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  1. Just over a year ago a guy I have known for over 20 odd years took his own life . In those 20 odd years we definitely had our ups & downs & TBQH we had been estranged for quite some while ,still polite to one another but definitely frosty whenever we met which was irregularly . Quite out of the blue he & I bumped into each other , I live on a small farm , I see very few people but there he was walking the public path that runs through the farm . There was little that either of us could do but to have a chat. I recall our conversation vividly .Later I also recall conveying to my gf that I'd just seen 'J' & that I had 'seen' for the first time in several years the bloke that had shared many a fine moment together with me. We had had a lengthy conversation & we both parted with a smile & a laugh , genuine smiles & genuine laughter. A fortnight later I rang him for the first time in years , I needed a contact number for his business partner . He was surprised to hear from me, understandably. Once more we chatted & chuckled about 'shit' , I got the number , I recall putting the phone down with us both laughing. 2 weeks on, I heard that he had killed himself . I wrote the above to amplify one thing'll never see it coming.
  2. I'm not getting involved with comic-characters whose names totally rely on spoofs , parodies & puns . buttheadsmate - aka The Pun-issuer
  3. I confess that DP was initially, completely of my radar , I came up to speed very quickly though. Wave 28/H & A version = unsurpassed. Nice later versions but please refer to previous= pattern. So now I'm thinking "Champions' .......First Black Widow = brilliant ,next 14 not so much = pattern . Angel = anything with wings= collectable/desirable Ghost Rider....don't bother unless we get a bike or a tiger. Hercules .....he took on Thor , let's have a minimate that could take on Thor.....any one of 34 of them & win. Not brand echh would be a rubbish idea for a box set
  4. We got Janet van Wasp in 2008 in an Avengers box set , an homage to 4 original members of the Avengers they were purposely 'dated' . It kinda worked but the characters looked anachronistic with other contemporary Marvel 'mates .....but of course that was bound to be the case . The exception was ,surprisingly, The Wasp , not the skirted version with the dopey hat but the skirtless version sans hat. That version is almost 'there' . That Invaders box set (2008) ,again an homage, gave us IMHO that perfect Namor , Imperius Rex . For the record I think that box set gave us our first non-slip-over masked Cap , great idea that never quite worked .
  5. Yeah ....maybe I was a bit too harsh on the She-Hulks , I never ever got my head around the comic-character & I'm influenced by that. Black Knight on
  6. How on earth have we, Minimate fans, only been given one JVD Wasp ,one Hercules, one Black Knight & two too many (rubbish) She-Hulks ? 30 odd Thors & 50 Captain Americas ??? Re-hashes were the curse in the demise of this otherwise magnificent line. I don't include Namor because IMHO the initial 'Invaders' version was iconic...just one was enough. I'd love a proper original Swordsman .
  7. Chest blocks / torso blocks seem to be an area that 'the powers that be' don't wish to be too ambitious with . That said there are exceptions to my perception /that rule but not too many I can actually think of ....can you ? I actually typed my reply before I saw Zach's comment ... I leave my opinion.
  8. Marvel kubricks that just about everybody would enjoy as Minimates are Peter Porker ,Venom Ham & Venom Punisher . I'm not sure whether I love 'mine' just because they are brilliantly executed or whether its because I took so long to find them ? The Captain America kubrick is perhaps my favourite Marvel kubrick. Metal Gear Solid is a favourite as well . There are some pretty stunning Snake versions ,especially the promotional versions, beautifully painted .
  9. After much deliberation I have decided upon the Panzer Cop ,Jin Roh Ken Roh (version ) . it's perfect. If you've never heard of the 'Panzer Cop' (Hellhounds legend) be warned ,once you find out about it you may well get hooked . Incidentally that license (also referred to as Kerberos ) has my favourite 1/6 figures , there are several .
  10. Unlike myself .....just committed to just anal updates . Hail Ivan .
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