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  1. Excited that my SON OF ZORN Pops are on the way. Hot Topic is also having a buy 2 get 1 free, so I'm getting B.A. Baracus also. Good deal.
  2. After my first thought of 'holy cow it's back' my second thought was Minimates! Very surprised and excited for the return of the show!
  3. Found the other 3 sets between 2 different Walgreens yesterday!
  4. I'm liking the shoulder armor on the SHIELD Spidey, but turned around. I like the big spider up front. But, the correct way looks like it would work to make a custom NFL SuperPro!
  5. Finally found one pack (Power Man/Spidey) in Wisconsin (Kenosha). Didn't see any others at the nearby stores.
  6. It's way too early, but SON OF ZORN is my favorite thing in a long time.
  7. Important Walgreen's note - BACON JERKY IS ON SALE FOR $2.99 THIS WEEK. No 2.5 found for me yet here in SE Wisconsin. Did find Bacon Jerky.
  8. So many Valiant characters I'd like to see, but Komandar Bloodshot looks like it could be within my customizing skills! Maybe.
  9. Deadpool was supposedly available for a brief time on Hasbrotoyshop. Got the email this morning, but sold out already.
  10. Have we been told the breakdown for Wave 2 singles? I'm getting a case, will have extras of everyone but Hawkins. Most places show the wave containing Hanzo, but doesn't match the picture... " Berserker Predator, Shaman Predator, Cloaked Jungle Predator, Cloaked City Predator, Keyes, Mac, Hanzo and the rare, one-per-case Hawkins! " DST's site and Zach's post list Noland instead of Hanzo, matching the picture... " Berserker Predator, Shaman Predator, Cloaked Jungle Predator, Cloaked City Predator, Keyes, Mac, Noland and the rare, one-per-case Hawkins "
  11. I've hit a total of 21 DIFFERENT Walgreen's in the past two weeks. (We've got them every 2 miles in SE Wisconsin, and I work 30 miles from home, making then easy stops). No Deadpools, but I've seen everyone else in the wave twice. Also, no Wave 2.5 Minimates. I give up.
  12. There's not much more to it. It's built on a corner, but the other side is about half as long. Has a table on that side.
  13. Yes, so do the other 15 Walgreens I have hit within the past 7 days. Just the one had it at that price. No, not an exaggeration, Walgreens are everywhere here, haven't gone too far out of my way for any of them. No Wave 2.5 Minimates at any of those locations. Also no Marvel Legends Deadpools (I've seen the rest of the wave twice between all the stores).
  14. One of the Walgreen's near me had the Walking Dead Boiler Room on clearance for 4.99. Haven't figured out mood lighting for pictures, so here's Shadowman in a brightly lit boiler room.
  15. Found the Oyo Zamboni at Goodwill for $1.99! "You're going to die! In five minutes! "
  16. Found today in Racine, WI. Hulk does have muscle detail on the back. Here's a picture of Hulk's back as well as the non-Hulked Hulkpool. Could not get his left upper right arm piece off on either of the Hulkpools I bought. It is different than any other Deadpool we've gotten previously, but not by much. Comes with swords and pistols, and I put the holsters on upside down on accident.
  17. Closing all stores and liquidating.
  18. Pictures are here...
  19. I'm on board for both the film and the minimates!
  20. Nothing in wave 7 for me. No, I haven't seen them in stores, just in this email from K-Nex.
  21. I'll keep saying this every time Dr. Strange 'mates are brought up... Krugarr! We even have a snake body already. Also, watched the first couple episodes of the GotG cartoon, still think that would be a great way to get the movie figures we didn't get (Korath and Cosmo featured heavily in the episodes I watched yesterday, and The Collector is coming up!)
  22. Things I used to have -Bryan Hitch sketches for the Authority action figures -G.I. Joe art from the Devil's Due run, including a few covers Ended up selling all of that at different times as my interests changed. Now, I've got 3 published pieces (and some sketches, but I think my daughter has way more sketches than I do!) I've got a very specific collection that I don't see myself ever getting rid of now. Cassie Hack statue design by Tim Seeley. The art was printed in a TPB and a statue was made by a small print on demand company. Hack/Slash vs Chucky cover by Seeley and Dan Davis And my current favorite... Tim Seeley's design for the Cassie Hack DST Femme Fatales statue that was just released!
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