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  1. ..........& I was pretty excited to get one
  2. I'm guessing Liefield would've designed all minimates without feet ? With respect to you MMan the TRU 12 Thor is a spot-on Minimate ,accurately depicting Kirby's first Thor as he appeared on the cover of Journey into Mystery #83 looking IMHO the leanest he ever was or ever will be's a memorable comic & a memorable Minimate which I too like , I like a lot of the 28 other Thor Minimates as well . I would also be amongst those people that "don't need a giant muscley Thor" but I would I increase in the upper part of his Minimate 'arm' . Finally & perhaps astonishingly I think I'm in the minority ...once my belief that Thor Minimate upper arms have actually 'grown' on recent releases . I confess that I am currently unable to adequately confirm this as a fact (my collection is on the move once more) but a quick scan of all the Thor's in the MMDB seems to show a perceptible 'growth' of the upper-arm .
  3. I've said it many times.........Thor isn't Thor unless he has biceps is integral to the character . Howard the Duck & The Toad (example) Minimates have the same size arms as the most powerful Avenger . Have I ever mentioned the Thing ?
  5. Anybody who wants one of these from UK, PM me & it shall be done. Probably cheaper to send all 3 to one address...just saying.
  6. I am not a professional analyst but I won't be far out ( in any sense) in my observations ....if you feel that I am, let's engage . There have been 19 Walgreen Minimate waves in 3 & 1/2 years . On any given day there are on average 12-13,000 'minimate' listings on US ebay. There are currently less than 700 Walgreen minimate related listings on US ebay. The majority of those WG listings are from 'usualsuspects' minimate resellers who feel that $14+ is the 'right' price for a BIN. There has only ever been 3 (Walgreen aka TRU 26) Minimate 2-packs available for sale online , they are available right now @ $5.99 & if you were to buy 2 sets of each you would get all of them shipped for an inclusive price of $36. There is no listing on ebay whereby you can buy a 2 pack for less than $6. Certain WG Minimates are rarely seen on at all ...but are they actually rare 'in the wild' ? My point ? I'm not sure
  7. I'm pleased that your opinion differs to mine I said the ol' slip over or paint argument rears its head. All I'll add is that Iron fist wears a bandana not a mask as thick as a banana.
  8. Power Man...OMFG Dear oh dear oh dear oh deary me.......I almost can't believe that that particular minimate actually exists ! Iron Fist ? Yet again the ol' slip -over or paint argument rears its head ...........this character begs for a painted mask with a separate head . IMVHO.
  9. If we're talking about the Excalibur version just line him up alongside Meggan from the same set, he looks like a child wearing his dad's oversize fishing waders . A painted mask rather than a slip-over made his dad's waders look even bigger & was a big mistake . If you really want me to ramp things up then let me add that the blue colouring on this 'mate would have been fine for 'Captain America' but this was Captain Britain & his suit (I had always believed) was based on the Union flag ........y'know he's Captain Britain & the colours might want to match the flag ?
  10. IMHO ,the Excalibur Captain Britain 'mate is amongst the worst Marvel Minimates ever produced & if anyone wants to discuss the Wave 31 version I am "all ears" . There are definitely a few Minimates that I'd prefer to have done without rather than being almost embarrassed by their existence . The Excalibur Captain Britain Minimate is THAT bad. I'd embrace a new one .
  11. A 'bike' with no wheels ....probably a Halley Softail .
  12. What's DST's current stance on 'rubbish picker uppers' & buckets ? They're scary. That Bonecrusher is amazing ...........I need one.
  13. "I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members" buttheadsmarx crouchomarx
  14. Actually the idea of an old man with a top hat with some comics kinda grows on me ......especially as we've had an old man with a baseball cap with ALL the comics.
  15. The C3 Martian Manhunter minimate was OK but the DC Wonder Woman is still one of my favourite minimates & IMHO has aged very well ....gorgeous
  16. So..... last night I watched the first video-game movie . It came out several years ago so I very much expect that it's all been said .
  17. US Air Force wings & B17 Fortress (circa 1936-45 ) on the back of a stylized USAF A2 * WW2 flying jacket . *Think Steve McQueen -The Great Escape .....or ....buttheadsmate on a weekend
  18. For good reason Let's leave it there . Impurrfect ?
  19. Regards 'parts' it would be very easy (for me or others) to diss the lack of new parts in this wave ,there are few if any . DST have done an impressive job on the designs & they're seems to be a consensus that most people are very happy with what they are seeing. That's good that's very good.
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