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  1. Many mini-figures have hands that are designed to hold accessories ,being mini-figures the scale of the hands generally blend & aren't that noticeable but they are IMHO the worst aspect of the Minimate design . I accept that this part of the Minimate design is reasonable . Taking (IMHO) the worst aspect of a Minimate & exaggerating it in an inarticulate 4" version of a Minimate just didn't work ....especially when you consider that these enormous looking hand-orbs are unlikely to carry accessories in the manner a Minimate would . All that said , I like the Zords.
  2. I couldn't do a list but when I saw the 'Avengers' movie (2012) I almost cried with joy . I am not an overly emotional person . My first Marvel comic was Avengers 19 (1963) , I was 8 years old . Seeing those characters come to life in such a magnificent manner was fantastic.
  3. I'm wondering whether the problem is the 'Vinimate' rather than the 'Zord' . Unless I am very much mistaken ,Vinimates never really set the world alight & nigh on every Vinimate that I love can barely be recognised as a big Minimate , this cannot be coincidence. I think the word is 'incongruous' & several Vinimates look incongruous when compared to the majority ,the Zords would be in this group. The Zord vinimates look un-Vinimate (my word) & IMHO fairly un-Minimate . Me ? I love the Vinimate Zords ,even though the Power Rangers are not my bag . I like the fact that they don't have too many Minimate features . Potential punters for a big-Zord, to complement their PR Minimates, may just opt for one of the many articulated /poseable Zords that are out there in other lines , there's a big choice.
  4. This really had me going....hence Harris Porter / Dragonclaw . I even thought it could have been an obscure Marvel villain known as 'T-Bone ' ,a vampire apparently. T-Bone is a similar steak to a 'porterhouse' steak ......but don't like stakes . 'The Varnisher' is a clear winner .
  5. Maturing past one's 'name' is difficult.
  6. The FF box set . On one hand it shows how far Minimates have come ,a beautifully presented set of well-known characters ,beautifully painted with tons of accessories . I actually saw my box-set for the first time & just stared at it with a huge grin on my face , I thought it was great . On the other hand it shows how Minimates are bogged down in the past . My thoughts on any Thing Minimate aside, open the box & we see 3 similarly uniformed team -mates, 2 that have identical bodies & another with an altered chest-piece! I'm sorry but (almost) 3 identically bodied Minimates in a box set is a waste , I might as well say it ......that's why I cannot stomach the idea of more Star Trek Minimates . Bring on more Star Trek Minimates by all means but for f*cksake just produce some 'heads ' . Partly-flamed Torch , Visible Woman & Mr.Bluesuit -guy-with-4-on his chest don't really shout "FANTASTIC FOUR" to any new buyer. A 'Charcoal' Surfer ain't going to help, if I have to 'Google' a Marvel character then I am unlikely to relate quickly to the Minimate . I am NOT the person that DST should be trying to please ,that's my point. Over the years my personal gripe with newly-released FF characters was that the 'blues' never matched the previous versions , that one has been solved
  7. Somebody needs to figure out who actually buys Minimates these days . Once that is established then somebody needs to figure out who would potentially buy Minimates . I actually like the characters in this wave but let's be totally honest , I'm 67 , I have adequate versions of most of the characters & I know who they are . The original yeloDD 'mate looks bloody awful now but are there that many new Minimate fans going to get excited about this new one ? I'll be very pleased to get one but it ain't going to generate new blood which is what this line desperately needs. I realise that the TRU Bullseye was supposedly scarce , for those who wanted one then I'm sorry but that pack was released in 2009 ! Nearly 14 years later , we have a new version of what I consider to have been a perfect Minimate which is being aimed at whom ? I don't profess to know the answers & I'm concerned whether DST does .
  8. Your post initially threw me ( T'Bolt 2 pack ) ...up to speed now ....TRU Marvel Wave 3 You're right that 2 pack was elusive & IMHO nailed the character. What may need to be realised is, that that was over 13 years ago *. On one hand you could say that now is the chance for 'all those' that missed it to get another chance. Are there really that many Marvel Minimate collectors left that haven't got a 'Bullseye' that would buy this wave to get one? Are there that many new collectors who would desire this over all others ? I don't think there is but that is just my opinion . Kingpin ? I have similar opinions . There are so many iconic characters that could be made that would be loved by new & old (& very old) collectors. * The Golden era for Marvel Minimate characters.
  9. Firstly..that's a beautiful custom. I reckon somebody at Marvel was having a laugh re: netheranium
  10. Armless Tiger Man *? Hatemonger? Mister Fish ? * he actually exists
  11. 'Visually ' inappropriate ? Captain Condom ? Private Parts ? Oh how I dream of a Vampirella Minimate ....alas not Marvel. Mandrill. Mandrill man with a drill . Even ol'butt couldn't be more blatant with the double entendre than that ! Visually inappropriate ? I'm not sure.
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