands, and one of the packs with the "special" stands.
  5. Same here. me three. maybe some will pop up on ebay or *ahem* Luke's Toy Store???? That'd be a dream. I'm guilty of bugging DST on Facebook about stand packs from time to time. I need sooo many lol.
  6. So the only people that will be able to get the packs of stands are the ones attending SDCC? Well that is a major disappointment.
  7. Awww, that's really disheartening news. I like what Mezco is doing and all, heck I have a LOT of their stuff on preorder, but man... I can't help but to feel like I took a punch to the stomach since Minimates are my favorite style of toy and collectible.
  8. On my list of top "wants" for Minimates, Breaking Bad has been at the top for a long long time. I don't know how likely this is, but would anyone else dig these? My dream series one would be: Walter in button up shirt/underwear with a silver pistol / Jesse in a jacket & beanie and his red duffle bag of money Walter and Jesse in the blue/green hazmat suits with gas masks and chemistry equipment accessories Tuco with his assualt rife and knife / Hank Shrader with his pistol Skyler / DEA Agent Gomez w/ pistol and DEA badge --Obviously that is all Season 1/2 based... but there are so many great things that could be done. I do know Mezco has the license for figures, bobbleheads, and their own minis (Mez-Itz), but these would be fantastic in my opinion.
  9. Sup guys? I REALLY want this to succeed, so here it goes... From the IndyGoGo page: "Greetings everyone. My name is Chris R. Notarile of Blinky Productions INC. If you haven't already noticed, I am producing a bi-weekly Deadpool Fan Webseries and I need your help! Fan films are labors of love and in an effort to make something truly spectacular, I'm calling on all my fellow Deadpool and Blinky fans to help out. "How can I help?", you ask? Well it's simple, season One of Deadpool will have ten episodes. Each episode costs about $1,000.00 to make. We are trying to reach a goal of $10,000.00. With this money, we will be able to properly make each episode without having to cut corners and be able to stick to our bi-weekly schedule rather than succumbing to a missed deadline. So please, if you can, donate to our cause. Help us make the greatest Deadpool webseries EVER!!! Help us show Hollywood how it's done!" To contribute/donate: EPISODE 1:
  10. Really do wish DST could get a hold of the TV license, I really hate those McFarlane figures.
  11. Deadpool needs tacos and chimichangas. Apart from that, I'd love some muzzle flash effects I could put on the end of a gun.
  12. Contest has ended, winner announced in first post!
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