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  1. I want to go on record to say that whatever happens to the Minimate line it will be nothing to do with the quality of the product that is currently being produced. I have my grumbles about many things about the line but the general standard of the actual 'mates is exceptional , never better. I feel better now.
  2. "Recent boxset sales have been poor" . I hope that I'm not taking that quote out of context . If you look at a list of recent box-sets one stands out spectacularly ....the 'Brotherhood' set ( late 2017) which as far as I can recall the only out & out comic box-set we have had since late 2015 , Secret War Zombies . I believe that the Brotherhood set was a success . I consider anything 'recent' to be since late 2015 . In that time we've had 5 Netflix box-sets , IMHO 5 of the drabbest sets of Marvel Minimates that I have ever seen. In that time every other box-set has been a movie box set . I'm not going to criticise those box-sets but it should be firmly borne in mind that most of those box-sets were available after the corresponding LCS/TRU/Walgreens 2 pack waves had come & gone . It should also be emphasised that the figures contained in those box-sets were far from being completely unique . Recent Netflix & Movie box-sets have been poor ............I'll leave it there.
  3. Almost ancient history now ...sorry......but has anybody got spares of this set or have access to purchasing them ? I have the re-run set but I am particularly interested in obtaining the packaged example above ( Hulk & War Machine in 'that' tray position). As I'm solely after a packaged example I'm only interested in near mint examples . Thank you.
  4. This exhausting list has fuelled my imagination & I'm eternally tankfull. Deadfuel & Doc Octane .
  5. I think you're onto something Zach ..........I'd be pumped for a Filler Cap , Shell Head & ... Fivestar.
  6. They're maybe resting.
  7. 2020 will herald many puns about perfect vision......I can't wait to see them.
  8. So Wave 79 Marvel Minimates are no longer nailed to their perch & are indeed just pining for the fjords? I'm stunned . -Norwegianblueheadsmate
  9. I'm surprised that I'm not too surprised.
  10. Muppets Series 3 were released January 2017 & non-custom cases were still available from DST November 2018 . ( Zach & MMDB) January 2019, DST has no stocks of Muppets Series 3 & an eBay seller has ample supplies of them ........especially the very elusive (online US stores at least) short-packs . What is more the eBay seller is not trying to sell you a case or a set of 4 can buy what you like..........hence my post ,a legitimate heads up for those people wanting to find a couple of individual packs that have been available from perhaps just one other online source since their release 2 years ago.* The conspiracy theorists amongst us ....not me....might question why the eBay seller has 84 sets each of the rare variant packs yet he only lists 24 sets of the 2 common packs . Of course this can all be explained , maybe he'll list others later etc. *Although I acknowledged this seller I still don't think anybody will be rushing to buy Muppet Minimates Series 3 set for $64 despite the fact that he has dropped his price from $74
  11. I'd love Looney Tunes Minimates but they would end up like Muppet Minimates if there wasn't a stronger desire to make the MInimate look like the character, rather than a Minimate that looks like a Minimate . Comments like that don't roll easily out of my fingertips as there was obviously an immense amount of effort put into the Muppet line but it would seem that they didn't sell like they should have . In essence the Muppet characters we all grew up watching on TV were hand puppets .......they all had very very huge opening mouths...........I'm not saying that all the Muppet Minimates should have had moulded mouths but Kermit without a mouth ? Seriously? My point ? I'd love Looney Tunes Minimates but....
  12. Ssssseveral 'ssssnake' merc(sssssss)enariesssss ..... OK .....I know won't be a serpent-themed boxed set but I would love one. If we are to get another Silver Sable I am pleased for those people who feel that another is necessary . As always & especially in these austere Minimate times I will always prefer new characters rather than re-do's .
  13. Ssssome ssssssnake characterssssss possssssibly?
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