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  1. care to share your plans for medusa?
  2. could it be cable and stryfe?
  3. is there a rogue in this line up?
  4. Zach care to share some hints for wave 24?
  5. Zach, when might these start hitting shelves?
  6. I have one on Shapeways.
  7. Awesome waves both this one and 74
  8. does anyone have an extra of the 2 tru predators, Stalker, Snake, Scout, Guardian (Predator 2) , if so please pm me
  9. Zach, to get back on topic may we have some hints?
  10. anxiously awaiting my samus aran / Metroid components
  11. Whirlwind parts are up on Shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/davesmodelshop
  12. a little something I am working on.
  13. depending on how my 4th of July holiday goes, I may have a whirlwind of creativity....stay tuned.
  14. Holding out hope for Rogue, any update on a reveal?
  15. any update when these will be released?