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  1. Then there's the other world ........

    I've noticed that has become almost flooded with Geppimates since this years C2E2 . Once heralded as the "rarest minimate ever" it seems that ....surprise surprise...... it ain't ......& if you look hard enough on & you'll be able to indulge yourself with a 'Geppi' signed version !!! From my own point of view I will cherish the Geppimate that 'anon' sent me after last year's SDCC .......a wonderful gesture .
  2. Storyline themed holy grail

    Not Brand Echh ......which ain't ever going to happen but maybe just maybe........ ........Marvel Tails Peter Porker Spider-Ham et al ! edit: These could be a Luke Porker's Toy Store exclusive !!!!
  3. SDCC 2018

    I sympathise with my fellow-commonwealth brother Perhaps 'we' could organise some sort of protest group ?
  4. Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Thank you for sharing This is the third version ?
  5. TRU Series 26

    Thank you Zach .
  6. TRU Series 26

    In all sincerity I actually don't want to know what those line-ups are (were) l
  7. Lost in Space

    That's Zachary what I was going to say .
  8. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    So now we know My 5 year old grandson's idiot father (in conversation with his son) recently referred to Mjolnir as "Thor's mallet" . It would have been funny but he wasn't being funny he was just being himself. Unfortunately each & every time I now see Thor or Mjolnir I think 'mallet' -buttheadsmallet
  9. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I love this thread, great stuff .
  10. Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    The first person I thought of was . The Mad Thinker?
  11. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    The Norwegian Blue isn't resting.
  12. TRU 25

    Et tu Tenime !
  13. Infinity War Soldier
  14. Infinity War

    What you have posted sums up in a nutshell why I, personally, can't justify buying anything other than the Groot/RR set from the TRU wave. It's ironic perhaps that the LCS box set characters Hawkeye & Widow will become the rare IW characters .
  15. Infinity War

    I'm pretty confident that that particular Hulkbuster 'mate will have an alternative above its neck .