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  1. Antman and the Wasp

    Personally since we are only getting 4 characters, I hope it's Antman, Wasp, Ghost and Janet Wasp. We need Janet!
  2. Infinity War

    Looks like the War Machine helmet is a standard slip-cover like IM from wave 1.
  3. Infinity War

    Honestly other than the new characters (Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, Outriders), the only other characters I'd really like to see are Bearded Cap, new sculpt War Machine, new Scarlett Witch and maybe a non-tribal outfit Shuri. We need a new War Machine right?
  4. Infinity War

    That must be a huge wave then Missing from series 1: Ebony Maw Cull Obsidian Corvus Glaive Outrider Bearded Cap Falcon War Machine Scarlett Witch Black Panther Shuri in orange outfit Okoye Gamora Drax Mantis Nebula Wong Vision Hawkeye? Eye Patch Thor with Stormbreaker
  5. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Nice, the Collector looks good enough to pass for MCU Collector.
  6. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Nice collection there!
  7. Infinity War

    I'm glad that Rocket/Groot will be easy to get!
  8. Infinity War

    Just picked up my IW pack from Luke, I definitely like the old BW face on her.
  9. Infinity War

    LOL Spoiler!
  10. Infinity War

    Honestly if we get at least Beared Cap, Winter Soldier, Corvis Glaive, Ebony Maw, Outriders and Cull Obsidian, I'll be happy. I'm sure more will come up after I see the movie.
  11. TRU Series 26

    I wish Target would put minimates in their pop culture/collector section, seems like a perfect fit.
  12. Infinity War

    Dang it looks like Groot and Rocket will be tough to come by with all the TRU stores closing.
  13. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    What I recall about that set was, upon opening I pulled off the Vision head and hands and tossed the suit body into my parts bin.
  14. Infinity War

    I guess I see the resemblance. If that's the only way to get him I'll take it.
  15. Infinity War

    I'd love to finally get the Collector from the Infinity War line as he is going to be in the movie.