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  1. Many thanks This birthday was a milestone because I'm officially a pensioner now , I don't know whether to laugh or cry ? It's been a tough year for just about everybody but I know things will get better . This morning I got my Covid vaccination , I made my choice & I believe I made the right one. I however becoming a little pissed off that I am now being pushed into getting an APP (proving I'm innoculated) which will allow me to travel abroad !! I chose several years ago that I do not want a mobile phone .....absolutely no political or conspiracy reasoning.......I just have no need for one , but now it is almost mandatory .
  2. Army builders ,for many of us, are just great & I hope this proposed line delivers. DST have,historically, tried the army building approach before . Was it successful , who knows ? LOR Elven warrior 2-packs & BSG Cylon 5 packs were heavily discounted 'in the day' ...just saying! Crazy 88's ? Again I'm not sure.
  3. Generally speaking ,the Minimate 'hand' often spoils an otherwise beautifully designed Minimate , significantly the hands look strange ,IMHO, on these Transformers. The relatively minor addition of sculpted hands/gauntlets/claws would go some way to making these robots look more robotic . Over 10 years ago DST produced what I consider to be the best (technically speaking) minimate ever made , it had its flaws & was also almost inarticulate but it was superb ....TRU W7 Hulk Buster . 10 years on & I find myself trying to figure out WTF I can constructively say but I'm unsure whether to get my usual case from Luke or wait until these show up at McDonalds .
  4. I ,truly,want to be convinced into 'understanding' these 'mates . Apart from reading up about Transformer history the original toys passed me by , I've kinda enjoyed the movies & I know there is a huge following . Minimates ? I think I am capable of holding a conversation about them . Looking at those pictures I surmised that they were incapable of transforming. I was however totally sure that they probably suffer in the same way that all Minimates suffer when heavily bulked-up with slip-overs , they become 2 inch Vinimates.
  5. MGS ? I struggled there for a minute , Metal Gear Solid . Once again, Medicom produced some beautiful MGS kubricks ....& some not so interesting G.I .Joes . That is not to say that the G.I .Joe Minimates won't be interesting , I hope so. I own a set of 6, G.I . Joe kubricks , they're the only Joe toys that I have. The only interesting thing about my set is that I have never ever seen another set for sale anywhere .....& trust me , I am always looking. I know of the great love amongst many here for Joe merchandise , I hope it meets your expectations.
  6. Who knew? I accept that this is an homage of Transformers but I personally don't quite get it ?
  7. I'll wait for the pictures of these in their transformed guises before commenting too much. It's all in the wording ,'Mimic' and 'multiple' points of articulation kinda say it all.
  8. We never really did have Minimate blind bags though did we ? I detest the whole concept of 'mystery ' packed toys but with Minimates there was almost no mystery in defining which Minimate bags held the mystery figures . Feel the bags ,know the figure. Who knew? I note with great interest that D-formz mystery figures are bagged & boxed . Boxed ,blind bagged toys ,at least, give the customer a modicum of security in that they may have a chance that their purchase is indeed random. Mortal Kombat minimates would have been nice but I've never been sure about video-game themed 'mates .
  9. First of all , for the umpteenth time I have derailed a thread , I am genuinely sorry . I have read nigh on everything that Google can offer me on Wandavision Minimates & TBQH anything that I could have added here would have spoilt what I genuinely feel could happen . There is a real irony regarding my 'Smaugness' , I can honestly say that over the years I have tried to play down what I actually have in regards to Minimates. I have lapsed occasionally ,notably the 'Pictures you do want to see ' thread but I have always considered it inappropriate to crow about the stuff that I have. That is about to change .
  10. In 2008 I was 53 years of age,semi-retired & looking for a project,not 12 years old & dreaming of opening a little toy-store CE testing was not an obstacle to anybody wanting to distribute Minimates in the UK or in fact the entire EU , the trade area that the CE testing is required for. As far as I know Marvel Minimates sales in the US weren't particularly strong in the US at that time either ..... & it is so easy to forget that Marvel merchandise boomed after the release of Iron Man in 2008 & snowballed thereafter. Most LCS Walking Dead packaging (2012 onwards) bear a CE mark yet I know of no major outlet in the UK that actually sold them ? If I apply the logic that CE testing is an 'unjustifiable significant cost' why did DST waste their money on it. Vinimates are sporadically available for sale in the UK, None of them bear a CE mark CE testing is & was a red herring . Anyway that's all history neither of us will know what could have been!
