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  1. I'm disappointed for all you guys who really wanted these.... if they have indeed been postponed/cancelled. I'm not particularly sad , 'John Wick' movies are enjoyable but in the current Minimate malaise who was going to buy them ?
  2. A cynic might say that increasing advertising on a commodity that is as poorly distributed as 'Minimates' would be uneconomical .
  3. Interesting .......anybody have these in hand ....& will Luke be stocking them?
  4. Great picture, I love it . BTW I also decided against buying DSTs Icon Heroes' polystone sets purely because they weren't 'actual' DST Minimate sets .......I also regret that decision . Thundercats . I had little clue at all about WTF the 'Thundercats' were when the first box set was announced as a SDCC 2012 Minimate exclusive & it was not a good time at all in my real-life & Minimate life. That particular Con's exclusives brought me to my knees with frustration ...... 1.Vorin & Zik ,Zik being the worst Minimate ever made & no doubt (in my mind) sealing the fate of Battle Beast minimates in one ,magnificently poor ,package. 2. Agent 88 .....the only Minimate that I cannot stand looking at. 3.Alpha Flight Box Set 1 .....(final?) AFX box set exclusive that became virtually worthless ,perhaps unfairly so. 4. Gold Vorin......more of an 'excluding' than an 'exclusive' Minimate , sadly not the first nor the last. ................but every cloud has a silver lining & I mistakenly ordered a case of Thundercats Box set 1 from 2 different sources prior to SDCC2012 One of the best mistakes I have ever made
  5. It took me too long to figure out that Apocalypse mate .
  6. Thank you guys. The Strong Guy I posted on the previous page it missing the aforementioned slipover chest piece or has it just been assembled wrong ?
  7. I haven't got these in hand ,I'm not an extreme X-fan but the choice of figures led me to believe that this would at least be a great opportunity to remedy a few niggles in previous versions of these characters . I have also had an ongoing gripe for years about the oft-heralded Minimate "interchangeable parts" .....why have parts that are supposedly interchangeable when they are often incompatible with the figure that they were made for.......frustratingly I now read that Archangels wings are a problem ! In a minute we'll have a thread about how to solve this....again. What's the point of a pair of wings that won't fit any other minimate let alone the one that they're designed to fit? Rahne . I remember saying the last time (2010 New Mutants box set)that she would benefit hugely with a pair of 'wolf-like' feet ....just like Jack Russell got in the Marvel 'Strange Tales' box-set some 3 years later........what infuriated me was that the New Mutants box set was released virtually on the same day as the Universal Monsters Wolf Man was showing up in box sets & TRU with moulded 'wolf-like' interchangeable foot- parts. So here we are 9 years on & we get proper wolf-like hands ............& a pair of standard brown feet .....ugh!!! I can see that AFMcGill's comments contradict my opinion, I respect his opinion & I'm not being sarcastic when I say I am pleased that he thinks Rahne is 'perfectly done' .....I'll agree to differ. Beast looks better than we've had quite good ,whilst Havok,Grey & Polaris & Cyclops seem solid versions of some great characters but that Multiple Man looks superb , bravo Luke's choice of an exclusive . I'm intrigued by this Strongman Minimate & this apparent new torso ........I'd love some more info.
  8. This is the only picture I've seen that really it ? http://
  9. James Madrox joins Riverdance .
  10. You do too much for me already There are 2 ComicFest vinimates........Mechagodzilla & Godzilla, they are both variants & they have specific ComicFest packaging........I was trying for a pair of each. I'm not a skinflint but I can't warrant paying current ebay prices again & again ,I need to eat as well .
  11. The nearest retailer to me is Casablanca Comics in Maine which is smack on 3000 miles away......I'm not complaining as it's one of the many places I'd like to visit in the US but I reckon they'll (probably) sell out of the Godzilla & Mechagodzilla before I get there . In the meantime if somebody wants to help an ol' boy out, I'm in the market for a couple of each ? I'm tiring of being gouged on ebay for these things . PLMK PM thanks. Anybody going to tell us about these ? ...or did we know? -bigquestionsmate.
  12. Anybody wishing for Yellow DD needs to see their pharmacist.
  13. Hitting ebay now....not currently available online.
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