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  1. That's the trouble with -------- Congratulations !
  2. Wile E. Coyote vs. Gravity I would die happier than I am now if we got some Looney Tunes Minimates. -beepbeepsmate
  3. Trust me I'm only playing but have you ever seen a Looney Tunes movie ?
  4. The original BSG show has its fans but (ironically, see above) I never really got into it . I showed no interest in the reboot ,it would be fair to say that my love of anything Sci-fi was low (early 21st century) ,too much of it & not enough quality IMPO. The BSG Minimates arrived on the scene & I became enthusiastic about them . I'll cut to the chase ....I never watched an episode of the new BSG show until Series 4 had nearly ended , I kept away from the various BSG threads on here & remained unskinjobaware until I figured it out myself after binge-watching the whole damn series in the space of a few weeks! If you've never seen BSG then I envy you because it is superb ...not perfect but superb & you are in for a treat . It is perhaps the only Space-themed soap opera that I could ever recommend to anyone . The TRU BSG Minimates arrived ,perhaps a little late, & were almost in a different class to their LCS predecessors & are some of the best quality 'mates to date .
  5. I would love one & we'll need to discover what you'd like in return ? Those Vipers of yours are a testimony to your talents & particularly to your patience ....awesome. 3D printing remains a mystery to a dinosaur like myself but you seem to have mastered it . My BSG Minimate collection is one of the most ridiculously large parts of my ridiculously large Minimate collection , I loved that show . I acquired some 'modified' standard Minimate versions years ago which had customised landing gear & that mod IMHO transformed them . I've also got several of the Eaglemoss Vipers ,bought when they were heavily discounted. They are Minimate scale but unable to house a pilot & they too have no landing gear but there was someone printing compatible items at one stage & selling them on eBay . Just saying! So...once again...yes please.
  6. I'm very slowly beginning to like these ....true! Arriving here, several years ago with even less knowledge of toys than I do now, I realised the love for Transformers & GI Joe by many members . I named a house 'Bumblebee Barn' without having a clue that the most famous TF was called Bumblebee !! People (sending me stuff) applauded me on my cool choice of housename which was often accompanied by ironic comments when guys realised that my actual /real surname is Cornholio . So I am beginning to like the TF Minimates & I'm hoping for my favourite ,Ratchet ,whose alter ego (?) I believe is a large ambulance . I was researching his backstory & who knew ?? When he was smaller he was known as Mouseshit .
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