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  1. I am genuinely pleased that Vinimate sales are strong & I know that there are a lot more than 250 people interested in them hence my dismay that only 250 of each exclusive were made.
  2. I believe 200,000 people attended NYCC whilst 2 x 250 exclusive Vinimates selling at $10 each ,sold out on Saturday . I am glad that certain Vinimates are doing so well .
  3. UK ebay has always been something of a graveyard for older minimates & there has been a listing for both MAX figures for many many months , I wont say that the price is cheap but I would say that I haven't seen anything 'as cheap' anywhere else . I am not the owner nor do I know the owner but I feel that an 'offer' would secure these if anyone wants them......I would organise any shipping to the US if the seller were unwilling to send to the US . I would also be very happy to save shipping costs & bring them as hand-luggage on any US-bound flight from the UK
  4. Thank you ,I can see that now (In my mind) I was always looking at Nicholson's 'face' but the clothes etc. now make it obvious , Vinimates don't have chins & although I can now see the 'implied chin ' on the W2 Vini Joker it had never occurred to me that ,it is quite clearly, a Marrshall Rogers Joker . Many thanks.
  5. Serious question : Isn't the Wave 2 Vinimate based on the Jack Nicholson Joker or is that just my conception ?
  6. I was thinking La Borinquena ............but you're probably right
  7. My first reaction to the above was amazement but since I've had time to think (& investigate)perhaps I understand why ........& who .
  8. I am not completely immune to buying stuff that other people might consider 'shite' so please don't take offence when I say (politely & reservedly) that I am not fond of Funko Pops . I realise that many many other folks must like them their longevity & range of licenses is incredible . I have been tempted on a couple of 'themes' notably the X-Files ( I was an almost complete 'completist' on that merchandise) & I've recently been tempted on their Dalek items . I also nearly fell for the Royal Family Funkos but I am still totally disgusted that their heads are not removable . Anyway the title of this thread is 'Galactus' so forgive me if I move on from Funkos & onto a compatible Galactus for Minimates .Folklore made the The Max Minimate version of Galactus 'iconic' ,as an owner I can only add that it is only iconic if left in its polystyrene packaging..........once removed it will break . Fantastic Four #234 famously portrays Galactus falling .......he gets up 'intact' ...........your Minimate Max will definitely not be so lucky . Before typing this I checked out 'Galactus Minimate Max' on US ebay ....I see 2, one is $300 with is packaged & unopened whilst the other is loose.....& broken I was not staggered in my findings Anyway ...after years of procrastination I recently bought myself an immaculate Marvel Legends BAF from UK ebay . Was I pleased ? I'll just say this ......when I place this Galactus alongside any group of Minimates I smile He's not cheap($120 ish) & you have to be a bit discerning when you buy him 'cause the nature of a BAF is that the 'bits' might originally have come from all over the place & the paint may be scratched etc. ........not a big issue but one to be aware of. buttheadsmate's 'Heads up' tip #123 : Never buy a seemingly easy-to-complete, incomplete BAF Galactus because IMHO completing him will cost you more than an arm & a leg....... even second-hand tip # 124 : Always buy a 'reasonably priced' Marvel Legends Galactus BAF RIGHT Leg when you see one on ebay . tip # 125: Beware of
  9. I became aware of them via US eBay........ Glow Godzilla & a 'Batman who laughs B & W' Batman/Joker hybrid . Over the years I have learned to especially study Ebay whilst Conventions are in progress . Minimate/Vinimate collectors are just like mushrooms......kept in the dark & fed BS
  10. A production run of 250 of each Vinimate NYCC exclusive You didn't know there were some ?? Why would you are merely a customer . However are there really 250 people that are still interested ?
  11. Impossible Man. Negative Zone.
  12. I've known for some while that I am no longer needed here.
  13. I respect your opinion & your choice completely but I just can't agree that movie -mates have more detail .
  14. Not quite so terrible when you see them in hand ........... I hear
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