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  1. Of course ol' Ham is welcome & I now await Venham in the future....if there is a future ? Apart from that I'm thinking that these should be released (re-released ,re-re-leased etc.) on February 2nd .
  2. I checked out the pictures of the Re-action GI Joes & from what I can see ,I agree they are horrible , all packaging & no substance . I have said my piece on GI Joe 'mates , I hope they continue but I still don't get it?
  3. Dark Tower (the books) was (were) enjoyable albeit a tad lengthy but I haven't seen the movie ! Anthony Hopkins' voice is almost as magnificent as Richard Burton's so I understand that he may be a good choice for a robot's voice........but can anyone explain to me why movie robots/computer/ AI characters generally have a very-English accent ? I am pleased that the characters are not all civilians . Superstar music mates ? Good idea . Once again, Medicom produced a very long list of Kubrick music characters- Daft Punk,Kiss,Beatles,Sex Pistols come to mind & there are several Japanese bands that have Kubrick sets/promos ....& of course the Max Rebo band !!!
  4. Dy'know that was going to be my post ! I even looked on eBay to see if that set has become a 'sleeper' . Over the years I have been steadfast in my belief that a civilian-type Minimate is generally a waste . For example,out of the entire Marvel Minimate line ,Netflix box sets are the worst , they are basically civilian box sets & are just awful IMHO. Exceptions would be manifold but those exceptions would be 'dressed' iconically ....Marty McFly would be the prime example. Early days for Rebel Moon in many ways .
  5. I seem to remember squealing out when Invincible Minimates appeared in the Walking Dead .
  6. Vinimates BTW are produced in numbers as little as 250 & somebody like myself enjoys being part of that little niche market . I love to think that just because although I'm just some quaint ol' guy in the UK with no life I may well have a unique collection of toys that only, perhaps , 248 other people, at most, have . If I was retailing the toys on the other hand, in numbers of 250 ,at perhaps $12-15 a time, I can honestly say I would not sleep too well at night . Yet ,I am told, anybody interested in helming* a Minimate 'set' of any description has to commit to 3000 sets ! I absolutely know that several high profile Minimate, licenced, sets have been produced in numbers far less than that, that said my nerves are still steady at 3K . I do not however want to helm* a set of figures that are suggested to me , I want the figures I choose ......just like TRU did, just like WG did, just like Chef Duff,Goth Girl ,Gen Con,Shopko,Target,AFX & Agent F*cking 88 & the others did. *helm = pay for , I could give a damn about whether anybody but me knew my involvement otherwise. I choose .
  7. Thank you for your response Zach ,it is appreciated especially as my criticism is never personal towards you except that you cannot get it into your head ( sorry I thought long & hard about putting it a nicer way) that I have & never ever had any intention whatsoever of even thinking about the UK as a market for Minimates.
  8. Bringing things totally up to date ...if you want to order Minimates from the official DST store you are restricted to buying 2 sets . Now I'm going to hear that that is going to deter scalpers . Here's some news for you, DST : "You need some scalpers ,you really need like 'anybody' who show some confidence in the line & who will buy the f*ck out of them " . In my complete naivety,some months ago, I suggested on here that I might want to helm my own box set . I could have forgiven the question about whether I could have afforded it or any question about my mental stability but "no" the reason is, is that I have no track record as a retailer . TBQH I can't argue with that but I'm not laughing when I say this , maybe a 'retailer' like me & DST are perhaps made for each other ? I've ordered 2 Britt Baker Vinimates from the DST online store today . Therefore my mental stability perhaps remains in doubt because I have no idea why I'm buying 2 inarticulate large Minimates of an (apparently) female wrestler . The parrot is dead .
  9. The demise of ToysRUs was definitely the death knell as ,by that time, most of the Minimate eggs were in that one basket . I don't live in the US but this forum was alive back then & it was pretty obvious that something was not quite right with distribution even then . TRU web sales were initially non-existent & then, when online orders became possible they were handled by .....I'll be too polite.....people that weren't quite up to the task . Comic stores were all but alienated by that time except for some very entrepreneurial online sellers who thankfully took over the mantle . I cringe when I see how many 'retailer' promos there are in the MMDB , there are probably more individual promos than current Minimate retailers. By the time TRU had gone so had the 'other' retailers . So we're left with a ridiculously good product with some top-line licences with no retailers . Walgreens Minimates were described on this forum recently as 'ancient history' , WG 'mates were in many instances superb & the final wave was according ,to the MMDB, January 2022 . They were never released in the US ,doesn't that say it all ?
  10. Thank you , I may well go back & have another look at them As an adult (fairly adult most of the time) toy-collector with tunnel-vision , I rarely stray from Minimates these days. I'm staggered by the fact that Minimates generally have never taken off commercially in the way I hoped that they would . I see licences come along (like GI Joe) & I see the enthusiasm from those that are left of us on this forum only to see hopes dashed time & time again . I can't put my finger on exactly why this is but I'm an old guy who rarely knows when he's beat but maybe even I am beginning to see very little light at the end of a very long tunnel .
  11. As difficult as it is to say but are the GI Joe Minimates that good ? I know little of GI Joe . There have been several licences over the years that I wouldn't have had a clue WTF the licence was about yet I could decide for myself whether the minimates were to my 'taste' or not . A classic example would be Mass Effect , I still don't have a clue about the franchise but the minimates were IMHO some of the finest production minimates ever made . Another example was Plants & Zombies , off the wall or what ? Invincibles ,superb. I love them & bought into them & I am really pleased I did. I'm not trying to rile you guys but I'm not sure that these Joe 'mates are that special . I bought them like I always do but ....? If I have riled anyone then tell me what there is to love about the Minimates themselves not your love for GI Joe.
  12. Amazing isn't it ? Big list & I can nearly tick the lot .....but in the scale of things The Levi's Saddleman is perhaps the only one I'd really like .....a cowboy & his horse Kubrick that was given away with a Levi's garment years ago . Ol' stupid (me) actually has the others in the promotion along with the f*cking garments . Best Investment ? If you believe eBay then the Andy Warhol 1000% is the one ....people are asking between 3 & $15K for that big boy . I cringed when I paid over £150 or whatever for it. It is cute though. Buy the Beatles 400% kubricks which used to be around for about $160 shipped from China , they're sublime. I'm never sure what the story is behind them ,they are kubricks but they're never sold as kubricks . Weird. Then there's the 1000% Beatles set which are out of my league , they're $$$$K.
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