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  1. buttheadsmate

    TRU Series 26

    I just don't understand what has happened with these WG waves .
  2. buttheadsmate

    Muppets Minimates!

    Zach is absolutely right & I am happens I have just re-read some old PMs from around that (Muppet S3) time & they confirm what Zach has said . I always buy custom cases when I can but I struggled with these.
  3. buttheadsmate

    Luke's Custom Squad - 1st Contest!

    Me too. Superb custom.
  4. buttheadsmate

    Luke's Custom Squad - 1st Contest!

    Those customs are all marvellous but there is one in particular that is sensational .
  5. buttheadsmate

    Muppets Minimates!

    I read some of my posts 'afterwards' & occasionally cringe . That one was brutal . Here's what I should've said .......... Muppets minimates Series 3 had a chase pack , Newsman & Pepe , one per case . That pack is & was , IMHO, one of the most elusive retail Minimate packs on ebay ever . The wave is also one of the most elusive LCS Minimate waves ever . This has been the scenario since they were first released almost 2 years ago , they have never been prolific on ebay & it transpired that some on-line suppliers were initially caught out by its scarcity . I bought my Series requirements.... from 3 different suppliers which is unique because for years I generally use one , this was out of necessity . The good news is that the Zoot/Lips pack isn't quite as rare as the Pepe pack . Good luck with your hunt elhonez & I'll keep my eyes open for you.
  6. buttheadsmate

    Muppets Minimates!

    Custom cases for Muppets series 3 were available . You have found the only place that have these for sale.
  7. buttheadsmate

    Where did everybody go?

    Anybody want to give a few of us a quick/simple tutorial on this matter ?
  8. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    I have a hard copy which I constantly refer to ,it's invaluable . There are several items that he doesn't seem to list ....perhaps it's because their (Japanese) names are unfathomable .
  9. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    2 of these GTA box sets arrived today & on first inspection they are pretty little items. It's never wise to compare kubricks with minimates so I shan't be doing that without saying that kubricks are almost an entirely different beast & most importantly bigger than 'mates. That said I'll also say that I am no gamer & I have very little concept of who these characters are, they are unknown to me . What I want to say is that these 'civilian' type characters are packaged superbly , I was once the guy that printed this type of stuff & it is just superb . Medicom have (almost) done away with hairpieces ,each character either has a moulded head with hair or has a hat /mask & it works works well . Each character has an accessory & I'm guessing that these would be 'obvious' to anybody who 'games' . Medicom have always nailed their characters with small /simple hand held accessories which ultimately are almost a part of the character ........I'm thinking 'Lost' kubricks where each character had that accessory that you associated him/her with on the TV show.
  10. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    There most certainly have been previous 4 GTA sets &, for a while, the last incarnation (San Andreas) was extremely hard to get hold of . You'll note that these new sets are ,confusingly, set IV (4) ,set V(5) & V(5) 'Heist Edition' . Information on kubricks is always sparse but this list is invaluable .
  11. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    Just out of the blue I realised that ( after several years) there are some new kubrick releases I'm wondering whether these are just a 'one-off' but it would seem (to me) unlikely that Medicom would just produce a few box sets & then just put the line back into hibernation ?
  12. buttheadsmate

    Seattle-Area Multiversers?

    Thanks Matt .
  13. buttheadsmate

    Kubrick Talk

    Thanks Zach that's very kind of you to offer but I'll be actually up to speed with everything very soon God bless my fellow MMMV members.
  14. buttheadsmate

    Seattle-Area Multiversers?

    When is this ? LMK & maybe I'll buy you both a drink .
  15. buttheadsmate

    Stan Lee passes away

    RIP Mr. Lee . Thank you for everything that you gave to me .