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  1. I'm invariably behind the times , I watched 'Joker' at the weekend with little anticipation , the years have seen me tire of the whole 'superhero' film genre . What a film ...what a stupendously brilliant film . Regards DC Minimates ? Sigh . Anybody made a Joker (2019) custom ? I was thinking a 'Tuxedo Beetlejuice' 'mate would be a fine basemate?
  2. Whatever I wish for ! I love the look of these apart from the same ol' thing . Why oh why can't we get a Thing with a one-piece moulded head ? Get your paint brushes out , hunt out your parts bin for Thing parts & sharpen your sharpies. Same ol' problem I'm guessing.
  3. I'm not so sure about that but I'm pretty sure that your 'mates wont be going 'into' it .
  4. I have no idea of its scale & maybe a bit pricey but .......
  5. Ikea is similar . Seriously though .....each year I vacation to the same place in Crete ,it's maybe the only weeks of the year I forget about ... until I pass the toy shop in the nearby town with its real-life child -size Playmobil figure outside If it were a Minimate I'd have had it away years ago & my annual pilgrimage holiday isn't complete until I've seen him it. 'Athens Times' Latest: English kidnapper arrested at airport that he is insane.....everybody agrees
  6. Regards Terminator I've always cherished the T-1000s which are perhaps the most-off-the-wall minimates of them all . More from the property ? Clearly they seem to be an eBay rarity , 11 years after their release but I'm personally sceptical that anything other than a 4 -pack would sell ? However much I enjoyed the T2 'mates I was eventually completely endoskeleton-out , a Minimate that never really worked (for me) re-released again & again ,finally being chosen again as the character packed with the Hunter/Killer tank
  7. if you're going to buy one vinimate buy Robbie the robot .
  8. .....or I could pay BigBadToyStore $499.99 TBQH I could probably cajole a US friend to get me one but as I am preparing to move house again & I just can't justify the purchase as I downsize . I'll regret it I know.
  9. Somewhere in my stash I have a big Sentinel head that I bought from an US ebay seller ...bigger than the Legends item of which I have several ......somewhere That doesn't help you . Check out what is on offer on US ebay when you tap in 'sentinel head ' , there seems to be a couple of options that might help. I'd love one of those haslab items but maybe its good that its US buyers only
  10. I was going to suggest you try & pick up a Marvel Legends Sentinel 'head' accessory but I checked out eBay I can see that that avenue has closed . The 'secret' is out
  11. Medicom produced 5 Kubrick/bearbrick Kaws sets & TBQH I have always had zero interest in them .Zilch interest. What made them a little bit interesting was that they were packed with a Minimate size bus-stop accessory . There were 5 sets ,all much the same each with variant figures .....yawn. Those 5 sets entered my collection ,unloved . Four or five years back I began seeing huge cases of these packs on UK eBay from UK sellers , being relisted again & again by the sellers & getting cheaper & cheaper . The shipping eventually became more than the item. There have been several points over the last twenty years that I have questioned my decision to invest* in little plastic toys, the realisation that people couldn't even (almost) give them away had become a reality . 'Reality' should have told me that I should not buy cases of unwanted, unsaleable toys ........ I bought cases of them, telling myself that I could at least utilise the 'bus stops' one day, er...maybe. Anyway , it now seems that Kaws toys have become hot & ,if eBay prices are to be believed, I might not be as stupid as I thought I was * investing in toys is not something I would advocate .
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