  11. Dearest Zach, I once travelled nearly 5.5K miles to engage with DST face to face at SDCC about (me) distributing Minimates in the UK . I spoke with Chuck & Diamond , both conversations lasted lasted less than 5 minutes combined. DiSnteresT doesn't even come close. I'm smiling as I type so trust me when I say that I remember ,I recall ,but I don't harbour any ill-feelings towards anybody at DST ...if I did.. I wouldn't buy their products. That was 2008 ,I remained a collector but I have always taken a healthy interest in the directions that the Minimate management have taken the Minimate line . Regards "not having a chance" .. I know the feeling . I have almost eternally given my opinion that promos /variants/give-aways /mail-aways/ blind-bagged 'random' chase/secrets exclude potential collectors ,exclusive is actually a befitting moniker . Let's have a few inclusives , Minimates that include the fans, the collectors. ....& am I harbouring ill-feelings because I can't get hold of the excluders ? I might not be an expert at selling minimates but when it comes to collecting minimates I have few rivals & I get (more than) by with a little help from my friends. Whatever DST has thrown at me regarding obstacles to collecting Minimates I have overcome , I am supremely capable of begging, borrowing ,cajoling & stealing if absolutely necessary As we go forward I look forward to Minimates that are readily available to all .
  12. No joke , I noticed it this morning. Great job for someone. I'd do a link but its easy to find.
  13. I'm happy to see any new Minimate being offered anywhere . Regards having them shipped right to me (in the UK) for less money ? Whilst the DST site Vinimates were amongst the cheapest I have ever bought ,it was only economical to send them to a US surrogate. That's not DST's fault, that's the way it is. I'll sidestep the podcast because you weren't involved ,in fact I'll say it right here that I know you're between a rock & a hard place on this forum, the damage was done way before you got here. It's the word 'exclusive' that irritates me ,always has. Hopefully these will be exclusives that people can actually buy ,there have been far too many exclusives that have basically excluded collectors unable to find them . Imagine being able to log on to a website ,choose what you want to buy & then buy it & get it sent to you? What a great idea.
  14. I'm not pleased with what I am about to say but..... WTF else is there left that minimates could actually be sold? Time & time again I think back to that now almost infamous DST podcast from 'not that long ago' where it was conceded that it was contrived that lowly collector fan boys would endlessly hunt here, there & everyfuckingwhere to get there fix. Personally I'm tired of it & I don't think I'm alone.
  15. I sometimes see a post ,react, get poised to respond ,hesitate ,do nothing ,then get on with my day. Often as not MisterPL subsequently posts what I was thinking. Just saying .
  16. With great intentions I acquired an AMT 'bridge kit' years still remains MIB . I have a painted, complete version that ,If I recall correctly, cost me less (from eBay) than the kit! It is almost perfect scale for our little friends. It's been said many times ,I'll say it again, Star Trek 'mates needed some sort of diorama .
  17. April 2014 , it seems like yesterday ! C2E2 2014 was the pinnacle time for my minimate collecting . Regards Minimates , collecting them is my bag , I 'just' collect them . However ,that particular minimate brings back memories, good memories, cherished memories. Enjoy yours funkguerilla, you are very deserving of this brilliant 'mate .
  18. I really enjoy this thread . Have you ever checked out 'Boyd's Custom Minimates' ? If you have ...sorry , if you haven't then you are in for a treat. Try it.
  19. I was not a lover of the original show but the reboot was stunning & IMHO took Sci-Fi to a different level . I had all the 'mates before I had seen an episode of the show & ,TBQH, I wasn't over enthusiastic about them . Once I'd seen the show that all changed & they ( the 'mates) became much-loved ....until the TRU BSG 'mates came along. The 'trouble' with the TRU mates is that they are superb in nigh on every respect , they are vastly superior to the previous LCS waves . Compare (just for example) the 3 Galen Tyrol minimates , the TRU version is not 'just better' it almost looks like the other 2 are knock-offs. Even the TRU Modern Cylons are superior, not so much that I (or you?) would care but they are different. The Tylium & Red Stripe are just sublime,anybody wanting to offload either needs to contact me I look forward to anything BSG & especially anything Cylon .
  20. Just my opinion on Raised by Wolves ....which I watched in its entirety over 3 nights recently. Generally I enjoyed it & I look forward to series 2 . Too many Star Wars & Alien 'leanings' for my liking & why oh why do androids always have to speak with implausibly refined English accents?? That nearly killed it for me but there was too many good things about 'Mother' that saved the show. I can see a box-set worth of Minimate characters but only just .
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