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  1. It was a 2-pack but was packed alone. I am missing that one as well actually. You're right though its not a costum but it might be a superb custom.
  2. Captain Britain . Only available in the US as a Target Exclusive .
  3. I was going to suggest Daleks but they wouldn't be usefull for customisers. Anyway ... Daleks!
  4. I've got to say this (& I know I'm going to take serious flak)but I for one am glad.Why? Here in the UK ,Target 'mates are like rocking horse shit. It is, I agree ,sour grapes & I am envious, but I ,for one ,will not miss all those postings on the 'Multiverse' about 'meandering down to Target & clearing the shelves of 'mates ', 'sending off receipts & waiting for a mystery promo ......mine's still not arrived !' ,' Target 2 packs 10 for a penny 'ad nauseum. For the record I've got them all ,thanks mainly to truly remarkable (may I call you) friends on the Multiverse, thanks again. I was always waiting for the ultimate Target U.S. Exclusive ...Captain Britain......not available in UK. I'm in the Hunt, so Zombiebay & I will definitely be picketing Target ...bye-bye Target!
  5. I would love to see Star Wars 'mates' produced ,I could then sell my Star Wars Kubrick collection (complete) & retire.
  6. Or my holy grail (now I've seen normal-size Zombie 'Giant' Man) ,Zombie Iceman aka the Mighty Thaw. Apparently the 'Scorpion ' was cancelled due to global warming.
  7. The Ice Scorpion (aka my ex-girlfriend) ,definitely appreciated boxed rather than loose.
  8. Here comes Zombiebay-The Scalper,he's a grabbing *!$£$* & he'll do my bidding. Back off or you'll 'Buy It Now'. I'm in the Hunt.
  9. 35% of us Brits are also dyslexic ....but I doubt that 35% of British homos are tubbybellied-arsed pests! Outrageous!
  10. Sorry I meant this week. "ever again" would be grave news indeed. Captain America was buried today .That's grave news.
  11. Jo,I've had exactly the same experience.They should be called Parcelfarce. Rob
  12. Zombie 'Giant' Man. Why bloody bother? I know all about the licensing stuff etc. but he's normal size! He's normal size...he's not a giant..he's bloody normal size ....what's his power ....being normal size? Normal-Size Zombie Giant Man ,really cool. I'm looking forward to the Zombie Ice-Man exclusive.....unfrozen...aka The Mighty Thaw. Seriously though this is sad.
  13. Ivan,its your site so go for it. Anybody who puts that much time into anything for the ultimate benefit of others deserves encouragement. With the sad demise of Danny's site the minimate database is even more welcome,put what you like in it. I respect your opinion Deadpool but a section on a now defunct line won't really hurt, will it? I am biassed* though, I loved those PALz**. Deadpool beware the upper-case when posting I learned the hard way from the Caps Police. *biassed- 2 mule owner; having 2 butts **correct spelling
  14. There is actually & its been there for months (ebay 140013140920) .At $350 it will be there for some time yet.
  15. Just for the record same was happening here! 'Owls of laughter though Lurch.
  16. Hey, I was lucky enough to obtain Dr.Strange from you & as I told you at the time ...'stunning'. I think these are too.What does the Spidey need?.....a clone preferably.... shipped to me please.
  17. Hey,I'm in the UK &, in my experience, it is cheaper to buy directly from the US. Stuckakid is held in high regard but I have yet to have dealt with him.I have however dealt with Cornerstore Comics & they are superb. AFX ,I know little of but their shipping costs have generally frightened me off ! Buying from the US only becomes prohibitive if you place a small order,so buy a wave or even a case . Beware the curse of import duties & VAT which can also be randomly applied by the British Taxman! I'm new to this board myself but I don't think it is fully recognised that Minimates cost twice as much in the UK (rrp) as they do in the US .All the best, Rob
  18. Ebay sellers who describe their items as mint in box (MIB,NMIB) ,often providing pictures to prove it,& then wrapping it in a sheet of brown paper & sending it! The item arrives ,crushed & bent, in the post & then I feel crushed & bent ! You've waited in anticipation for your 'Minimate Flash-Hover-Copter MIB' only to receive friggin' 'Black Hawk Down STF', yeah smashed to f***. Actually you guys in North America DO know how to ship stuff but my fellow countrymen (with a few noticeable exceptions) haven't got a clue. I have a UK exclusive (almost complete) of 'Marvel 'Clobberin' Time in the Post Office' box sets !
  19. Thats really weird because today I received in the mail ,the Dave School Batman! I bought this recently on Ebay but I wasn't totally sure it was him.Check out item 110119460827 to see why! I personally love the C3 'mates.
  20. Hi would like to BIN ,but blocked in UK.
  21. Hey I'm in the UK & was beginning to think this didn't exist.If there is anybody who can get me a set (or two) I'd be eternally grateful (& generous!)
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