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  1. I always praise the good things about Minimates but hats & helmets rarely come into that category .........the fireman helmet......seriously ? I guess Fireman Max is the only Marvel minimate that has never appeared in the Marvel universe/comics. (Ol'butt now waits for a deluge of posts saying otherwise )
  2. Here's a stat to ponder on .....there are over 13000 'minimate' listings on US eBay today , a dozen or so of those listings are for Max minimates . Calico Jack Minimates are pretty elusive as well ...about 20.... & Battle Beasts about 50. DeLoreans ,Koaches,KITT & KARRS hardly abound either .
  3. I expect the demand for rare Star Trek black crotch,legs,boot/feet to remain the same .
  4. I respect your need for a 'Pike' head & hair but I JUST HAVE TO SAY that neither of the Pike Minimates bear any resemblance to each other or Jeffrey Hunter . Minimate faces are pretty sparse of features but the 2 versions of 'Minimate Pike' can't even 'agree' on what colour his eyes were . Jeffrey Hunter had BLUE eyes & a very clean-cut hair-style. My point is that the Minimate Pike head aint to clever on this occasion. Just saying. Ivan's Database will direct you to many blue=eyed all American clean-cut heroes & I would look no further than the several versions of Captain America's head albeit with a dark hairpiece from A.N. Other. Whilst researching 'Pike' on the MMDB I was surprised that Ivan shows Jeffrey Hunter was in fact ,Peter Parker in SM3.....who knew ? Just goes to show that even gods are fallible.
  5. .............& multiples are freely available on US eBay now. *That would be the 'exclusive' VIP' only Puerto Rico CC Red Son Vinimate.
  6. Yes please my friend (x2) I believe there's a Buffy variant also. Thank you.
  7. AIM = no brainer. Whilst '3K' seems like a magic number ,there are many Minimate sets that have been produced in far less numbers. Many.
  8. Top left corner could well be B-127 Autobot ?
  9. Like most people my life is on hold at the moment but when we all turn the corner I would dearly love to complete my collection with a minimate or 2 that I have been involved in 'happening'. "Would Marvel allow a single pack?" -MisterPL....... I rarely buy anything 'olde' these days (eBay) but I couldn't press the trigger quick enough recently when I saw...... a Shop-Ko Spider-man . So what ?'s a singly packed Minimate & it is nothing short of beautiful . I have that same 'first' Spider-Man Minimate in 8 other packaging variants yet the Shop-Ko package is glorious ......whenever I see them at sane money I will buy them .........even when my life is on hold. My Minimate grails 'fluctuate'* but I would happily finance my grail & TBQHICGAF if I ended up with all of them I have never been more serious. * currently Super-Adaptoid
  10. I've never seen an episode of Buffy ..although I have had ample opportunity ... yet I have all of those Buffy PALz ( I too count 37) . Buffy Minimates would IMHO be too much of a risk for DST at the moment & I personally feel that the moment has passed. I have said this before .....I truly love my X-Files PALz collection yet the Buffy PALz .....meh! That maybe the day..... I loved the X-Files & the X-Files PALz were the first toys I bought as an adult. .... who knows ? My views on X-Files Minimates have been expressed before & in the context of this thread I can't see a line of Buffy Minimates lasting too long . I hope I'm wrong, I hope that DST make these for those people who want them & I'll buy them but I am not eager.
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