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  1. @DSTZach any update on a preview for the next Walgreen wave?
  2. @DSTZach When might we be getting previes of the next walgreens waves?
  3. a pirate on wheel of fortune, "I'd like to buy an I."
  4. Enough with the negativity, did you see the John Wick Minimates have a ship date of summer. Also how many that are talking smack have a manufacturing background. Things take time.
  5. @DSTZach are we getting minimates from the movie?
  6. Any hints on what's next for walgreens after wave 11 and Maximum venom @DSTchuck @DSTZach?
  7. Dave

    wave 79

    @DSTZach Do you have the BAF breakdown for this wave?
  8. Dave

    wave 79

    @DSTZach any update on solicitations for wave 79?
  9. any pics or schedule when these will release
  10. My store got wave 10, now bring on wave 11
  11. my store restocked with wave 7, hopefully next Thursday will fare better. Is it bad if the manager knows you by name?
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