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  1. I know someone who has always bought 4 cases of every wave ,looks like he'll only require 3 cases now .
  2. Bearbricks Bearing () in mind that Medicom often packed a single kubrick alongside a single bearbrick I have more than enough of those varmints .
  3. Bit confused but willing to be put on the right path........did any minimate MAX statues include 'other' characters?? RANT WARNING: I collect Vinimates .......... despite the fact that they are perhaps the most infuriating, nonsensical, larger , frozen renditions of a great,iconic, articulated 2" toy action figure . A line of toys that lampoon 'licensing'. "Oooh I love my Vinimates collection & let's meet up for a beer " ............isn't something that I'm likely to respond to in my last few precious years ....& TBQFH I can't see anyone else getting a similar PM....................... ever.
  4. I'd accept that you might feel that I'm rather too in your posts .....Disney the other day Peanuts .......... Soooooooooo......Medicom did a line of 'Snoopy' box sets whose packaging is far too beautiful to actually open. Mine inevitably are in storage but here's a decent picture from the internet which shows what was available ........ Hopefully you'll note that these look very little like "what people think kubricks look like" .........They are exceptional
  5. Waiting for this wave is a bit like watching the moon rotate around the Earth for 24 hours ........just call it a day.
  6. That got me thinking .....from what I know , I know of no other Wonderland kubrick Disney characters. That's the Blue Fairy . There were 4 NBX box sets released in 2001 ( 14 years prior to the Minimates ...just saying) some of which were then re-released in 2005 . Plus several Tron box sets ( Tron in 2001 17 years prior to Minimates ) Medicom also did a couple of 'Toy Story' box sets & some years later, a wave of them . Monsters Inc. had a couple of waves ..........I'm never sure whether to class Pixar stuff as Disney ?
  7. I should've said that that pic is NOT my display ..........forgive me I borrowed the pic from the net I do however have all that can be seen in that photo plus the one that is missing .......Evil Runaway Mickey !
  8. Medicom's 'Disney' waves catered for Black Hole & Rocketeer fans .
  9. Everything I have ever seen in my time as a minimate-lover looks better in hand .
  10. I think the most sobering news (re: Minimates/Vinimates) is that the 5 limited edition Vinimates packages sold out 130,000 (?) people attended SDCC & a total of 1250 Vinimate packages sailed off the shelves at the booth ......occasionally 4 at a time .
  11. Medicom would definitely agree with you because as far as I can recall they produced 4 kubrick versions of Indiana Jones all as described above ,nigh on all identical except that one was a big 400% version . No other Indiana Jones kubricks were produced by Medicom. Perhaps the weirdest or perhaps the most ironic kubrick of all was the Star Wars Series 2 'secret /chase'.............Indiana Jones
  12. Walgreens & TRU waves have featured 3 2-packs many times whilst the 'variant' pack in the LCS waves seems to have almost become history .......3 packs to a wave is IMHO better than no wave.
  13. Apart from the Wick character I'd be fairly confident that the other characters will sell out .
  14. TBF the original version (12 years ago..almost to the day ) featured Hydroman with a fairly standard pair of jeans & a belt............any ol' bottom half wil suffice . On the other hand water blasts this time ?!
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