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  1. I came back to see how things are going. Nothing has really changed. Life’s to short to argue over nothing. I hope everyone is well. It was nice to see a few names are still active. Hey PL!
  2. Four sets not including an exclusive. Zach said in some thread, that the first two sets were doing well, and there is no intention to stop making sets (Fish....) Three will finally have Bullock! Yay!
  3. It would be really neat if DST ended up using that idea!
  4. I'm psyched for the ML. MM next please. We need Now! Cyclops! Rouge, Magik, and Mags would be nice to get as well. I'm surprised we haven't gotten them by now. I wish I asked Chuck about it yesterday. Sorry I failed you all Great to meet you Zach!!
  5. Would you prefer if the 16 year old showed more skin???
  6. It's also a Comic! A wave would likely bring another Maestro. Collector would be awesome, as would Guillotine, and Outlaw!
  7. I think Kylo Ren looks bad ass. Ditto Phasma. Who likes/ hates Ren's light saber?
  8. How old is Robin supposed to be there? I thought he was in his late teens? Bats looks cool, I'm glad you like him. Are you getting the Bat Mobile?
  9. Isn't Iron Spidey Cho? So are we getting a Cho head?
  10. This box set sure has a lot less accessories than the past two sets. No alternate looks! not including zombie parts. Having said that, I like this years better than lasts.
  11. It's not like Valo spreads nasty rumors...anymore
  12. I'd like to read the full review, or at least what else bothered you.
  13. Every time I think I've missed my chance, it's just you turkeys talking about the contest.
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