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  1. Regards the ...er....skinny ,research tells me that a sufficient reply might be along the lines of : "..nuthin really just chillin ...."
  2. Sounds a bit like my ex-wife but prettier.
  3. We have no spiderman Minimates but we do have 74 versions of Spider-Man Minimates . My point is quite simply ......... if we're only going to get one 'Toad' then let's have it right first time .
  4. Everything about blind-bagging that I thought needed saying has been said elsewhere but Minimate blind-bagging was about as bad as it can get . Every mistake that could have been made was made & if Chuck was talked into blind-bagging....... I blame Chuck . That said I'll move on.
  5. I'm one of those hankering for a toad but the reason we might not ever get one is probably this.......... you can't pose a standard Minimate in a crouched position . No crouch no Toad ........as in I wouldn't want one , If however someone decides to design one that could crouch ( someone needs to look at a Vorin minimate) then a purpose-made clear stand accessory is essential ......one that could pose him mid-leap . That would be toadly awesome. Did you know ? Frogs leap whilst toads generally crawl .
  6. I'm not sure if Aladdin is on my wish list or I'm on his?
  7. What he said . ....& what I said when I first clapped eyes on them .............
  8. We don't need 'another' we need a definitive Juggernaut ...a big Juggernaut , he's about the tallest Marvel villain there is ! Apart from ...er...Stiltman ....& ..er ..maybe some others . Jugs is about the tallest.
  9. Y'see Mastermind is within all our grasps without too much difficulty & I'm not wanting him any time soon if he's just going to be there just to make the numbers up . IF he was in a specific box set/wave with Pietro ,Wanda & Mortimer then I'd take him with open arms ........all or naught is buttheadsmate's choice. Wanda's original BOEM costume (correct me if I'm way off) merely had a mask that circled her face ....again I'm not sure if that's going to be enough to get her re-done ? Pietro is a bit different ,green costume is iconic IMHO but when you consider that ol' butts first 'Marvel' read was Avengers #19 ,nigh on 50 years ago ,then you'll probably see why I'm so keen to get him & the real Swordsman . Green-skirted Jean is another great memory for me ....unfortunately most of my X-Men comics featuring her in her mini-skirt have had their pages stuck together for years Toad just has to be made ....all I can think of for a reason that he's not been made is because of PC & his deformity. I'm not kidding at this point. Magneto ? It's strange but true that the best Magneto we've ever had is the MvCapCom version . TBH ...once more it needs to be asked "do we need another?" when that particular figure is nigh on identical to what Magneto wore in Uncanny X-men #5 ...check it out & come back to me. The 2nd. best Magneto (re his early look) would be his zombie version....mix & match everything except his bodyparts & you're in business .
  10. Marvel vs, Capcom gave me a few first class Marvel characters that I adore notably Yelopool, Modok & Dormammu ,a great Dr.Doom & my 2nd. blue Iron Man. There were some other memorable (Capcom included) characters............ enough to keep the likes of me onboard but I have no idea whether M v CC fans loved what they got . Plants v Zombies is a licence that ....from my perspective......is just completely off the wall ,I love 'em . Did the first TRU set do well ? It did for me . Try finding a set !!! Street Fighter v Tekken ? "Oh dear oh dear" would sum up my opinion .........& remember that's what it is....just my opinion. I have often wondered whether these were aimed at a different market .....as in 'Japanese' market . That leads nicely into a question from me "WhyTF aren't Minimates successful outside of the US?"
  11. Regards Mass Effect 'underperforming'. In my opinion......... as an older ( the oldest? ) collector of Minimates............... they were great . They were vibrant ,well-made & eventually cheap . I reckon they'd be compatible with many other lines which is also great . Whether 'Mass effect' fans thought they were desirable is completely unknown to me ........& something I'd like to know. Did they sell ? Yes . Were they profitable ? Who knows . I still love Minimates & despite all my griping & cursing I'm massively proud of the collection I have amassed over the years........................however.......if I was cornered I would have to say that 'Minimates' as a brand has underperformed . That's not how I'd like to leave things so if anybody wants a discussion...start a thread & we'll have an adult conversation about it.
  12. Sorry Matt ...grovelling reply sent
  13. Slowly but surely you are becoming...........me.
  14. Pooooooooooooooooooooooo....l. -boredheadsmate
  15. Yellow DD keeps flagging up in my dreams mind.