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  1. I was not a lover of the original show but the reboot was stunning & IMHO took Sci-Fi to a different level . I had all the 'mates before I had seen an episode of the show & ,TBQH, I wasn't over enthusiastic about them . Once I'd seen the show that all changed & they ( the 'mates) became much-loved ....until the TRU BSG 'mates came along. The 'trouble' with the TRU mates is that they are superb in nigh on every respect , they are vastly superior to the previous LCS waves . Compare (just for example) the 3 Galen Tyrol minimates , the TRU version is not 'just better' it almost lo
  2. Just my opinion on Raised by Wolves ....which I watched in its entirety over 3 nights recently. Generally I enjoyed it & I look forward to series 2 . Too many Star Wars & Alien 'leanings' for my liking & why oh why do androids always have to speak with implausibly refined English accents?? That nearly killed it for me but there was too many good things about 'Mother' that saved the show. I can see a box-set worth of Minimate characters but only just .
  3. With a few minutes to go until midnight, with a new year beckoning, I'd like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Happy New Year .
  4. Its such a pity that I have one in a bag because I have always been unable to open it & truly enjoy it.
  5. Thanks -buttnohead4max (Ol'Bob) A 4-pack Black Hole set would surely be a winner . As you may realise Medicom produced Bob,VINCENT & Max as kubricks , what you may not realise is that they are amongst that vast class of kubrick that bears no real resemblance at all to a kubrick ! Not cheap now but they never were.
  6. Many thanks for the info , I've taken the plunge on the regular releases of Max & Vince/Bob The Walgreens' versions are therefore NOT variants of the above ??
  7. I'm sure things will get better for us all next year. Merry Christmas. Regards a definitive Thing , I think the outlook is grim. -bensoddheadsmate
  8. IMHO it is no coincidence that most of the vinimates that sell through best are the ones that least resemble the whole 'block-figure' idea ! This set is one of those . All I can offer you is the hope that nigh on every other vinimate that sold well....a repainted re-issue Can anybody clarify whether the (other) DST Black Hole action figures that appear at Walgreens differ from the 'regular' releases? Thanks.
  9. Daleks . Not universally realised, 'daleks' were once a separate licence from Doctor Who & the ability to sell 'daleks' without even mentioning Doctor Who is still a very grey area. After nearly 60 years daleks, of nearly any description, are still fantastically popular . Maybe not so much in the US but in ol' blighty they most definitely are. I'm actually not a Dr.Who 'nut' but I have never really beaten off my adoration of the daleks & I am far from being alone. Daleks 'fit' with just about any licence going . Daleks are the nastiest ,most violent,pitile
  10. Forgive me ..........the above post was an (obviously ,very poor) attempt at humour. BTW ......... How to climb a ladder: Step 1 : Step 1 Step 2 : Step 2 Step 3 : Step 3 Step 4 : Step 4
  11. I ordered one of these recently but it arrived sans 'little ladders' . I contacted Ikea several times ,I rung & rung & rung . This morning I received a message from Ikea saying that they could forward me "just one ladder " I was not happy & I have told Ikea that I will take further steps -buttreadsmate
  12. It's ironic that I get an email from Walgreens on an almost daily basis , I have considered blocking them but I live in hope that one day they'll announce a minimates wave online Walgreens is , I assume, a store you'd visit to perhaps rid yourself of a headache or nausea . It seems that most people here would enter (Walgreens) quite happily & leave with a headache or nausea . If it weren't for the kindness of fellow collectors I wouldn't be collecting Minimates,period.
  13. You have hit the nail on the head with that post. Bravo. I really got into X-Files Palz , I still hate their 'hands' but apart from that they sometimes get elevated to 'my most-loved' . The most loved of my most-loved are a set of 4, Series 2 , Autopsy Scullys , each one is a different colour . They are sublime .
  14. A warm welcome to you Pineapple Statesman from the Elder Statesman . So many things in your post that I can relate to .
  15. Any information about Walgreen Minimates is totally welcome IMHO. The article has its flaws but its mere existence alerts the likes of me that there is something new 'minimate' that I can collect else would I know ? I appreciate that there are announcements on the DST website but they are rarely 'news' . I have come to accept the mentality of DST that it is considered pointless announcing new Walgreens minimates when it would seem (from what I read) that almost nofucker can find them in many (most) Walgreen stores until maybe months after their existence is actually acknowle
  16. I would love to know 'officially' how many sets were produced, I'm convinced that it was a very small run.
  17. I just watched a trailer for the upcoming Hulu Modok animated series , a bizarre show for a bizarre character & obviously far too bizarre for DST to produce an official comic-version Minimate Once you've seen the trailer you'll surely be wondering why ,after 11 years, we've never had a re-run of those wonderful AIM Minimates ?
  18. It's probably for the best that everybody also forgets 'Alice through the looking glass' & 'Kingdom Hearts' Minimates . Neither line is going to help DST get a Star Wars licence IMHO. Then there's Muppet minimates which personify everything that I said in an earlier post in this thread. I'll use Kermit for example . Kermit is the most easily recognisable character in the Muppet line , he is based, as you know on a wide-mouthed frog hand-puppet . His most-identifiable feature is his massive wide-open mouth which almost bisects his head when opened . What did we get ? You know what
  19. You are kidding ,Zach? I'm guessing I've misunderstood your post ? My bad. The limited history between Disney & Minimates ?
  20. The expression "Never say never " was perhaps recorded in a Charles Dickens novel in 1837 (thank you Google) . I'm not a well-read person but even I know that that guy wrote several great books , several , not one or two . "Never say never" aint gonna bring in new blood to a toy-line hovering on the edge in an industry hovering on the edge in a world hovering on the edge. "Please ,sir, I want some more" is maybe what our mutual friend, Chuck Dickens ought to be saying to Disney despite the hard times down at bleak house in tiny Tim-onium. I have always had great expectations for
  21. It would be great if we had another run of the minimates .
  22. My Gameverse sets arrived today ....I love that Hulk.
  23. A Land-Speeder ,AT-ST & a Pro-bot were the BAFs in aforementioned line. Jabba was another BAF & if you were lucky you had access to obtaining some pretty card dioramas. There were of course Speeder-bike box sets . I see no reason why DST couldn't accomplish any of the things we are mentioning .
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