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  1. was thanos supposed to come with one dual bladed sword, or two?
  2. Hopefully my store gets them in on Saturday, if not could someone help me out?
  3. Is there a way to contact walgreens customer service to find out who has these? Also, do the movie minimates and animated share the same wic number (barcode)?
  4. so does that mean there will be exclusive minimates for sdcc, just not endgame?
  5. When are these supposed to be out? Zach, please give us a hint.
  6. The new trailer doesn't show orange anywhere on nebulas face
  7. Will anything new be displayed at C2E2 this weekend?
  8. Dave

    wave 79

    Now that Wave 78 has been shown, when might we get hints for wave 79?
  9. I am just hoping for an X-men wave
  10. Could we get some hints ???
  11. Is spiderman far from home produced by sony or marvel, that maybe the reason it isn't up for licensing.
  12. Does anyone still need the infinty war wave 2 walgreens sets?
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