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  1. Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Is the Glow Cthulhu confirmed for Books A Million? Anyone seen it? I've seen the Dark Cthulhu TRU exclusive on eBay but not yet in stores.
  2. Invincible Minimates

    Would buy all of those. And more Invincible. And more Valiant. And a PITT Vinimate. So it'll be you and I and about 3 other people.
  3. Ooh, a New Warrior!
  4. The Orville. Really surprised how much I like this show.
  5. wave 75

    Here is the solicitation info...
  6. Predator Minimates

    Got it. So ‘We picked up’ means ‘we picked up... from the post office’.
  7. Predator Minimates Found in stores already!
  8. ABCs Inhumans

    I'd watch an hour of Lockjaw and Gorgon. Also felt that it was better than the reviews.
  9. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    I wonder if the Marvel TV license is broken up by network (ABC - SHIELD, Inhumans, New Warriors, Cloak and Dagger) or if each of those counts as a separate extension. Oh, and Runaways on HULU (which is also ABC related)
  10. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    Video game - Battle Chasers Marvel expansion - Ultraverse NAILED IT. Ok, maybe I've got some issues and I'm a little hung up in the 90s.
  11. Coming in the next PREVIEWS, No picture yet, currently shadowed out.
  12. Marvel Vinimates

    Paperweight? Phone Charger? Garden Gnome? "Hi Marvel, yes, we at DST are very interested in entering the vinyl yard ornament market, and think your characters would be a perfect fit." All I could find were some 'parody' gnomes, so you've got a clear path!
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    I love that you can get all twelve figures without having to buy dupes! The Box set, 2 sets from TRU and 2 sets from Walgreens!
  14. The Montanas sued Archie Comics also, so like they say, the enemy of my enemy!