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  1. buttheadsmate

    The Alien™ Franchise

    According to the MMDB (hail Ivan) the SOL set was released on the 25th June 2008 whilst the Salaak (DC8) set was released on the 11th June 2008 I shan't pretend that I knew that until I checked .
  2. buttheadsmate

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Salaak was produced ten years ago ...would he have been the first Minimate with a non-cylindrical moulded head ?
  3. buttheadsmate

    BC Avengers Wave

    The early photos of these characters are encouraging ,there seems little to criticise & much to applaud. I'm particularly interested in knowing whether Odin's beard is significantly better than previous minimate'beards'. "By Odin's Beard" I hope so !
  4. buttheadsmate

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    I passed the old one in Plymouth owned by Plymouth Council & part of it is rented to a charity,the British Heart Foundation .
  5. buttheadsmate

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    No more ita !
  6. buttheadsmate

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Yeah so do I but don't beat yourself up about it .
  7. buttheadsmate

    Predator Minimates

    Not at you MisterPL, I aim this at the world in general..... the 3" toolings are gone ???? BS . 'Tooling' for (as an example) Ghostbusters' Boogieman has probably 'gone' but Imassureasfuck that it could be retooled if necessary/demand was there. I accept that tampo printing procedures et al might be a consideration but how many 'get outs' can one give ? They can't be assed is closer to the mark .......'they' know best.
  8. buttheadsmate

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I am unaware of that old saying but it is noted.
  9. buttheadsmate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Of course the Hulkbuster would need sculpting .....the sculpted parts being in proportion to the 2.5" figure , the Mk44 HB is apparently 11 feet tall . The 'comic' Hulk (depending on which source you read) can be up to 8 feet tall whilst The Thing is 6 feet . The character whose height ,for me, is the most surprising is Juggernaut at 9 feet tall !! Who the hell wouldn't want a BAF Juggernaut ? I'm not sure how we're hijacking this wonderful thread but if we are ....oops sorry. Don't start me on The Thing because those particular Minimates exemplify how some Minimates get so close to being perfect yet fail . Why the hell can't his head be moulded in one piece of plastic that matches the colour/paintjob of the body ? I'm all for interchangeability but remind me what would you do with the Thing's removable brow piece if you decided to remove it , which Minimate would you put it on ? Would you then give the rock-faced head a hairpiece ? It doesn't make any sense to me why the two pieces are used & why they never match? To some degree the perfect Thing Minimate is already a BAF , you just need about 4 or 5 different releases to cobble a decent one together .
  10. buttheadsmate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I like the idea of BAF Minimates , I also like the idea of 2.5" Minimates & I can't see why they would cost anymore to produce than a 2" Minimate . I'm not an expert on Minimate production so I cannot comprehend how much effort goes into producing a Minimate such as a 'Hulkbuster' but is anyone going to tell me that all those extra parts ,paint & assembly is the most economical way to produce a 'big' Minimate ? Surely a 2.5" Minimate would do the job better ?
  11. buttheadsmate

    Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Anybody who has a Hot Topic store which stocks Vinimates & has the Zim & Gir characters PLMK ....I can trade ,pay or beg . Thanks
  12. buttheadsmate

    1/6 Scale Action Figures

    Many thanks Sam,PM sent . I'm no expert on sculpts ...or anything else actually.... but IMHO the 3Zero Mulder is as good a likeness as I would have hoped for . I've not really had time to have a good 'play' with him yet but my only gripe so far would be his shoes ...too shiny for my liking
  13. buttheadsmate

    1/6 Scale Action Figures

    I just realised that Mattel are doing a run of Ken & Barbie, X-files Mulder & Scully 25th anniversary versions I may need help with these .....some help with buying them* from the Mattel site & some further help with understanding why I want them. *seriously
  14. buttheadsmate

    NYCC 2018

    That SM3 pack is just beautiful ,the 'mates are superb .
  15. buttheadsmate

    1/6 Scale Action Figures

    He arrived today....I feel a bit uneasy saying I love him but I love him .