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  1. Yup!! I agree, I wasn’t a fan until WCW. That’s how I mostly remember him by. WWF days he rubbed me the wrong way. edit: Bushwhackers with hats! I think one of them had the chew marks? I think they would make great Minimates look wise. They were fun to watch, I was lucky enough to see a few house shows in my small town back in 90 and 91. Man the memories! Rhythm and blues? End for the Hammer, but they would make a decent tag team looks wise. Honky tonk with his 🎸 he would be awesome just looks wise. Demolition with them helmets would be epic. I wish there was parts and pieces for them. They would look awesome as Minimates. Originally there was three of them tho? Axe, Smash and Crush. Though the tag team would be fine with just the two. Trench coat Warrior. He would look pretty good in that jacket. I wish there were parts and pieces. Natural Disasters, I know it’s been mentioned, but I saw this picture. Also work for Dusty and a few others. im not sure what pieces or sets that chubby piece is from however.
  2. Yeah I remember him being pretty popular for never wearing the strap. His body and history was enough for the popularity I suppose tho?
  3. I agree Dusty would be awesome. It sounds like Sting perhaps?
  4. Oh I thought he meant world champion title. I see now though he said any title. That’s a tough one.
  5. We need a factory full of parts unknown! 🙃 I’m gonna have to go with Curt Hennig for my second guess. I can see Mr. Perfect in this line. If not it’s gotta be Harry Valdez! 😂
  6. Plz tell me I’m not too late at ordering some wrestlers and the ring? I’m begging! I just stumbled upon this. Edit: Damn! Damn! I see some are sold out sadly. 😢😭 Plz tell me if there is anyway to get Warrior, Macho Man, Andre, Piper, Hulk, Big Boss, Hacksaw, Bret, Flair, Rude, and some of the others. Can anyone plz tell me what’s left to be ordered? I’m kicking myself so bad for missing these. I have been a huge WWF fan from the early days and the Hasbro figures and ring. Please tell me there is a chance at getting a hold of these. As to the hint... could it be Sid? That dude literally was attitude era before it ever begin. I used to think my goodness this dude is really gonna hurt some people. Also I wanted to push for Bobby and Mean Gene, Jimmy Hart! Gene would be awesome for promo displays. Bobby with the wrestle mania 3 ring cart. I can see him and Andre standing in that perfectly for display. 😀 I think some managers make a nice touch that Hasbro missed the bar with. Maybe package Mean Gene with microphone with W logo around it, and a referee? I also push for the Rockers, the Bushwhackers! Warrior in green and pink and purple attire. They recently released a loyal subjects figure and it looks awesome with warrior logo on shorts. Also I think his wrestle mania VI attire is epic. Macho Man in his debut attire with macho man shorts and stars. Can you dig it! Oooooooh yeaaaah! I’m not even sure if it’s possible? However his Wrestle Mania 3 attire is epic and how I remember him by, in ring that is. Slim Jim Savage is also pretty epic. Those two have alternate written all over them. These two have so many options of costumes it’s hard to pick. Perhaps the Ultimate Maniacs 😀 or the Mega powers. Jimmy Snuka, Dusty Rhodes, Brutus Beefcake. Man the list could go on for this golden era! Plz don’t jump to attitude era too quickly. This line has some legs, keep it up Luke!
  7. Are these a real possibility? DST announce any on this line? I’d so want these! A Raiders set for sure please! A minimate rolling boulder packed as a middle piece. Indy & Short Round 2 pack with mine cart and broken track pieces.
  8. Anyone else missing Einstein? from the Back to the Future™ Part II Minimates Hover Time Machine with Doc Brown My set doesn't have him in the package, unless he is hidden away? Anyone else having that problem? There is an extra head in the bottom of the package, does this set even come with an extra head?
  9. This is amazing! Sets? Heck yeah! I've been excited to see what sets might be coming our way after Chuck's answer.. I truly can not wait to get my hands on these babies.. Very curious on what accessories we may get..any and all are welcome honestly.. The phone glasses would be great with these..Thank you DST!
  10. I got truly excited for this, still am somewhat. However I wish they would release a full Back to the future lego game trilogy. I'm wondering how many levels it will get in this. They are offering the level pack which is neat, but no trilogy by any means.
  11. lol..GI JOE would truly be a costly line for me to keep up with. I'd have to have 3 sets or so of each box set they came out with. Maybe even cases if they were beyond what I pictured.
  12. Anyone have the set and might share some closeups? I been waiting for this one!
  13. Here are ten properties I'd love to see... 1. The Goonies 2. The Twilight Zone 3. Planet of the apes 4. He-Man - Masters of the universe 5. Indiana Jones 6. Honey I shrunk the kids 7. Escape from New York 8. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 9. Saw 10.The A Team
  14. WoW sold out already? Any chance that local stores might have these still, or were they online only?
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