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  1. Schaumberg is German for 'Foam mountain' & I am very surprised that MM Menagerie (based there) hasn't acquired multiples of these.
  2. I can see the FF sets have been listed @ $49.99 but the SDCC Marvel (Avengers) aren't there ?
  3. I will of course help anybody that needs it. Just my personal gut-feeling......... I had all the WG sets except the *Logan/Laura - DP/Nega sets *.....this is the first time I have seen either set for sale on any ebay site anywhere. I very much doubt that they'll be the last & this first seller wanted the equivalent of $21 a pack , nobody is going to pay that in the UK IMHO . There will be other sellers in due course . Is it just these 2 packs(**) that people want? Surely some of these sets stayed in the US ?
  4. I rarely if ever put my name forward for these gifts from you . I have this promo but I would like to stake a place for a fellow -member very /immensely deserved of one of these . A big PLEASE to you Zach . Rob
  5. I wasn't sure where to post this news but my order for the NBX box set , directly placed with DST online, apparently shipped yesterday
  6. Regards the Minimates logo I have always considered it to be more of a burden to the line than a benefit . Maybe some might consider that I'm being too lofty but the logo is wrong in almost every way . This would be the time to change it.
  7. Check out the art on the packaging & then check out the figure
  8. I'm hoping for characters from Howard the Duck but....
  9. Amongst the US friends I have on this board is one that is actually a professional wrestler's manager . True. He'll be pleased I guess & I'll be pleased for him .
  10. I read that the Expanse would end with series 6 .
  11. Whatever TV show it is I pray that it isn't a 'civilian' licence .
  12. Guys,thanks for the PMs re: my non-respondable post .....WTF ? Whilst I ,almost,understand the price-hike ,I believe that it will be a death-knell for Minimates. You can set any damn price for anything but if no-one is distributing the product & selling it then a nutshell you,the seller, are f%*ked . The price-hike is most-likely aimed at retailers . 'Retailers' are the guys that used to sell Minimates , the guys that were continually feted at various Cons , the guys who were regularly offered the free promos that we, plebs ,subsequently busted their wallets for on ebay. Unfortunately those 'retailers' realised that their share of the market had been sold-out to the god 'TRU' & became non-believers. Their is no 'TRU' god anymore & the retailers are now perhaps being lured by 'extra' $$ (to them) via the value-added packaging . I don't see it happening & I definitely don't see Minimates selling at $10 each. On the other hand ...I've just paid $40 + shipping for a 'Crow' kubrick .....the first new kubrick in years but it is available & it is attainable .............unlike the "I'm not sure where they've been sold ?" Walgreen unsold minimate left-overs that we'll all have to scrabble over.
  13. Happy New Year to all ! In various threads there is a recurring theme ....Minimate prices are moving upwards. I'm fairly certain that nobody here wanted that but should we be realistic ? In DST's defence .....who knew I'd ever type that? ....prices/costs of just about everything else is going up ,leastways they are in my country . So why not ,mates? One direction now is 'value added' ,enhanced packaging , what do you think ? I don't expect a flood of replies but I'm interested in what you think. Edit : Absolutely no flood , for some reason nobody can reply
  14. Flabby or less-fit chubby or ,right ? That guy from the Lagoon seems quite fit to me ....& there are several I can think of . Fat guy ( no offence meant) torso , I'm struggling but movie Blob ( with vest) is nearly bare-chested .....Absorbing Man (TRU 18) alternate look seems fairly bulked.
  15. There is nothing to argue about in that fine post .
  16. Just when I was convinced that they were dead , along comes a new kubrick ..or two ! "The Crow" seems to be available in 100% & the spectacular 1000% size . I have just one of the 1000% size kubricks which incidentally & inadvertently my very best toy investment . Mine is the Andy Warhol 1000% ....a bizarre 'toy' which is completely ! Anyway 'The Crow' is the first new kubrick in some time & the 'normal' size issue is prized at about $80+ !!!! One kubrick $80 many nutcases would pay that ? The 1000% is another bizarre toy & I must not buy it.
  17. I am therefore generally in favour of this new promotion & it seems to be aimed at the completists amongst us . I have a few reservations & the main one would be that these may ultimately become more & more exclusive & that's where the bubble may burst. The inevitable DST super-excluding-exclusives at conventions will exacerbate this .
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