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  1. Found the Masked Battle-Damaged Predator Vinimate at GameStop today. Not listed on their website but had seen a DST Facebook post about it. Took 4 GameStops, but it was only 6.99 (and not on clearance). Added a couple Valiant t-shirts (Harbinger and Bloodshot) from the clearance rack and those were buy one get one free. Total cost under $14!
  2. Awesome! Love the crazy Kenner variants!
  3. Why don't you feed him... THREE HAMS! RIP Mr Tickles.
  4. Maybe they'll revisit them after the many in-development movies or tv shows start happening? Right now this is my 2nd most wanted line!
  5. Legacy Anti-hero - Gwenpool? TRU did just take a whole Deadpoool wave.
  7. Totally agree, cool design!
  8. Luke warned us about lowering the amount he was ordering in a different thread... "Hey guys, just an update that we will only have a limited number of Predator Minimates Series 4 available, as we ordered much less based on sales of the previous series. Also we are only getting standard cases instead of custom cases. Preorders are in our store here: Predator Minimates Series 4 "
  9. Soon is... Today!
  10. Buy 2, get the 3rd free for these and other Marvel Minimates today and tomorrow at TRU.
  11. SELECT TOYS LLC Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Clear Predator, Muddy Dutch and the Beetlejuice ones from above!
  12. Well sure, but Comic Minimates > Movie Minimates > No Minimates.
  13. Hellboy is getting a new movie, hint hint!