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  1. Any information about Walgreen Minimates is totally welcome IMHO. The article has its flaws but its mere existence alerts the likes of me that there is something new 'minimate' that I can collect else would I know ? I appreciate that there are announcements on the DST website but they are rarely 'news' . I have come to accept the mentality of DST that it is considered pointless announcing new Walgreens minimates when it would seem (from what I read) that almost nofucker can find them in many (most) Walgreen stores until maybe months after their existence is actually acknowle
  2. I would love to know 'officially' how many sets were produced, I'm convinced that it was a very small run.
  3. I just watched a trailer for the upcoming Hulu Modok animated series , a bizarre show for a bizarre character & obviously far too bizarre for DST to produce an official comic-version Minimate Once you've seen the trailer you'll surely be wondering why ,after 11 years, we've never had a re-run of those wonderful AIM Minimates ?
  4. It's probably for the best that everybody also forgets 'Alice through the looking glass' & 'Kingdom Hearts' Minimates . Neither line is going to help DST get a Star Wars licence IMHO. Then there's Muppet minimates which personify everything that I said in an earlier post in this thread. I'll use Kermit for example . Kermit is the most easily recognisable character in the Muppet line , he is based, as you know on a wide-mouthed frog hand-puppet . His most-identifiable feature is his massive wide-open mouth which almost bisects his head when opened . What did we get ? You know what
  5. You are kidding ,Zach? I'm guessing I've misunderstood your post ? My bad. The limited history between Disney & Minimates ?
  6. The expression "Never say never " was perhaps recorded in a Charles Dickens novel in 1837 (thank you Google) . I'm not a well-read person but even I know that that guy wrote several great books , several , not one or two . "Never say never" aint gonna bring in new blood to a toy-line hovering on the edge in an industry hovering on the edge in a world hovering on the edge. "Please ,sir, I want some more" is maybe what our mutual friend, Chuck Dickens ought to be saying to Disney despite the hard times down at bleak house in tiny Tim-onium. I have always had great expectations for
  7. It would be great if we had another run of the minimates .
  8. My Gameverse sets arrived today ....I love that Hulk.
  9. A Land-Speeder ,AT-ST & a Pro-bot were the BAFs in aforementioned line. Jabba was another BAF & if you were lucky you had access to obtaining some pretty card dioramas. There were of course Speeder-bike box sets . I see no reason why DST couldn't accomplish any of the things we are mentioning .
  10. The Minimate design rule book just needs to be put to one side rather than thrown away if these actually got the go-ahead. Even Medicom couldn't quite bring themselves to do away with the trade-mark non-articulated kubrick arms & legs . Nigh on every SW figure has identically sized arms & legs, a kubrick Chewbacca is barely taller than a kubrick Leia ! There is huge potential for a Star Wars minimate line , dozens of iconic characters but ,& it is a big BUT , each Minimate needs to become that character not just be a Minimate that looks a bit like a Star Wars character
  11. I'm not a Star Wars fan,far from it,yet (almost) the jewel in the crown, in my fairly adequate collection of mini-figures, is my Star Wars kubrick collection . There are a few duds but many of them are just sublime . I hate to say it (again) but I'm not sure DST could actually emulate the SW kubrick line . Very few Star Wars kubricks actually have interchangeable parts whilst many of them are just unique, unchangeable characters . It would seem to me that DST have been unchangeable for far too long relying too much on 'interchangeability' which of course works well with many characters but
  12. I hadn't realised that the wave 32 'originals' were that hard to come by bad .
  13. I'm afraid that this 'new' Juggernaut is much like every other minimate Juggernaut we've had.. not imposing enough & unlikely to be able to 'see' through his mask ! Time & time again we have re-runs of certain Minimate characters that are not improvements of the previous incarnation . I have once again checked my facts & studied dozens of images of the character Juggernaut,I also checked out his profile. Juggernaut is arguably one of the tallest Marvel characters,9ft. tall . His helmet ,perhaps the most defining part of his costume is his helmet. The helmet has been d
  14. He's just fine , he was unusually pleased to see me again as you can see.
  15. I think I should make it clear that I was outside of an empty store on an empty street & my mask was removed momentarily for the picture . You can see the mask in my hand & despite my hatred of masks & regulations I adhere to them to the letter wherever I may be. Just saying.
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