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  1. I believe it was already given away in a contest here that Lurch ran.
  2. I have an extra one that I acquired that would be a perfect give away item if there are people that want one.
  3. Maybe we should have a giveaway for a Bomber-Mate. Maybe in December. Maybe. Anyone have any interest in that?
  4. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    I’ve done just that with saving his info. I’ve even saved most of the pictures from his image cache as well. He’s a really nice guy to talk with. I contacted him through eBay a while back and he was very helpful.
  5. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    Big congrats! That is one hell of a collection to complete.
  6. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    The one Bawbrick I have, (at least I think it's technically a Bawbrick?), is the one included with the Cosmonauts set. That set is one of my favorite toys in my collection.
  7. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    I have one Bearbrick that I bought solely because it’s from the tv show Fringe. When I saw that I had to get it. Fringe is one of my all time favorite tv shows and there is basically zero merch for it.
  8. pk13

    Kubrick Talk

    How married are you to that Tarkin? ?
  9. These are perfection! And special bonus points for using Aliens trays for the inner packaging. Perfect work, Lurch!
  10. Apparently I did. Thanks, chief. But the pics are showing up for me, on my phone and pc.
  11. And some more... LOTR Unreleased Strider & Eowyn Protos LOTR Unreleased Smeagol & Bilbo Protos, Archer Test Shot LOTR Specialty Protos LOTR Unreleased Witch King Ringwraith LOTR Unreleased Ringwraith Two Pack Classic Green Goblin Sales Sample BSG Cylon Raider Test Shot (Unlilicensed Test on the Left, Production on the Right) BSG Single Pack Unpainted Downloaded Cylon (Unpainted Sample on Left, Production on Right) DC C3 Mini Flyers (Spanish) DC C3 Riddler Mini Flyer Test Shot
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