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  1. Zach , I (we ), of course,know that you want everyone one to get one . So do I. Everybody , Separating the Logans & Deadpools from this UK 'inventory' is going to prevent me pursuing the wholesaler for cases of the 'assortments '. I have everything else WG, as do, it would seem, my fellow-collectors in the US . I am therefore left with my age-old position of just buying from a retailer . I am a collector , I rarely sell anything. The only good thing about this 'assortments' sale in the UK is that retailers here are very unlikely to know that just 2 of the sets are actually really wanted in the US. That may change ,who knows? I have ,in hand ,several sets which were bought with fellow-members in mind but ....& I'll be blunt .....nobody need to feel under any obligation to me . I have had so much help over the years from MMMV members I felt that maybe I could reciprocate. If nothing comes of my following suggestion then guys who really know me, PM me & we'll talk . My initial thoughts are to find somebody US-based who will distribute these once I have sent them en-bloc to the US , put yourself or nominate somebody please. If this works out then we can keep the shipping down to a minimum. I don't want to make a cent on this , I don't want any grief either These 2 packs have cost me $15 each & by the time they get to the US they'll be more than $15 each because of shipping. Or....y'all & I can just wait & see what happens. I am not overly concerned if a better route (to the US) transpires. PLMK
  2. I believe I've been fairly consistent in my (general) praise for Walgreen Minimates & to be totally honest I was mainly interested in just completing my WG 'set' , not really being that fussed about the actual Minimates . A sad reflection on me. This WG Deadpool is a stunner whilst Nega is amongst those few Minimates that you didn't really want until you saw it ! To make matters worse the Logan set has a superb Logan that begs you to buy a second set until you realise you'll have to decide what to do with Laura....WTF would you do with one? 67 previous Logan/Wolverine Minimates & this one (two) would be up there with the best.
  3. I can confirm that cartons of the erstwhile Walgreen minimates have arrived in the UK . Currently I can also confirm that the cartons have the description 'Legacy Movie MM Asst. ' . They are also described as Wave 2 ! Quite what that means is debatable but it would imply there is a Wave 1. There is a vendor item code, MAR178503 with a UPC Code: 699788824085 . This particular asst. includes Spider/DocOck , Sup.Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Deadpool /Negasonic & Logan / Laura . Whether or not there are other 'assortment' cases is currently unknown to me . Interestingly (to me) the individual 2 packs are stickered by a UK importer. This sticker includes a CE plus a UK CA mark ...that'll be of no interest to most everybody except me . There cartons are numbered but apparently as I have often been told the numbers mean nothing . Let me be clear, they are not going to be elusive or rare. I just can't believe that ALL of the the 'lost' WG Minimates got exported out of the US , got stickered up & dumped here in the UK & perhaps France ! I still believe they'll turn up in the US but if they don't & you're in the US ...worry not. So was all that helpful ? Personally I am only interested in the elusive DP/Nega & the Logan/Laura 2 packs ..... I am still assuming that that is the case with other people ???? I am putting no energy as yet into procuring other Walgreen stuff ....should I be ?
  4. 1st. Black Spider-Man ..simply special. Wonder Woman ...gorgeous , almost not a minimate more like a tiny real Wonder Woman. Help needed! 1st. Hulkbuster..perhaps the best minimate ever made but amongst the least articulate . Dead Six ...the personification (?) of my collecting OCD ,I have no real reason to own so many of this odd Minimate but if I see one I buy it. More help needed. Dracula ....he has belatedly become a favourite . Spidey Max statue ego gets the better of me with this one , almost unique & its in my collection . It should've been in everybody's. Original Deadpool release.. I'll confess that I'd hardly heard of DP when this arrived , what a Minimate,never bettered. Invaders Namor . It's him but little !! Gauntlet Stark / Stealth iron Man .....the moment in (Minimate) time when everything changed . I'll class this as one Minimate if I may? Super-Adaptoid day. I would guess that over the years I would have had a different list ....that's todays.
  5. I wish I could help ,I have no useful info for you . 'A sticky finish afterwards' isn't always all bad
  6. Schaumberg is German for 'Foam mountain' & I am very surprised that MM Menagerie (based there) hasn't acquired multiples of these.
  7. I can see the FF sets have been listed @ $49.99 but the SDCC Marvel (Avengers) aren't there ?
  8. I will of course help anybody that needs it. Just my personal gut-feeling......... I had all the WG sets except the *Logan/Laura - DP/Nega sets *.....this is the first time I have seen either set for sale on any ebay site anywhere. I very much doubt that they'll be the last & this first seller wanted the equivalent of $21 a pack , nobody is going to pay that in the UK IMHO . There will be other sellers in due course . Is it just these 2 packs(**) that people want? Surely some of these sets stayed in the US ?
  9. I rarely if ever put my name forward for these gifts from you . I have this promo but I would like to stake a place for a fellow -member very /immensely deserved of one of these . A big PLEASE to you Zach . Rob
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this news but my order for the NBX box set , directly placed with DST online, apparently shipped yesterday
  11. Regards the Minimates logo I have always considered it to be more of a burden to the line than a benefit . Maybe some might consider that I'm being too lofty but the logo is wrong in almost every way . This would be the time to change it.
  12. Check out the art on the packaging & then check out the figure
  13. I'm hoping for characters from Howard the Duck but....
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