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  1. Try as I may I have to agree completely with Zach There has never been cheaper or more easier to acquire (con exclusive) Vinimates than those available this year . 'Shipping' for me requires me to use a 'friendly' US address initially as #1 delivery address .........from there 'the goods' get sent to me in Old Blighty . Just saying .
  2. Yes ......$14 to ship 6 vinimates to LA address.
  3. Obtaining Convention exclusives has never been easier Thanks for the heads up Zach & Nando.
  4. Was anything ever going to happen with those 2 licenses?
  5. I was recently trawling through all of my BBTS order history which amazingly goes back to 2007 that makes me sad
  6. I'm invariably behind the times , I watched 'Joker' at the weekend with little anticipation , the years have seen me tire of the whole 'superhero' film genre . What a film ...what a stupendously brilliant film . Regards DC Minimates ? Sigh . Anybody made a Joker (2019) custom ? I was thinking a 'Tuxedo Beetlejuice' 'mate would be a fine basemate?
  7. Whatever I wish for ! I love the look of these apart from the same ol' thing . Why oh why can't we get a Thing with a one-piece moulded head ? Get your paint brushes out , hunt out your parts bin for Thing parts & sharpen your sharpies. Same ol' problem I'm guessing.
  8. I'm not so sure about that but I'm pretty sure that your 'mates wont be going 'into' it .
  9. I have no idea of its scale & maybe a bit pricey but .......
  10. Ikea is similar . Seriously though .....each year I vacation to the same place in Crete ,it's maybe the only weeks of the year I forget about ... until I pass the toy shop in the nearby town with its real-life child -size Playmobil figure outside If it were a Minimate I'd have had it away years ago & my annual pilgrimage holiday isn't complete until I've seen him it. 'Athens Times' Latest: English kidnapper arrested at airport that he is insane.....everybody agrees
  11. Regards Terminator I've always cherished the T-1000s which are perhaps the most-off-the-wall minimates of them all . More from the property ? Clearly they seem to be an eBay rarity , 11 years after their release but I'm personally sceptical that anything other than a 4 -pack would sell ? However much I enjoyed the T2 'mates I was eventually completely endoskeleton-out , a Minimate that never really worked (for me) re-released again & again ,finally being chosen again as the character packed with the Hunter/Killer tank
  12. if you're going to buy one vinimate buy Robbie the robot .
  13. .....or I could pay BigBadToyStore $499.99 TBQH I could probably cajole a US friend to get me one but as I am preparing to move house again & I just can't justify the purchase as I downsize . I'll regret it I know.
  14. Somewhere in my stash I have a big Sentinel head that I bought from an US ebay seller ...bigger than the Legends item of which I have several ......somewhere That doesn't help you . Check out what is on offer on US ebay when you tap in 'sentinel head ' , there seems to be a couple of options that might help. I'd love one of those haslab items but maybe its good that its US buyers only
  15. I was going to suggest you try & pick up a Marvel Legends Sentinel 'head' accessory but I checked out eBay I can see that that avenue has closed . The 'secret' is out
  16. Medicom produced 5 Kubrick/bearbrick Kaws sets & TBQH I have always had zero interest in them .Zilch interest. What made them a little bit interesting was that they were packed with a Minimate size bus-stop accessory . There were 5 sets ,all much the same each with variant figures .....yawn. Those 5 sets entered my collection ,unloved . Four or five years back I began seeing huge cases of these packs on UK eBay from UK sellers , being relisted again & again by the sellers & getting cheaper & cheaper . The shipping eventually became more than the item. There have been several points over the last twenty years that I have questioned my decision to invest* in little plastic toys, the realisation that people couldn't even (almost) give them away had become a reality . 'Reality' should have told me that I should not buy cases of unwanted, unsaleable toys ........ I bought cases of them, telling myself that I could at least utilise the 'bus stops' one day, er...maybe. Anyway , it now seems that Kaws toys have become hot & ,if eBay prices are to be believed, I might not be as stupid as I thought I was * investing in toys is not something I would advocate .
  17. I've been tempted by this...........
  19. I bought all of those (above) & I have zero interest in them & I know what that says about me There is some consolation for me in the fact that many of the 'shelved' licenses are actually some of the rarest minimates (according to what I see on eBay).
  20. I am incapable of holding a conversation regarding View Askew Minimates , that is not a criticism just a fact . Bill & Ted ? I like your thinking. I watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs last night & I loved it . Howzabout a whole range of Filmmakers box sets.... with the Coen brothers leading the charge? Next up could be a Stanley Kubrick (how ironic that would be) range . Spartacus,2001,Full Metal Jacket ......"here's Johnny" & Alex
  21. I don't recall any conversation here about variant Kraven versions . I can definitely confirm however that there were a few TRU Minimates that were subtly different from their contemporary LCS/BAM versions . I'm struggling to remember the 'mates & what the differences were except for the obvious Abomination & War Machine Mk1. If Kraven does have a variant ...well spotted.
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