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  1. I picked up the Worthy set, gonna have to pick up the Mighty set later this week. They look fantastic.
  2. Went to a toy show and got She-Hulk , Bag Head Spiderman , & Kraven. Future Foundation Spiderman wasn't there. I saw Kang, Punisher, New Hulk, Beast, Amazing Spiderman. Didn't have enough funds to get them all. But I thought it was great that they were already out to buy.
  3. I got Modak/Akuma pack, and I must say Modak looks awsome!
  4. I'm definiately going to have to order a set of series 1!
  5. Found MvC wave 3 at my local TRU along with Series 5 of HALO minimates, very nice surprise! Came earlier than I'd thought! :biggrin:
  6. Felicia was the main figure I've been waiting for all these months to come out, she has always been a fave of mine since darkstalkers. I think her figure looks great! Paws and hair sculpt I like very much. Now just waiting for MvC wave to come to my local TRU. Modok is a definate priority..
  7. I picked up She-Hulk/Chun-Li & X-23/Felicia 2packs today at my LCS. The owner waited for me to get there to open the case, he knew I've been waiting for these puppies! I'm going to go back later this week to pick up Dr.Doom/Wesker & Ryu/Capt.America.
  8. Talked with my LCS and they are supposed to get their order this Tuesday for MvC wave 3, I can't wait!!
  9. FYI Walmart will have TMNT on their shelves end of Aug or early Sept. They are on the fall reset for the toy department.
  10. Finally my local TRU gets the regular KITT version!
  11. Found a XMEN Collector 6 pk & Two pack of Spiderman & Rhino at my local TRU today. I don't have a Rhino yet so it will do til the single pack comes out.
  12. I'm excited about this set, Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons! Hopefully AFX will have some online on July 16th!
  13. Thanks for the pics Luke! All are a must have for me, even if the Dragronfly looks puny.
  14. Thanks for the pics! Black Widow looks great!
  15. Sweet!! Gotta keep checking my local TRU! They usually get here a couple weeks after the East Coast gets them.
  16. Welcome! I hope you find what your looking! I found alot of minimates I was missing on this forum. Everybody has been fabulous
  17. I haven't got any from this new line but I'm gonna have to brake down and get myself a Blade, UXF Deadpool,& Mystique. Those are some of my favorite characters! I have Blade & Mystique from the Toy Biz line of Marvel Legends. I liked to get the new ones and put them side by side.
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