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  1. Dave

    DC Vinimates

    i'll take one
  2. Got mine yesterday, thanks Zach
  3. It looks like gambit from the x-men wave 60
  4. @DSTZach will this only be available on Diamond Select's site?
  5. @DSTZach No problem! I was wondering.
  6. What walgreens were these found at? Is this the movie set that was being talked about? @DSTZach
  7. Anyone need the black widow sets yet, please pm me. (us only please)
  8. I find it strange that after this happened, there a vote by the Minneapolis city council to defund/disband the police department. Yet in Minneapolis this past weekend there was 19 shootings at bars and clubs, 1 of which resulted death.
  9. How do you add instagram pages to the message?
  10. @DSTZach any update on Wave 81 solicits?
  11. Dave

    wave 79

    what do you mean with the last part, that you are sorry?
  12. Not all cops are bad. One of my high school classmates dad was a cop, and he was shot to death responding to a shoplifting call.
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