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  1. Marvel Boy with alternate chest block (or the starred chest printed on the back) and head to make Vance Astro. If I had any customizing skill that would be my first project!
  2. SELECT TOYS LLC John Wick Vinimates, a very cool Muppets Animal bust, more Select Kingdom Hearts, Select Pacific Rim and a bunch of cool statues.
  3. JeffBohn

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Didn’t last long, but Best theme music ever!
  4. JeffBohn

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    I did find Fry and Bender at Tuesday Morning for $2.99 each. Also found wave 1 minus the two MotU figures I wanted at a Walmart. And a Beast Man at Meijer.
  5. It took me to the third wave, but I'm finally getting into these. I like the variety of characters available, but I think it may be frustrating trying to complete anything. So far I'm going to probably grab the Masters of the Universe and the TMNT 'Mirage' style figures. Would probably grab the Futurama figures if I ran across them again. Aliens, Star Trek and Terminator I'm perfectly happy with the Minimates I have. Will pick and choose across the other figures available too, Hellboy is a must buy, probably Kratos too. So, now that I'm trying to get the older MotU figures (only have Faker so far), where are people finding them? Wal-Mart availability seems spotty, between 4 Wal-marts I only found them at 2. I used to see them at TRU, no longer an option. Target and Walgreens only seem to get the Call of Duty (I think it's Call of Duty) or HALO figures. Currently searching for wave 1 and 2 Motu figures (or may wait for the 5 pack coming), and also Fry and Bender. (I did see someone state wave 2 has showed up at Tuesday Morning stores, may make a stop tonight).
  6. JeffBohn

    Predator Minimates

    “The first Predator Minimates box set revealed! Casey Bracket, Quinn McKenna, Rory McKenna and Fugitive Predator make up the four-pack, coming this winter to a comic shop near you.” Not what I was expecting. Hopefully this means another box set with the other Predator, Traeger (Brown), Keyes (Busey) and Cole (Key). Or any of the other ‘Looneys.’ Can’t wait for next weekend.
  7. JeffBohn

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    And now I hit the 3 friends requirement on research, so I need 3 more. Between the four of us, it's totally plausible we could find a middle ground to train, since we are all in WI or IL
  8. JeffBohn

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I'd be in for a Sgt. Slaughter! For LOD there's an easy answer, just not sure how available it is to pull together 50 of them!
  9. JeffBohn

    DC Vinimates

    Ha, I'm the same. I've already started thinking that since I've got Batman and Harley, maybe I should pick up the rest of the Bat-family... which will lead to the rest of the DC characters.
  10. JeffBohn

    DC Vinimates

    Exactly, I've bought plenty at full price (Predator, Aliens, Stay Puft, Dr. Manhattan, all 3 Cthulhus and even ventured into Hot Topics for Zim and Gir). But for $2.49 I'll buy any of them!
  11. JeffBohn

    DC Vinimates

    Walgreens has marked their DC Vinimates down to $2.49.
  12. NICE! Skateboard and all?
  13. I'd be totally down for that! Would love some Orville merchandise!
  14. I'm sure I'm in for whichever New Warrior it is, can't figure out which one I want most (leaning toward whichever character has the least chance of an official release). I'm going to guess Speedball (much more of a classic character), but I want Night Thrasher!
  15. JeffBohn

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    I'm not reading a whole lot of Marvel books anymore, but Infinity Countdown Darkhawk totally hit my sweet spot. From that series alone we could get... Darkhawk Death's Head and (ISSUE 4 Last page SPOILER!)... Feel free to build the rest of the wave around whatever other characters are in the crossover, but the three above would hit a good portion of my wants. Viv Vision? I'll take her!