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  1. Super excited for Darkhawk and Cosmic Ghost Rider. Nice to finally have a Moondragon, the new Warlock looks nice. Another Starlord and Gamora....whatever. But Angela? Come on. I'd much rather have Gladiator, or especially a Phyla since we are getting Heather!
  2. I've been diligently scouring my Walgreens for weeks, and today I finally found one that had the wave! I don't know about the zero peg rule, but this store only had the Endgame set and animated series 8.
  3. I agree - coming out of it, I was like where is this? Or that? I'm glad to be able to build all the different teammates in their quantum suits though. Things I wish we could get:
  4. And I have to say, this picture tricked me so bad: Looked at the left side of the picture, and for a second, my heart skipped a beat that we were getting a Gladiator minimate! But then I looked at the others, and realized that's just the side of Dr. Strange. 😭
  5. Better look at the Minimates:
  6. Even better - Atomic Steed for Black Knight!
  7. I had the Walgreens no sale issue this morning. Found all 4, went to buy, they're like "we can't sell these." I went back out at 2, to a different Walgreens, they rang up no problem. The only problem was they didn't have all the sets, just the exclusives. I was planning on waiting on IM and Thanos for the box set anyway, so now I'll just have to wait and get Spidey and Hulk whenever TRU gets around to releasing their wave, and I find the Groot/Rocket set....
  8. I got the Zombie Villains box set at Ross last week, along with a minimate Enterprise. $10 each. So random!
  9. Honestly, between having more accessories than one figure could hold at a time, or getting an extra character each series, I'd much rather have more characters. Bring on the BAF!
  10. I have to say, I do think the Iron Man arms that are used on Iron Skull are cool. They have much more detailing, give the mechanical armored look without having a big bulky add on piece. Not sure what kind of poses and play people are trying to do that is that severely limited by these shoulders....
  11. $35 shipped? That seems like even less than what it would cost if you found it at Walgreens! Sounds like a good deal to me!
  12. I agree. I loved the Purple/Yellow uniforms, gave the team an actual unified aesthetic. It hasn't really made it's mark on history, though, for sure. I doubt it would be very high on the list of minimates to be made.
  13. So I know a giant chunk of this thread was lost in the update, but has anyone seen these out in the wild yet? Hoping they hit stores in time for the BOGO sale TRU is having for sdcc.....
  14. I'm sure the latest TRU series won't come out before this sale, just like every time they do these sales. BOGO on pegwarmers. Boo.
  15. This is why Minimates is my favorite toy line, bar none. I'm not a Deadpool fan per se. But you're getting me Siryn, a new Cable costume, and another Domino? I'm IN!
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