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  1. I hadn't realised that the wave 32 'originals' were that hard to come by bad .
  2. I'm afraid that this 'new' Juggernaut is much like every other minimate Juggernaut we've had.. not imposing enough & unlikely to be able to 'see' through his mask ! Time & time again we have re-runs of certain Minimate characters that are not improvements of the previous incarnation . I have once again checked my facts & studied dozens of images of the character Juggernaut,I also checked out his profile. Juggernaut is arguably one of the tallest Marvel characters,9ft. tall . His helmet ,perhaps the most defining part of his costume is his helmet. The helmet has been drawn differently over the years but in its latest incarnation (Juggernaut issue 1 . Aug 2020) it still shows Cain's nose protruding outside of the helmet which is important when figuring out the thickness of the metal . Real-life noses are generally just over 2" long whilst Minimates't have one. I understand accept the '2" rule' ,I don't accept why the rule seems to be enforced arbitrarily & the inconsistency regarding 'one-piece moulded head/mask/head' is astonishing . Ironically (think X-Factor !) from the waist down this 'mate is more Simon Cowell than Cain Marko , the thickness of the mask ...seriously ?? In a nutshell why on earth can't this 'mate be packed with a normal head with an alternative moulded helmeted head that wouldn't give the impression that the helmet is 4-6" thick . Failing that ....just give us the moulded helmeted head & forget the normal head . If you've got as far as reading to here ...thank you & I'll repay you by not even suggesting that Cyclops & Jean look awfully like the Wave 34 incarnations.
  3. He's just fine , he was unusually pleased to see me again as you can see.
  4. I think I should make it clear that I was outside of an empty store on an empty street & my mask was removed momentarily for the picture . You can see the mask in my hand & despite my hatred of masks & regulations I adhere to them to the letter wherever I may be. Just saying.
  5. RE; a classic Black Panther , I am with you 100% . I hadn't realised, until I studied the zombie version , how accurate (what was left of it) that suit was . Whilst these 'retro' figures aren't my thing I just love the 'Kenner' style packaging , blister-packages are a dream for toy displays...........I'd love to see a line of blister-packed Minimates. Looking at the line-up in the link I couldn't miss Electro ........what an iconic look ....... Retro aint always the way forward but in Electro's 'case' I think it is undeniable that out of the 5 Electro Minimates we have, one is fantastic & the other 4 are ...meh.
  6. Purely by chance I noticed that the site is 'Not secure' , is that always been so or is that just my lack of observation???
  7. Oddly enough ....or perhaps you have me on surveillance......I will be leaving Crete this evening . True! I met up with several of my life-size `Playmobil' 'mates vacation is complete without them . Spooky 'Fiend spooky.
  8. That's a nice looking ship. I have the original Halo Pelican (+others) which I found quite easy to modify the cockpit for Minimates .....ironically BSG Minimates rather than Halo or a Quintet. Old Mega stuff can be fairly cheap if you buy job-lots & aren't too fussed about the boxes which IMHO are way too flimsy too last long other than on a shelf.
  9. At the head of the MMMV page is a tab "activity" which will take you to "search" which will give you a "member search" option which in turn is activated at the bottom of the page with "search''
  10. Please ,in a nutshell ....what should my surrogate hunter be hunting for at Walgreens with regards to new Minimates ? I get that there are 2 Gamer packs ( 4 Minimates) & ???
  11. I think that this a sign of the times , I too cringe at what I am having to pay & ,in many ways, I am pleased that the bulk of my collecting days are over . I'm not sure that everybody realises that stuff coming from the States to the UK (esp.) arrives in the hold of a plane ,the same hold that used to be 'ballast' for the people that used to be flying in the planes ....who now aren't flying in those planes ! It is inevitable that we must all pay more for fucking everything to keep us safe from whatever they tell us to be scared of next .
  12. Each time I post in this thread I reiterate that I am not a `Trek fan but I have huge respect for the tenacity of those that want more Trek mates . I am therefore looking from the outside in & it has always been the case that Star Trek 'mates suffer from their 'homelessness' ....a dire need for a purpose-built diorama . Crowd-funding for a scaled Trek diorama (or 2)would get my attention, somewhere finally to put all those black-legged legions. I might even learn to love them. When I get the time I still get a kick out of arranging various 'mates alongside /inside/ in front of various 'dioramas and backdrops' & it is worrisome that DST has never figured out that there is undeniably a huge market for dioramas for nigh on all of their mate licenses . It took years for them to suss out that people wanted their mates to actually stand up ,not fall apart or have more than one accessory, current minimates are ,IMHO ,in terms of quality, superb if not perfect. I don't think it is outrageous to suggest that Chuck ,& it is Chuck, who has been so successful in keeping the line going has failed to give Minimates a world for them to live in . For emphasis I recently invested in a couple of Eaglemoss Vipers which immediately re-ignited my passion for BSG Minimates , actually seeing Galen Tyrol 'working 'on a similar-scaled Viper whilst Helo & Hot Dog look on , is immensely more interesting than seeing them in zip-locks or lined up on some acrylic staircase. "Let my people go " -buttmosesmate (Exodus 5:1) ....after extra time
  13. C'mon ,cheer up things could be worse Much to my surprise Minimates are still being made .....that's good . As a long-time online purchaser ........everything in my collection was sent to me......I don't miss 'stores' although I understand why many people do.
  14. I hadn't realised that ,then that is the way forward . I wish that DST could produce just one 'FF Thing' that doesn't have three different looks in a single figure .
  15. I referred to MMDB before posting spectacular post & Janaway is the only undefined female ST character .
  16. 'Shipping ' became the main driver behind Ol' butt buying 'multiples' of every minimate release . That began in earnest about 12 years ago & the rest is history . I convinced myself that I was 'saving' money by buying multiples because shipping for 6 items was often as much as shipping a single item. There is a glaring flaw in that argument but needless to say I refused to see that flaw. Logically (Ol'butt logic) I would be able to sell on my eventual 'surplus' at a small profit & regain my initial outlay So here I am, 14 years after buying my first Minimate, wondering why that idea never quite panned out
  17. What you said . I've been really lucky with the Walgreens stuff & my benefactor has been magnificent . I have all the WG waves but 'out of pure habit' I still scan US eBay every day & I can confirm that WG Minimate listings are sparse ....very sparse .
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