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  1. I've run 'nrobots' post past the gynecology dept. & they've positively confirmed what I was thinking about him & his post.
  2. ..& are now known as the not-so-young Avengers ? ...& are perhaps the Newer Champions ? I can't wait for the Not-so-Ancient One & The Less than Eternals , Younger Man Logan & Tony Stork * -ol'butt *Get it ?
  3. Bad-ass in so many ways. -buttsun-drilledmate
  4. I'd give up beer* for all the Minimates that could have been . * & lying
  5. the Kronan Stone Man (of Saturn) which was the Thing with a different moulded head .
  6. I'm not entirely sure which Marvel characters appeared on Disney +, costumed . I am entirely sure that the Netflix Minimates weren't as popular as DST might have hoped , I am being polite . One of those Netlix box-sets commands a premium on & that is probably because it was produced in fewer numbers . I cannot confirm that with any certainty ....except that I'm usually right . I see a lot of Netflix 'mates on UK ebay , often a sign that secondary sellers are buying from UK discount stores who have had dumps of unsold US stock , similar to the current WG glut . Netflix Minimates are abundant on US ebay at nigh on original price,apart from the one I have mentioned . Personally I felt that the Netflix 'mates were well produced,full of accessories but ultimately civilians. Netflix ain't Disney so I hope we get some costumed Minimates because costumed minimates are what I feel are the 'mates that people desire . I could have just posted just that last sentence but I was in the mood.
  7. Thanks WB , Newsworthy I had my suspicions that B & M would eventually be a major outlet for the WG mates . UK ebay is awash with WG 'mate listings now & they were obviously being retailed somewhere !!
  8. I'll definitely let this go after I say just this.... Minimates are designed for interchangeability ,I get that I really do but which Minimate would anybody want to put 'Thing's' separate headpiece onto apart from another 'Thing' ? Who would put an actual hairpiece on to a Thing head ? It ain't 'appening Just mould a one-piece sculpted head ,paint it & be done ?
  9. I was surprised at how much I actually liked Turtle Minimates when I saw them for the first time .They are ,IMHO , also some of the best quality Minimates ever made . I yearn for certain Minimates to be given sculpted heads when they beg for one ....notably Marvel's Thing which has become a joke ......but in this instance I would agree that they should stay the way they are.
  10. At first glance that looks like the ingredients for a curry.
  11. Sadly I have to add The Beast, out of the 10 we have had none of them conjures up what I consider to be a definitive early 60's version , the FA duck-footed/ pink gloved version is just sad. Beast had massive biceps, hands & feet ...the Minimate should have the same with proper moulded parts . Mimic is desperately needed & would need those same massive biceps,hands & feet. ....& a snowman Iceman.
  12. There are a couple of Battlefield Baseball promo kubricks that define the word "disgusting" , think 'Old Lady' bathroom scene in The Shining Which leads me to think of a grail of mine , a series of STANLEY Kubrick movie Minimates . Oh the irony!
  13. As many of you know ,my mind works in mysterious ways . I see the word Roblox & I immediately think Bollocks which leads me to Never Mind etc.etc. / Sex Pistols which leads me to one of several Kubrick 'music band/group' licenses . I'd enjoy some music minimates but.......... .........that led me to trawling through my list of all the Medicom kubrick licenses & there is one that just shouts "Minimates". Metal Gear Solid. BTW medicom produced 2 waves of wrestlers (Muscle Men/kinnikuman) & a rather superb series of Battlefield Baseball kubricks .
  14. You're never to late with buttheadsmate. PM me .
  15. I don't mind being the odd-man-out but am I really the only collector here that wants a newly designed wing-attachment method?
  16. I know of several Classic comic Avengers costumes that a new Minimate Wasp could have & yeah I'd welcome one or two of them. There's always a BUT with BHM & I'd also welcome something bttter than the simply awful torso attachment (for the wings) that nigh on all winged Minimates use. The Wasp character was always a sleek, lithe character & TBQH I don't want a version that makes her look like a flying tub of lard. I have a vested interest in wanting a modified Wasp because of my wish for a classic Adaptoid .
  17. The 'last' person I sent stuff to is only the second person to confirm receipt PLMK via PM when you get yours. Thanks
  18. If anybody is interested I was never a Bruce Lee fan (his movies) although I could obviously see why so many people were. However ....for those of you that haven't .....& if you have the time up on some of his 'quotes' . Amazing I'm glad the HK dragon 'mate has found a happy home. When I was 'completing' years ago I struggled for a long long time finding the Kung Faux 'Break Boy' ....that bugger is amongst the real rare minimates.
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