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  1. Very nice ! How/where the hell have you obtained them ?
  2. Rampaging Hulk was another homage to 'comics'.
  3. Massive potential spoilers Days before seeing Endgame ....& I had completely blanked out any potential spoilers beforehand....I found myself explaining to a couple of guys ,half my age, differences between Marvel movie characters/plots & many of the comic plots I have read over the years . I am NOT extensively knowledgeable regarding Marvel comics but I know full well that Steve Rogers ' Cap once 'died' ,Hulk has shared a consciousness(?) with Banner , Thor has gone on several 'benders' , Steve Rogers became old , Tony Stark has died several times etc. etc. Those who have seen the movie will know how my limited knowledge panned out & ........... Downey & Evans were out of contract with Marvel was perhaps the biggest spoiler ?? Great movie & TBQH 50 years of occasional Marvel comic reading spoiled nothing for me. One character that I would've loved as a 'mate would be the big-gutted guy but somebody needs to design a decent Minimate beard accessory first .
  4. I've seen the movie yet I'm struggling to see anything outrageously 'spoiler' .....?
  5. I suggest a thread ,precisely titled 'Completely full of Spoilers' so that those that have seen /know about the movie can post what they like . Am I being naive in thinking that that would work?
  6. I watched the movie last night & thoroughly enjoyed it . I'd like to thank people here for keeping schtum & not 'spoiling' but in all honesty are there that many shocks ? OK, I have a moderate knowledge of Marvel Universe ( which helps) but many of the thin threads of the fabric of this movie have been played out the comics . Correlating characters in the movie & what we are getting Minimate -wise , my opinion is that DST probably did quite well within the bounds of what they were probably briefed with . Of course I can see why many people here would want Minimate incarnations of Thor etc. ..........I would be amongst them.........but that was never going to happen before the movie was launched. Gripes ? Not many . I have however tired of the almost obligatory mass battle scene in most superhero movies that IMHO are becoming yawn-worthy . Sorry .....& yes I know I'm old . A fitting end to a great series of movies & I'd be surprised that they'll be surpassed in my lifetime ............I will share with my reader that I covertly welled-up when the Stan cameo flashed by , he would have been ( was/is) proud . Nuff Said.
  7. " Defeat is a state of mind; no one is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality " -Bruce Lee -bruceleesmate Any cancellation is a disappointment but ,personally, I was underwhelmed by these particular 'mates .
  8. Each time I log into this thread I have a glimpse* of the 'hidden contents' ...then ,when the thread is fully loaded everything is hidden ! Spooky . * I hereby state that I have never typed the word 'glimpse' before......odd word .
  9. Perhaps they could pair Wonder Woman with a Blue 'atTack' Beetle .........just an idea
  10. That's a perfectly reasonable question but it is sad that it still has to be asked ! "Life Minimates are like a box of chocolates.............." -buttgumpsmate
  11. Now that my order is confirmed I'll confess that I actually found the movie 'Braveheart' a tad irritating . 'Hollywood' has crafted some woeful re-telling of history* .........Braveheart & ironically The Patriot being up there as the worst IMHO . I am course English so the portrayal of the English in both these movies is especially irritating That said ....that's a beautiful version of dubya dubya ....bravo Luke. Skirt ? Streuth ! BTW the Darkseid Minimate had a hinged skirt kilt which would be an interesting variant .
  12. We're unlikely to see a 'Hutch' or a 'William Howard Tuft' but howzabout a "Bob -Tales of Hydra " box set? Carroty Kid & Bunny Wolverine Harewalker & Hare Kleiser Nick Furry & Hop Summers Shuri ( played by Lettuce Right) & White Rabbit -bunnyheadsmate
  13. It's hard to accept what stack32 says but the truth often hurts . Things change but 8 years ago X-Treme Toys (?) released a 4-pack set which consisted of 4 Marvel characters which were complete re-releases from a year or two previously , including (notably) the first Minimate Deadpool which IMHO is one of the finest Minimates ever . My usual disclaimers apply but I'm fairly certain that that box set had a run of 5000 & IMHO sold out , I can't prove that but I'm damn sure somebody from DST could & when you ask them ask them how many Infinity War box sets were made . 3000 Star Trek Minimates ? Not my favourite line but they're yards ahead of any (for example ) Netflix Marvel pack & I wish you Trek fans well
  14. My mysterious benefactor has now revealed himself & my instinct was correct I've been asked not to reveal anything just yet
  15. ....quite out of the blue I received an absolutely amazing minimate ! I think I know who sent it but I'm not absolutely sure so I'm not prepared to share what it is (with everybody here) until I get some sort of approval from my benefactor . I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this gorgeous minimate but "wow" ....."Bloody wow"
  16. If I recall correctly DST committed Luke to a production run of 3000 . I do not have any inside knowledge on Minimate production runs but after many years of collecting/hunting/ buying & observing Minimates I have a reasonable amount of faith in saying that there are several Minimate sets (maybe not Marvel) that perhaps never made it to a 1000 run yet DST seemed able to produce them .
  17. I'm not promoting this ebay listing If ever there was 'a picture that told a story' then those photos say it all about Captain Britain .
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