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  1. Dave

    wave 79

    Now that Wave 78 has been shown, when might we get hints for wave 79?
  2. I am just hoping for an X-men wave
  3. Could we get some hints ???
  4. Is spiderman far from home produced by sony or marvel, that maybe the reason it isn't up for licensing.
  5. Does anyone still need the infinty war wave 2 walgreens sets?
  6. Anyone have an extra set? please pm me
  7. I recently purchased the LEGO Dc super villians software and can't get past the second part of level 2 after riddler builds a ladder you are supposed to jump thru a window. But the character always stops any ideas?
  8. If you have been on the fence about ordering stuff from Shapeways, I would suggest ordering before the end of January. I received notice last week that prices will be going up starting Jan 30, 2019
  9. am I the only one hoping for korg and meik minimates?
  10. Dave

    wave 77

    I am pretty sure that they can't solicit for the upcoming movies yet due to legal restrictions.
  11. If you are looking to purchase some of my parts on Shapeways, they have 15% today and tomorrow use code HAPPYMONDAY
  12. i visit both, but posting pics is easier on FB
  13. animated wave 9 is out
  14. info on wave 77 has been promised soon.
  15. Dave

    wave 77

    Zach, can you give us any hint of wave 77?
  16. Dave

    did you need a set of wave 8, my store has a full wave in


  17. my store got wave 9 in then got wave 8 in
  18. I can tell you they do exist, I have shipped out at least 4 sets to other members here and on facebook.
  19. I have found 1 full and a partial set of the enchantress/skurge wave
  20. They 3d print the stuff one of the ideas I have on my list is a motorcycle or mammoth, but I am unsure of how to do them.
  21. the parts you are looking for are dkwrist, dk jack, dkbelt
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