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    If Digger had a clitoris then he'd be a complete c**t .
  2. DC Minimates

    The video is unavailable to me,is it linked anywhere else ?
  3. So funny Made me wonder what the rarest minimate 'ever' would be ?
  4. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I didn't like to say .....
  5. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I think you Aussies nicked that one from us here down in Devon & Cornwall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oggy_Oggy_Oggy
  6. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Namor & Hulk do have an affinity....& the mention of 'ponytails' threw me for a moment ......then I recalled ........'Tails to Astonish' Rick Jones . There was a discussion in another thread ( Avengers wish list thingy) here & I was dying to add him to the list ...I left it alone ...I'm so lacking in confidence these days. ......the Captain Marvel we've had ,isn't that Rick Jones ? bhm goes off to his bed , Mirymate is lured out & in the morning ol' butt will see if he has taken the bait.
  7. Animated Marvel 'Mates

  8. Watchmen Minimates

    Bar Mitzvah Doc I wonder whether that 'mate needed special tooling?
  9. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    My juices flow when I see those FF villains mentioned but my heart is set on just one 'Thing' Minimate that has all its components the same colour & has no necessity to 'finish' an otherwise beautiful toy that I add to my collection . It's not only annoying it's becoming embarrassing . I'd also like one set of FF minimates to be compatible with any other FF set of Minimates........I'd be happy to supply a brand new Pantone Guide at cost . Why ? Why is it so difficult?
  10. Infinity War

    Dibs on that Michelle Pfeiffer head .
  11. Watchmen Minimates

    In the UK the 'smiley' was initially associated with the 70's drug-scene .
  12. Walking Dead Minimates!

    I love the TV show (although there was a period when I was so bored I wanted to become a walker ) ,enjoyed the Minimates & I'm about to become very familiar with the comic series . The Minimates were based on the comic characters not the TV characters but to a degree many of the characters that we got as 'mates could quite easily pass for their TV counterparts & we were blessed with quite a few of them . The zombie characters ('mates) that we got were great fun although I never felt that they went far enough ....quite simply too much decay & not enough claret . I can also see the need for a few fresh survivor characters & MisterPL's request for a tiger was initially funny .....then a tad irritating....then I saw Shiva in its CG flesh & now I too want a tiger . All that said I'm of the opinion that this particular line is just about done & if we can look forward to a further box set or two ...great just great. My juices would flow again if DST secured the TV character licence ,if that happened then I reckon I'd see a resurgence of interest from Minimate buyers & new interest from TV show enthusiasts .........however I don't see the TV licence happening any time soon . Shame 'cause I'd kill for a Daryl Minimate...........he could even borrow Ghost Rider's bike...........oh sorry I forgot!
  13. wave 75

    Back in the 1960's the first reprints of US Marvel comics were printed in various UK comics..........all were in black & white . Can you imagine how I felt as a young boy when I finally saw my heroes in colour ....you probably can't but let me tell you now it was 'fantastic' which ironically was the name of one of the comics that was published in black & white . I'm also told that many young ,now-famous US comic artists began their careers designing the covers etc. of these comics apparently making some of them quite collectable. Recommendations ? I'm no expert but .... I was early-in to Marvel Comics reading & relatively speaking early-out for a couple of decades ....what brought me back big-time was a chance reading of a (then) current Captain America comic that a friend of mine was reading . I was hooked again . That was the (vol.5) Captain America run of comics , the Brubaker run is as good as anything I have ever read .
  14. Watchmen Minimates

    I can see from Glantern's pic that there is a CE mark & the UK Runcorn address on the pack , they'll be available outside of the US ...in the EU.
  15. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    I thought everybody knew about the TRU.com limiting method & how to circumvent it Last year's SDCC Muppet exclusive* is one of those 'limited' items & that's my regular 'makeweight' whenever I'm ordering any new stuff that occasionally appears....*still available BTW.