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  1. Storyline themed holy grail

    savage land ,siege perilous, or trial of gambit
  2. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    what did you use for the hammer?
  3. Infinity War

    any news on when wave 2 may appear?
  4. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    does anyone need the red hulk/captain marvel, zemo /cap hulkbuster , Spider-Man/ scorpion, miles /vulture sets? my walgreens restocked with two full sets
  5. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    does anyone hava an extra modok and whitney frost packs?
  6. Infinity War

    So when might we get a preview of wave 2?
  7. Infinity War

    When will these be released to the public?
  8. TRU Series 26

    Not to sound like Steve Rogers, but Language!.
  9. TRU Series 26

    I am just happy we are getting some of the X-Men characters, especially Rogue.
  10. will we be seeing more new reveals in the next few days?


    1. DSTZach


      It's New York Toy Fair, so probably!


  11. Most need of a redo

  12. Infinity War

    what about the superbowl ad?
  13. How the hell....

    How do you know he has 95?
  14. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

    which setup are using pc, xbox, or ps4?
  15. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

    there are no x characters in it, but the addon levels are good