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  1. I find it unlikely that anybody here hasn't used eBay at some time or another & quite likely that DST doesn't base its character choice on what is on eBay. Maybe I shouldn't put so much credence in what I have seen over the last 12 years of scanning for Minimates on eBay on a daily basis ? WTF would I know? An example.....below.....a Wolverine Minimate wouldn't be a good example.....sorry! I've said it so many times (so have others) that an AIM guy Minimate would sell very well.......I know because each & every one that appears on eBay sells.....quickly...& expensively . I have many other examples that I could suggest & it's not rocket science just observation . OK I'd eventually be proved wrong but I'm totally confident that it would take some while.Ol' yell beehive man appears in the animated series and I can't see anyone complaining about his 'look'. So there's another avenue . I couldn't however find a picture of the animated Man-Thing ? Anybody ?
  2. Absolutely.
  3. I have really enjoyed the animated line ,I can see why some people might not stomach their compatibility with the comic 'mates but TBH how many animated characters have we had that don't have an issued equivalent ? Some not many . Conversely enough The Leader (from what I've seen) looks very much like the one we got 13 years ago which is still fairly plentiful on ebay ,why bother ? All very strange . Tastes differ & Kostis' like of the Man-Thing is his choice but out of all of the ani'mates Man-Thing falls way short of what I've yearned for . Tastes differ. BTW Kostis ......I'm off to Greece today. "Yassoo"
  4. Reminds me of the old joke about the Foreign Legionnaires who have been besieged for weeks in a desert fort . The CO decides to gather the men together to tell them 'how it is'. For clarity I think that the Vinimates are very good but I just can't stop shaking my head in disbelief that Chuck chose 'now' to announce his bad news . I'll go as far as saying that I prefer to remain in denial .
  5. https://momcomics.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/the-mighty-thor-360-362-the-death-of-the-executioner/
  6. Tell me that someone somewhere has buckets of these .
  7. I'm still working on it but howzabout a "Thor Rag n' Rock " gig ? - MC Hammer - Oboe Odin - Low-key Laufeyson - The Incredible Hukulele - Bruce the 'Boss' ? ....it was just an idea Joseph Saddler could be the MC .
  8. Clear . Joe Hill's custom Buffy Minimates are superb . I'm aware of Palisades bankruptcy but I'm also aware of the tremendous respect that many people had for the toys Palisades made . Palz sucked in many ways & many of the Buffy Palz were .....let's say .....odd . The X-files Palz however were just plain superb IMHO & as I recently said (somewhere here) the X-Files minimates were ....unfortunately ...a disappointment to me . Bankruptcy happens ....it's not necessarily an indication of a bad product .
  9. So let me get this right .......... a week ago Buffy Palz were "debacles" now they "look great" ?
  10. It's perhaps bad form to repeat my short post , I do so in the interests of clarity . I'll stand by my remark .....his comment is pathetic . My dictionary .....which is an English dictionary .....notes that the word 'pathetic' means 'arousing pity ' . The emoticom was a poor choice ...my bad. Chuck's bad news about DC 'mates isn't just bad news, it's worse, it's 10 year old bad news with no elaboration of the old news.
  11. MisterPL said what I was thinking... again. I am saying ........... Mr. "Never say Never " saying "Never" is quite simply .................pathetic
  12. ......out of choice ...........the only internet interaction I have had in 15 years is this forum . ................of all of the gin joints in all the towns in all the world he walks into mine . Ivan= clever guy
  13. Maybe he's thinking Aunt May may.....?
  14. I hated printing but I was pretty good at it & it paid the bills but yes I suppose the technical side of Minimates ...& the packaging still fascinate me. I can't say that I 'play' with Minimates but I certainly get a great deal of pleasure from posing & handling them . I'll come clean ......once I got really 'into' Minimates I decided that I would get a collection that was going to be fairly unique . I have.... it is.
  15. I was typing some long winded crap which would take forever .....then I see Shane's post . Palz got me into Minimates AND kubricks ...........in the beginning I just bought Marvel stuff . Palz came about because of my X-files collection ...which is not massive by some standards but pretty comprehensive . Palz X-Files were probably my first toy collection of any description as an adult * * whatever that is.