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  1. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Captain Marcel .........Make Mime Marvel
  2. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    Willie Lumpkin is incredible ......wiggling your ears & pushing into the male box . Stan obviously had a lot of fun thinking that up buttsmate
  3. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    I'm no Mirymate but I'm of the belief that Uatu's 'size' is variable ! I know he is generally depicted as being immense but I would be quite happy if he were as big as Mojo (for example).
  4. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    Well....... that' s another mystery ............. According to the baggie label on both of these new promos ,Minimates are 'Not for children under 3 years' ......so I guess they are OK for children over 3 years ? Well ....apparently not because the label also states that [Minimates are] ....'For ages 4 and up' . Semantics & splitting linguistic hairs maybe but I was just asking By the way the SDCC 'Geppimate' packaging shows the way forward....the packaging clearly shows that the toy ( maybe just the packaging ) is for 'Ages 8+' although the packaging also states 'Not for children under 3 years'. Clear as mud. I just ask the questions .
  5. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    So why doesn't the baggie label just have the words 'not for sale' ?
  6. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    I've never really understood why each & every promo has the words 'not for resale ' on the baggie label ?
  7. MARVEL STUD10S: The First Ten Years

    I completely understand why certain Iron Man Minimates could be considered too bulky & I would welcome some redos . Despite the fact we have had 70+ Iron Mans I could stomach more but it seems to me that the 'original' base Minimate design .....specifically the chest block....is proving to be an obstacle on more & more figures & 'Iron Man' appears to be one of the most popular characters that suffer. I'm not suggesting that there should be a dramatic change to the Minimate design but it is incomprehensible to me why certain characters get an almost unique set of parts ...legs,hands,moulded heads ,moulded feet etc. .......whilst the chest block remains standard ? I entirely understand why Minimates have standard parts but bespoke moulded chest blocks would go a long way to de-bulk many of our favourite characters . In a nutshell if we're going to have redos lets have some innovative redos . '
  8. tru wave 24

    "......years to build,seconds to break ,forever to repair " Loyalty.
  9. Ironically I suggest Kubrick Minimates ( perhaps again ....I forget ) ....2001,Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket & ....The Shining. I would die happy .
  10. tru wave 24

    Nine years ago TRU gave us our first minimate wave , it was my first 'wobble' regards collecting minimates. Could I get them? Could I hang in ? It's been bloody hard work. Thank you to all the members here that have helped me hang in. Truly...thank you. It should have been easier to collect the most beautiful Marvel minimates that were ever produced.......they were ...they are...the most beautiful Marvel minimates ever produced .....IMHO but I'm ready for any argument It was not easy. Thank you ToysRUs. A sincere "thank you" On the other hand ( olde english idiom) .............TRU.com was little more than a f**king joke ...a bad joke...an expensive [for me] joke......pathetic . The best I hope for is that a substantial organisation like Walgreens learn from TRU.com (esp.) which is ....not much . I can only describe TRU.com as ................I can't think of the 'word'............yes I can...two words .....f**king rubbish. Nine years...it never got better ,it got worse.
  11. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    I'm hoping that the NYCC might see another batch of Donatellos given out ......if Nick are there.
  12. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    The Boss.
  13. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    So shall I just delete my post ? Nice picture . Does either of yours have the real maple baseball bat?
  14. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    Dear Ivan , From what I know ................ ....the Geppimate variants are most easily distinguishable by their different coloured accessories . Forgive the bold type but I'm emphasising what I know not what I surmise . That said both 'mates seem identical , the packaging & UPC seem identical . The 'mates themselves have the Diamond logo printed on the orange baseball shirt ........it is probably coincidental but the tampo seems to be higher on (what I'm calling) the 'Gold/Silver' packaged Geppimate than (what I'm calling) the 'red/blue' packaged Geppimate ......I could give a shit but if these are "two production runs" then it may not just be coincidental . The accessories seem to be where the variations lie . The baseball bats & caps seem identical....they are identical. There are 4 books/catalogues/callemwhatyouwants accessories in each package ......1. is logoed 'Previews' ,2. is logoed 'Hakes',3. is 'Baltimore' & 4. is 'Geppis Museum' . A 'Red Blue' packaged Geppimate has these 'books' in a sequence 1. black, 2.yellow, 3.Gold ,4. Dark Blue ........black 'Previews' etc. A 'Gold Silver' packaged Geppimate has the same books in the same logoed book sequence but their colours change 1.Dark Blue, 2.Yellow (no difference here), 3.light blue, 4.Red . If you're still with me & not entirely bored out of your brain ........the packages contain two small minimate shaped accessories similar to the 'clay puppets' that the Puppet Master 'mate had (W48). A 'Gold/Silver' packaged Geppimate has these two small minimates painted ....you guessed.....one gold one silver. The 'Red/blue' packaged Geppimate .....they are painted red & blue . I hope that helped .
  15. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    Thanks for the explanation Zach.