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  1. Ymir or Mangog ?? I would so love it to be ...but it'ssurely not .....The Wrecker .
  2. Avenger ,armored ,Asgardian ,helmet My money's on Throg . Non-crouching
  3. 4 months ago ,way before this thread began, I just dreamed of having a Toad & a Green-skirted Marvel girl in my collection .
  4. I like the Professor X ,it's also clever that we get an extra ....Mastermind , no issues with either ,they're just fine . I think Marvel Girl is great & I particularly like the way her belt is portrayed making her appear far more slender than many female minimate portrayals . Quicksilver ...terrific & I wouldn't have even noticed other peoples' opinion that the colours might be inexact . That left me with the disappointment...my personal disappointment which I'm now wishing I hadn't shared with the rest of the forum ....of the Toad .
  5. When I saw that Ewan McGregor was in the cast I thought ...???? Wow ....just bloody wow !!! Who would've known ?
  6. Repeated for ridiculousness.
  7. As regards "If you can't get it right,please don't bother" .....I was...kindly ... speaking for myself ...not for you. You'll notice when you post you're speaking for you &...thankfully .... not for me . When I post...& please listen fucking carefully......very fucking carefully.......I am speaking for myself. Try it ,you might like it Go back it's all there ...I was speaking for myself .... never unusual for me, a way simpler man than thou. Multiple pictures of minimates crouching ? Have you any of those pictured 'mates ? Lucky ol' you 'cause none of them exist in my tiny little collection .
  8. What shade?
  9. As we ...that is ....all of us...everyone....knows ......... a crouch leg piece is completely unnecessary . I forgive you for suggesting otherwise. Thanks again & please send me your paypal addy
  10. I understand inherent limitations Zach don't worry about that DST produced a whole new line ....Battle Beasts......that just threw the rules right out of the window......you might recall that line Zach ?
  11. I don't recall saying that I wanted all Minimates to be able to crouch ? I would like the long-awaited Toad to be able to demonstrate his ability to crouch . Maybe I should've collected a line that has every character sitting in a wheel chair . Oh sorry I remember the wheelchair has something to do with prof.X 's character
  12. I like what I'm seeing ...three of my grails.......they're all welcome additions .... & there is no 'crouch hate' just crouch wish Big difference . -notintheherdmate
  13. The original Scarlet Witch (W16) failed miserably because she was more pink than scarlet , the A v X version was (eventually) far better . The lesson ? She's the Scarlet Witch she should be the right colour ...y'know scarlet not pink . Maybe I expect a little too much but jeez if we're going to get a Toad ...at long last..... let's not just make do with an upright rendition of a guy dressed in Toad's duds.....& be expected to shout hoorah ! He's the Toad ...the Toad ....Magneto gave ol' Mortimer the moniker 'Toad' because of his appearance (Marvel Universe Wiki) & I don't think that Magneto had seen too many upright straight-legged toads . I could be wrong If anybody has a Minimate that can crouch 'comme a crapaud' then pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase fucking post a picture & then I swear I'll shut the frog up. We always get so bleeding close to perfection so often with so many Minimates that it really makes it so important to get it right .......or please just don't bother .
  14. If it's not tigers it's elephants Swordsman
  15. Work it out . I will be eXtremely saddened....& I'm serious....if Toad isn't able to crouch . Now on ...not so much..... I'd be happy to pay for any tooling . buttoadstoolsmate . I'm just a fun guy , give me some room I need lots of room..........