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  1. Dave

    wave 77

    Let the speculations begin on what wave 77 will be.
  2. Dave

    Infinity War

    within a week
  3. Dave

    Infinity War

    I bought the figures from menagerie after looking around for 3 weeks. I then bought out my walgreens black panther stock hoping it would trigger a restock, which it did, they got two full sets of infinity war wave 2. I bought them and sold them to other members here.
  4. Dave

    Infinity War

    Have you tried the gauntlet from the MVC sentinel?
  5. Dave

    Infinity War

    found in central Minnesota tonight.
  6. Happy Birthday!


  7. Dave

    Infinity War

    I can put that on the list.
  8. Dave

    Infinity War

    I have some printed parts on shapeways.
  9. Dave

    Infinity War

    Was it a typo for may 1st release? my store just got two black panther waves in.
  10. Dave

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    does thor get his eye back?
  11. Dave

    Storyline themed holy grail

    savage land ,siege perilous, or trial of gambit
  12. Dave

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    what did you use for the hammer?
  13. Dave

    Infinity War

    any news on when wave 2 may appear?
  14. Dave

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    does anyone need the red hulk/captain marvel, zemo /cap hulkbuster , Spider-Man/ scorpion, miles /vulture sets? my walgreens restocked with two full sets
  15. Dave

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    does anyone hava an extra modok and whitney frost packs?