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  1. Heh. The only reason I know who Shinya Hashimoto is, is because he was the star of the movie "Oh! My Zombie Mermaid", a batshit insane movie that does feature a zombie and a mermaid, but no zombie mermaids.
  2. My brother, cousin, and I get together to watch the Royal Rumble every year. Part of our pre-game is playing a game whose original conception we made up when we were kids. In the past, we've always hand-drawn the roster, but this year I decided to design the roster on the computer, and now I put it up online. Check out the link and let me know if you can identify everyone.
  3. I was going through your stuff while eating a peanut butter sandwich. Sorry.
  4. Jacket closed would have been my choice too, but there's plenty of evidence for open jacket.
  5. My daughter as Magnifo from The Lego Mixels. Put together by my wife.
  6. I'll take Saga and Chew minimates, but seeing as how Invincible couldn't get past one box set, I'm not going to hold my breath.
  7. Maybe she is. Who's to say she hasn't been twice divorced?
  8. It's a one-of-a-kind item and cannot be replicated......unless I made another one I guess. If you messaged me your address and shirt size, I could get one out to you. Or, I just used a simple iron-on set I got at a craft store. I could email you the PNG file and you could make your own.
  9. Negan's Saviors had all sorts of weapons, including crossbows. I think it might have even been Dwight, and we should definitely get a Dwight figure when we hit All Out War.
  10. Awesome news. The Predator is cool and all, but what I really want are all of the humans from the first movie.
  11. Christ is like a reverse zombie. Came back from the dead and wants you to eat of his body and blood.
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