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  1. SELECT TOYS LLC Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Clear Predator, Muddy Dutch and the Beetlejuice ones from above!
  2. Well sure, but Comic Minimates > Movie Minimates > No Minimates.
  3. Hellboy is getting a new movie, hint hint!
  4. Thank you, Otho makes way more sense, I couldn't tell if it was an open mouth or a 'stache. For some reason I find the idea of a Robert Goulet mate amusing though. My daughter is 14 and now wants to cosplay as Lydia. And, oddly Bloodshot, that's a different story.
  5. My daughter watched the movie for the first time this past weekend, she loved it! Who is the TRU character in black? I couldn't match him up in the movie. Robert Goulet?
  6. With a Vinimate Badrock. I'd be in! Me and probably one or two other people, but early Image is my favorite time in comics.
  7. I'm so far out of Joe that I don't know who the big dealers are anymore either! Guru Planet and SmallJoes are the only ones that seem to be still around from my time at YoJoe, but neither really deal in parts on their website. I can ask around, still have some friends that are still into it.
  8. Probably canceling my network subscription this month, unless something really compelling comes out of the next two weeks. I'll just reactivate it for WrestleMania season next year starting with the Rumble. Not mad, just not worth it for me during these months.
  9. After catching the end of Predator, I kind of want a General Phillips just so we have every one of the named cast!
  10. I don't see a lot of Seth Rogan-brand humor in the Preacher TV show, so I'm not worried about the vibe here just based on his name being attached. As always, fingers crossed, but not holding my breath! Also, did get the Skybound Shop exclusive Invincible figure, didn't care for it. Too small for my collection and seems brittle.
  11. Ignoring all other clues to make a bad guy joke... Spider-Man, Wolverine, Razor Ramon and Scott Hall!
  12. SELECT TOYS LLC All kinds of good stuff in there!
  13. I found the wave in Racine, WI last night. Hulk has a pretty strong glow in the dark feature, looks really good! Only found 1 set at 1 of the stores I visited. I'll take a run in a few weeks and see if I can find more.
  14. And the 27th anniversary of New Warriors number 1... and 27+15 = 42, which is the answer to the Ultimate Question. And DST has made Minimates for the Ultimates and the Question, so therefore New Warriors! I'll shut up now. For a little while.