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  1. buttheadsmate

    When are we getting a Stan Lee minimate?

    Actually the idea of an old man with a top hat with some comics kinda grows on me ......especially as we've had an old man with a baseball cap with ALL the comics.
  2. buttheadsmate

    DC Vinimates

    The C3 Martian Manhunter minimate was OK but the DC Wonder Woman is still one of my favourite minimates & IMHO has aged very well ....gorgeous
  3. buttheadsmate

    John Wick

    So..... last night I watched the first video-game movie . It came out several years ago so I very much expect that it's all been said .
  4. buttheadsmate

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    US Air Force wings & B17 Fortress (circa 1936-45 ) on the back of a stylized USAF A2 * WW2 flying jacket . *Think Steve McQueen -The Great Escape .....or ....buttheadsmate on a weekend
  5. buttheadsmate

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    For good reason Let's leave it there . Impurrfect ?
  6. buttheadsmate

    Wave 78

    Regards 'parts' it would be very easy (for me or others) to diss the lack of new parts in this wave ,there are few if any . DST have done an impressive job on the designs & they're seems to be a consensus that most people are very happy with what they are seeing. That's good that's very good.
  7. buttheadsmate

    Wave 78

    There's an awful lot of good things about this wave ,not exactly my 'era ' but some good stuff .
  8. buttheadsmate

    John Wick

    A doggone Minimate with innovative knee joints ............Minimutt ? -butthoundsmutt
  9. buttheadsmate

    Infinity War

    For anybody in the UK who has yet to complete their Infinity War collections with (US only) Walgreens & TRU exclusives ............... check out UK ebay listings because the trickle of listings (from UK sellers) that I have seen over the last few months has turned into a flow .
  10. buttheadsmate


    Thank you . I had a great birthday especially as ,coincidentally , I finally ended the 6 years of litigation with the neighbour from hell. This scene from the Phantom Thread is one that could have been stolen from my life-story ..........& I'm not talking about DDLewis ...........
  11. buttheadsmate

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Perhaps ...I forget. Forgive me I could've sworn the thread's title was recreations ?
  12. buttheadsmate

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Modify the feet as well ? ...Heaven forbid ! Minimate feet in several licences have become 'one' with the lower part of the leg ,most notably TMNT .................. take a look at any of the last half dozen or so FF 'Things' .....notice anything about his feet ? Back on topic Avengers #57 Vision .
  13. buttheadsmate

    Cover/scene recreations?

    It could be accomplished ,as I said, with a new design BUT as I said I seem to be the only person that isn't satisfied with a 90 degree knee angle .
  14. buttheadsmate

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Sorry let me kill that dead before your great thread idea gets diverted ...........I (just me) thinks that Minimates deserve more than a 90 degree knee angle .
  15. buttheadsmate

    Cover/scene recreations?

    I'd take "Silver Surfer" #4 just for Thor & those massive helmet wings (Buscema) . I'd happily take another Surfer but (I still have to say) it would have to have the 'new' knee design that is way overdue IMVHFO .