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  1. Looks like this is gonna be the first wave in years I'll have to eBay. No way TRU is getting restocks right?
  2. Would it be possible to be added to this list please
  3. Amazon has the Dr. Strange wave up for preorder, snagged Enchantress and Nico. Would love to complete Dormammu, but don't care about any of the other figures.
  4. Saw somewhere else that Hasbro is shipping solid cases of both, so hopefully they won't be too hard to find.
  5. Spent the last couple years traveling and fell out of collecting. Spider-Verse's story, and Spider-Gwen's design got me interested in figures again. Heres my haul from the last month, cleaned my local TRU out, visited Target and Walmart on the right day, and never knew Walgreens was such a solid toy store.
  6. Stopped by Walmart on a whim after work, found an Absorbing Man wave Venom, and the Walmart exclusive Winter Soldier and Falcon. Now I just need to find some decent guns for both of them.
  7. Would love a TRU 2-pack companion set Jean and an updated Polaris
  8. Went toy hunting in the state capital today, found a Wolverine, love the costume, hope to one day have all the Outback X-Men in ML. Someone stole Iceman and the BaF piece then left the packaging on top of Cable and Havok. Also saw the Kate Bishop/FalCap/Vision 3 pack at Toys R Us, and a few Walgreens had Punisher in stock.
  9. Entertainment Earth has the Guardians five-pack on clearance for $75, is that a steal? I don't have any of the figures, and while they're all pretty cool I'd mostly be buying the set for Gamora.
  10. Went to a few Walgreens today looking for MM Wave 2.5 and saw the majority of the X-Men wave (no Wolverine, Rogue or Deadpool of course). Iceman looks like such a fun figure, I don't know if I should wait for him to be a little bit cheaper online or just buy him now, any thoughts?
  11. Figure swapping/returning is such a bummer My local TRU had the X-Men wave last week, and someone stole a Jean, Cable and Rogue and left the packaging on the peg.
  12. Drove to seven Walgreen's today looking for a Nighthawk set, no sign of Series 2.5 at any of them. Was able to find all the Guardians sets, and a Hawkeye/Crossbones, so the day wasn't a complete wash.
  13. So in the past has Walgreens put any of their exclusive Mates on their website? I know they do for Marvel Legends, but every time I've searched for minimates well shows me something else.
  14. Spotted this wave at my local TRU today, all of the Hulkpool sets were gone. Picked up Armory Spidey, what a fun design, reminds me of all the fun variants Toybiz used to make.
  15. Our first S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Variant/Exclusive S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Original Anime Color Version Tamashii Nations 2014 Event Exclusive
  16. Was in another town today and visited the local Walgreens, their pegs were full with Agent Venoms. I really like this figure, and have really just enjoyed this Spider-Man subline My local TRU had Wolverine, Stryfe and Cyclops, but no sign of Storm or Magneto.
  17. Agent Venoms are starting to show up in Walgreens, solid cases of 8. I know a guy in my town bought all of them up, so I'm hoping Walgreens ordered more than one case per store.
  18. More S.H. Figuarts and Power Rangers Merch
  19. Kharma coming back would be wonderful. I loved that Stephanie pedigreed the twins, seriously excited for their match at SummerSlam. I hope Ziggler wins the IC at SummerSlam.
  20. Big Bad Beetle Borg S.H. Figuarts are coming to Japan as Tamashii Webshop exclusives Hopefully Bluefin will find a way to release them here.
  21. Trini just arrived, she is fantastic, I'm so glad I got the American release.
  22. Any of you planning on picking up Original Color Vegeta or Armored Black Ranger?
  23. The Swagger/Rusev Lana/Zeb feud was my favorite part of the show for sure. I loved that Lana slapped Zeb, and then pulled Jack Swagger's hair, that was like an old school manager move (shades of the Sensational Sherri) The Dolph, Lana, Summer Rae vs Fandango match was ok I guess, I think it would be rad if RaeLay debut as an actual team soon. Emma won a match on main event and no one made a shoplifting joke.
  24. Don't sweat it, the figure is Pudgy Pig, the evil space alien/monster of the week from the sixth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I had the hardest time finding him at retail, but I lucked out at Target, it might be my WWE figure of the year, well until I get El Torito.
  25. I hadn't bought anything in a while so I went a little overboard this past week S.H. Figuarts Android 18 and Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger are on their way as well.
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