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  1. I believe it was already given away in a contest here that Lurch ran.
  2. I have an extra one that I acquired that would be a perfect give away item if there are people that want one.
  3. Maybe we should have a giveaway for a Bomber-Mate. Maybe in December. Maybe. Anyone have any interest in that?
  4. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    I’ve done just that with saving his info. I’ve even saved most of the pictures from his image cache as well. He’s a really nice guy to talk with. I contacted him through eBay a while back and he was very helpful.
  5. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    Big congrats! That is one hell of a collection to complete.
  6. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    The one Bawbrick I have, (at least I think it's technically a Bawbrick?), is the one included with the Cosmonauts set. That set is one of my favorite toys in my collection.
  7. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    I have one Bearbrick that I bought solely because it’s from the tv show Fringe. When I saw that I had to get it. Fringe is one of my all time favorite tv shows and there is basically zero merch for it.
  8. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    How married are you to that Tarkin? ?
  9. These are perfection! And special bonus points for using Aliens trays for the inner packaging. Perfect work, Lurch!
  10. Apparently I did. Thanks, chief. But the pics are showing up for me, on my phone and pc.
  11. And some more... LOTR Unreleased Strider & Eowyn Protos LOTR Unreleased Smeagol & Bilbo Protos, Archer Test Shot LOTR Specialty Protos LOTR Unreleased Witch King Ringwraith LOTR Unreleased Ringwraith Two Pack Classic Green Goblin Sales Sample BSG Cylon Raider Test Shot (Unlilicensed Test on the Left, Production on the Right) BSG Single Pack Unpainted Downloaded Cylon (Unpainted Sample on Left, Production on Right) DC C3 Mini Flyers (Spanish) DC C3 Riddler Mini Flyer Test Shot
  12. Continuing On.... Loose Gold & Silver Spideys Bagged Gold Sprue Trees (This is one of my favorite pieces. You can make 10 or so blanks from these sprue trees. Official Unofficial Promos Random Promos (Christmas Promos, Goth Girl, DAVE School Bats, UA2 sealed) 2003 Blanks (only missing 2 from having a complete set) DC Wave 6 Packaged Mock Ups 3" Ozzy & Dark Angel Tests 3" Rock (Ozzy & Alice Cooper) Napster Protos Tony Hawk Protos
  13. This thread is nothing without pics... I've usually kept my pre-production collection pretty private. But before it gets split up, (some of this I will keep), I wanted to revive this thread, which has long been one of my favorites. So here's what I was able to put together. I know there are better collections out there, (I've seen them, mostly!), but I was always kind of proud of these. Marvel Zombies Box Set Painted Protos, Test Shot Wasp Head, WTTA Box Set Protos, Marvel Head Protos Unlicensed Marvel Approval Samples Marvel Unreleased, Paint Samples, Test Shots, Classic GG Test Shot Accessories on Sprue Tree Test Shot Parts BSG Specialty Test Shots BSG Painted Protos, Bottom Row are the Unreleased Mini Flyers Pilots BSG Protos & Test Shots Random Protos & Test Shots WalMart Group A Retail Display (Front) WalMart Group A Retail Display (side)
  14. Hey everyone. It's time for me to say so long to the good old 'Verse. Collecting Minimates just isn't fun for me any longer and it's time to focus on other things. I'll be getting sales lists together soon, but most of my posting will be in the Classifieds section from now on as I sort through and let go of my collection. Thanks to everyone that has ever traded with me, sold something to me, bought something from me, (which I turned around and bought more toys with!), and kept this place a collection of some of the coolest collectors on the net. You all are the best.
  15. I just logged on to see if anyone knew about these. Any word from the con on what the deal is with these and how they will be sold after the convention?
  16. This is a very interesting question. I guess I missed the whole Watchmen Box Set being re-released as TRU two packs, but I was pretty bummed out when I saw it. I bought two Watchmen box sets. After shipping, each one of those sets was more than $10 more than getting the corresponding sets from TRU. Maybe every once in as while that's not too bad if there are army builders or something like that involved, but it's really just wasted money. I don't mind spending an extra dollar or two here and there to "shop local", (or smaller business from a different part of the country), but $10 per box set is just too much for me to take a stand on supporting small business vs. corporations. At that point it's a stacked deck that DST is dealing in TRU's favor. Which is perfectly fine if that's what they want to do, but they have to see that box set sales will dip if there's a significantly cheaper alternative. In this case it cost me more than $20 extra. That's a Star Wars 6" figure, or most of a DCC BtaS figure, etc... Just doesn't make a lot financial sense, and is something I'm going to pay more attention to going forward.
  17. Make sure he has rubber bands on his hands!
  18. Those look great! The only problem that I see is that you're going to need more.
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