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  1. That'd be a dream, but Hot Topic or Disney Store are probably likely given that they already sell DST product. I also thought Walgreens but I think it would get too mixed with their Animated stuff.
  2. Yeah Gladiator Thor and Hulk are likely it as they'd ancor a box set quite well.
  3. Thanks for clarifying! I'm pumped for these.
  4. So the Thor and the character that comes with him will be in both TRU and comic waves and also appear in half the box set? What I'm asking is that to get the other two characters in the box set we'll have to get an identical Thor / Other Character?
  5. Yes, these would have been nice!
  6. I read something today that seem to indicate the Punisher series will be out this year, which would be great and we'd get 3 Marvel Netflix series in 2017. "Still, it was nice to get a glimpse of this look in Daredevil, but it’s going to be even better seeing it in full when Punisher is expected to hit Netflix later this year." http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-punisher-set-pics-reveal-frank-castles-new-skull-la-1794292217
  7. Yeah but why? You would think Asgard would have something better than a gunpowder weapon.
  8. It's weird he is packing earth based firearms. I'd say Thor, Hulk, Loki, Hela, Grand Master and Valkyrie are locks for 6 character slots. Skurge is probably likely given he is visually interesting and a new character. For the 4 alt versions, 2 or even 3 will be Thor and I'd guess Hela and/or Valkyrie could also be there but we'll see more in future trailers.
  9. I guess I'll have to try and make a few customs from the new game. Peebee should be easy and I'll see if I've put together something that resembles my Sara Ryder from parts.
  10. Are those new torsos or heads? They look like the head sits alot higher than usual.
  11. The monk is ok, but I'd rather have had Gao or even the
  12. Just finished season 1. I enjoyed it, I'd say some of the fights scenes were good and some really lacked (3 part trials). Kungfu is a totally different style than what DD uses so I expected it to not be the same but cadence was too slow for some of them. I really liked Colleen Wing and hope we'll see her and Misty team up. Again I don't know why they have to say "the incident" and the "the green guy" instead of battle of New York and the hulk, but those are just vocabulary differences. Why oh why can they just throw in one dang skyline shot with Avengers tower in it? You'd think they could just reuse something from one of the MCU movies or something. I also didn't think the pacing was as bad in the second half like Luke Cage. I was really expecting some sort of short snippet on Defenders after I finished the last episode but alas nothing.
  13. I'm 2 episodes in and I think it's great, I think the critics were all piling on.
  14. I just got my modern Marvel Select GotG in the mail today, I sure wish we had the minimate versions of them as well....
  15. I was trying to get a GotG title to work for the box set but haven't come up with a lineup that fits the bill. Maybe Inhumans?