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  1. buttheadsmate

    What if...?

    I honestly had no idea about 'Amalgam' until I googled it .....they'd be a great idea but ....licensing ? If anybody has the time .....& 'amalgam' fillings in their up about 'dental amalgam ' & you'll never feel the same again
  2. buttheadsmate

    What if...?

    What if we could actually buy Walgreens minimates online ? A 'What if.....' would be a great idea for a wave.
  3. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    A question ..........why would a fairly common kubrick version of Kermit that used to sell for about $30 suddenly be 'worth' many $100s ? Is this just another example of lunatic ebay sellers or have I missed something? The item I am on about is the 'Supreme' packaged version . 'Supreme' ( I have figured) is a skateboard company ...are they a big deal ,is that the reason ?
  4. buttheadsmate


    I'll agree to disagree about my comp(arison?) between Buffy & X-Files ..........both shows were ground-breaking,popular & merchandise-heavyweights. If your saying that Buffy stuff still sells then OK I wasn't aware of that . X-Files merchandise still dribbles out as well but even X-Files nuts like myself realise that much of it is shite . My thoughts on the existing X-files 'mates are over-documented so in essence I wouldn't want further ones ....that sounds either bitchy or honest ......whichever is basically where I stand on the matter. Buffy ? An absolute god-send for DST ,lots of black torsos,black pants & black leather jackets ....the occasional re-painted (red) leather jacket & several white hairpieces. Job-done. I'm cynical aren't I ? That's because I've seen the X-files Minimates . There are some custom Buffy Minimates that ......forgive me whose....often appear on this forum which are quite superb,I'd buy them (or similar) in a heartbeat but my heart (& my head) say 'keep away DST' ............unless you put your heart into this licence. Ivan lists X-Files Palz in his MMDB . I yearn for the day when he posts pictures of them & then I'll answer your (hellpop) question about which X-Files characters I'd really want Minimated .....& I'd start off with a 'Grey' ..........who wouldn't want a 'Grey' (alien) Minimate ?? How many movies feature a version of it?
  5. buttheadsmate


    If the X-Files Minimates failed then there would be little mileage in this licence ....IMHO.
  6. buttheadsmate

    DC Vinimates

    I continue to confuse Walgreens with Walmart which were the Walgreens exclusives ? I'm thinking BD Batman & Black Lantern .....anything else? My thanks in advance . Whilst I'm at it ....which are the Walmart exclusives (any licence) ?
  7. buttheadsmate

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    ......or his cousin Nemo?
  8. buttheadsmate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

  9. buttheadsmate

    SDCC 2018

    I never knew that Flintstone Minimates .....available from your nearest BAM BAM A boulder design ?
  10. buttheadsmate

    SDCC 2018

    WB ? Wilma & Betty?
  11. buttheadsmate

    SDCC 2018

    ....or Fred & Barney .
  12. buttheadsmate

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I'm a tad confused ...... the Enchantress is riding Balder ? It's out & you have it in hand ?
  13. buttheadsmate

    SDCC 2018

    DST needs to 'get in bed with' with a major comic distributor , someone big, someone who has connections,someone who distributes comics ,someone who has exclusive distribution agreements with most major US comic publishers .
  14. I've had the pleasure of meeting Shane on a few occasions & let me assure you......he is not on this planet . All the best Shane . 50 ? Now that is old.
  15. buttheadsmate

    SDCC 2018

    Way back when......although I can't recall the actual details......the Daleks appeared in several stories without Doctor Who & were in essence a different license . It's a pity that's changed . Sod Doctor Who & the random 'one-offs' just give me a minimate Dalek .