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  1. If they had shown the dog with no tail they would have had more interest from retailers. -muttbedsmate
  2. I'm not entirely sure whether you're addressing that comment to me ? If you are then I am very grateful but I am actually covered . Thanks anyway & you are a star .
  3. You are forgiven . Wave 11 is Parker/ Superior SM........... Spider-Girl/Doc.Cock................ Black Panther/Shuri...........Cap/Peggy Carter.
  4. If I spent $250+ for that figure I think I'd just display it ..... funk the Funko! A reasonably priced Galactus is the Eaglemoss version *..........although I appreciate that isn't helping with the Funko question. *which I am now tempted to buy .
  5. 'Watcher' toys are pretty thin on the ground & I'm fairly sure Funko haven't produced one......yet.
  6. You're right appeared in the Marvel v Capcom boxset & was a repaint of the Wave 1 Iron Man from that line. A black-armoured Iron Man similar in style to the Stealth Cylon BSG TRU Minimate could've been IMHO a truly great minimate.
  7. DST please remember the hairpieces this time .
  8. I have a Wave 6 Iron Man 'Stealth' alongside me as I type & although I had fond memories of it TBQH the design hasn't stood the test-of-time . No metallic paint (MrPL) rather an odd combination of blue moulded body pieces & one hand ,flesh moulded head but white moulded plastic repulser hand & slip-on helmet ( subsequently over- painted blue & red). Even his belt seems to be a different colour blue. When all these pieces are assembled the resulting Minimate isn't quite as good as I (we ?) might remember it ,especially as the blue helmet fails to cover the flesh head completely* . * [ edit...evidently from the pictures just like the new version ] So, surely........ 16 years later......the new version will be perfect .
  9. I'd like to take the 5th. ......& we have missed you.
  10. My eyes are drawn to the 5 yellow triangles.
  11. My Black Widow 'fix' will be en route soon ......& , trust me ,I know all about Minimate Patience. 'Walgreens Minimates' are elusive but 'Wave 11' is particularly elusive .
  12. Maybe I can ease my conscience a little ............send me your address via PM .
  13. If there was one Minimate pack that started off my obsession of buying multiples it was the Black Spidey pack ....... I'm not particularly proud of it but over the years I've possibly created several of Minimate packs . Sorry Black Spidey was produced just once & when you consider that the contemporary Spider-man minimate was seen in 8 or 9 differently packaged versions..... that is quite incredible .
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