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  1. TRU 25

    I find it odd that both the Chameleon & Jack O' Lantern require the prefix 'Marvel's....' on the packaging ? Could there be some confusion that the contents of a Marvel Minimates package might contain ? Not a complaint just an observation
  2. TRU 25

    Personally....... I rarely like the look of a 'slipped-over' minimate .....that's been my stance ever since I first clapped eyes on the W7 Marvel Jameson version of ....The Chameleon........just over thirteen years ago!! I reckon Ivan agrees with me [ hurrah for me as it's reassuring that I'm not out on a limb as usual ] because he actually describes the W7 JJJ Minimate as being in the MMDB category- 'big head' ! Whether this Chameleon is right or wrong is beyond me
  3. TRU Series 26

    So nanu nanu's good news?
  4. DC Vinimates

    Thank you for asking but I'm now seeing these on ...........I'll roll the dice & see how thing go Many thanks onyx_6 .
  5. DC Vinimates

    Has anybody seen the two TRU Teen Titan Vinimates for sale at their TRUs ?
  6. Funko Pop!

    You should be thinking about your daughter not yourshelf. Shelf,shelf,shelf.
  7. Package Format

    I have a hankering for some single packs , I should however stress that these should only be used for some 'special' Minimates . I could define which 'mates I would consider 'special' & I'm pretty sure other members would have their own opinion of what they consider to be special . Luke's current customs could be considered as a foray into a hitherto untapped 'single' minimate market & I genuinely wet myself if he decided to package future offerings . 'Shopko' singles were IMHO magnificent ( see MMDB,Hail Ivan ) .............. now I'm a packaging completist but even a die-hard opener surely sees the beauty of these things ? ..............also I'm told that a singly packaged 'mate was available at a recent convention ? Oh yeah ......vinimates are singly packed.
  8. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    Personally I loved Jim Morrison.
  9. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    "Faint hearts never f*cked a pig" - Henry V (Billy Waggledagger)
  10. What are you watching?

    So McGregor got the Golden Globe award for best actor [in Fargo] .....deservedly so .
  11. wave 74

    The extra pieces really make this wave ,previously I wasn't expecting too much but I'm really looking forward to them now. I've always struggled with 'Surtur' leastways I've always struggled with how to pronounce his name .......I always want to call him Suture for some unknown reason?! Join me in a 'Suture' thread discussion ...........a villain with guts ........seams like he could have us all in stitches.
  12. Seasons Greetings To All

    I hope you all had a great Christmas & here's hoping you'll all have a Happy New Year.
  13. As much as I want a 'Mimic' I just have to say that we really need a perfect Beast first ! It seems that I'm a 'leg-man' at heart & ol' Hank finally got some decent legs in wave 59 & these just must be used in any version of the Mimic & it would be a mockery if we don't get a perfect Beast first .
  14. Predator Minimates

    In what I can only describe as a Christmas miracle , I found an entire set of Christmas minimates scattered about my second closest Bethlehem store . If it wasn't for my patience and tenacity ,I'd have walked out with only 2 of the 3 Wise Men ,frankincense but no myrrh !