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  1. Yes the face is from Civilian Thor or regular Thor from the first movie http://www.minimatedatabase.com/figure.php?i=1162&n=Civilian+Thor http://www.minimatedatabase.com/figure.php?i=1141&n=Thor
  2. I used the jacket from the new Homecoming Peter Parker to mix with other parts to make a Defenders Iron Fist to try to replicate his look from the promos.
  3. After getting my Spiderman wave from Luke, I noticed the lack of web wings, maybe that'll be in the SDCC MCU pack, web wings Spidey and someone else?
  4. What an end to what I feel was it's best season to date! How about that cliffhanger? Season 5 looks to be headed in a totally new direction!
  5. Happy Bday man!
  6. ^
  7. I cannot think of any unmade looks from the MCU heavy hitters though, can you say whether they are from Netflix or Movie? Or neither?
  8. I was joking as it would illicit a "who are they?" from your casual MCU fan.
  9. Yay, Hogun/Fandral SDCC 2-pack! 3rd times the charm right?
  10. If Marvel girl is included, it would be cool to get parts to make the ANAD Marvel Girl too.
  11. Yeah the smaller chest block looks better for Rocket
  12. I loved the Zune joke, granted there were only a few in the theater that got it. I think they did a good job of hiding the main villain plot from the trailers. I think I'll go see it again this week. The trailers before just showed how much of a juggernaut Disney has become, the trailers were for Spiderman Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Last Jedi. All 3 are must see movies for me and should bring it major bank for the mouse house (Don't know how much they get from Spiderman though).
  13. If we already bought 1 set, can we get the sticker set if we buy another?
  14. I gotta say I love the Hela silhouette!
  15. So far the costumes look like bad cosplay, I just don't see how they can do Medusa's hair right on a small screen budget.