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  1. @Nervous Rex, I remember my Starduster toy quite fondly. LoL. Your Dreadnoks are awesome! I remember them being some of my favorite figures when I was young. Also Raptor and Serpentor. I really hope the releases of minimates really dive deep into the license.
  2. @Nervous Rex, that Zartan is fantastic! A great time to show off this custom seeing as how the GI Joe mates just came out. Any other Dreadnoks you have to show?
  3. Welcome back! Pull up a chair and have a drink!
  4. I wasn’t the biggest MMPR fan, but, i’m in for mates of the core team and green and white rangers. I think some of the villains like Goldar and Zed would be dope looking as minimates!
  5. These are so cool! Great job on the part selection and back stories.
  6. Kid Gladiator or we riot! Super excited to see who you offer next, Luke. I always get so excited to whenever the new releases are announced.
  7. I was on the Bay of E and I saw one listing for the Logan pack. The seller was from Canada and they wanted $49.99 for the set.
  8. @Heinousawesome customs! You’ve got a real steady hand at painting!
  9. Holy crap! I never win anything! OMG! I’m so happy! Thanks for doing this Zach!
  10. Was Jack of Hearts in 2020? If so Jack of Hearts. If not, (even though he’s not in my grubby hands yet) Gorr.
  11. I’m buying every Dreadnok I can! I’m pretty excited for this!
  12. @Padrino, LoL. Don’t go through all of that. It’s all good. I had looked on the database (hail, Ivan) for red eyes and I didn’t find anything that matched so just decided to ask. I appreciate you trying to remember.
  13. @Padrino, these are all awesome QCs! I love the Silverhawks so much! I have a soft spot for my childhood cartoons. May I ask what head you used for Hellstrom?
  14. @Captain Paco, it was a great choice! All of those customs look awesome! Great job! The Red Lantern kinda gives me Atrocitous vibes.
  15. @Captain Paco, man, how did I never think to use that Deadpool chest for an Arsenal/Red Arrow/Speedy?! That’s brilliant! Time to update the one I made.
  16. I was think about Thunderbird’s chest. That’s the closest I could think of without re-painting a whole bunch.
  17. I will take you up on the amazing offer, Luke! Thank you so much!
  18. Oh, man. I’m sad about the timing of this one. It kinda caught me in a weird spot. I hope this will still be available next week. Looks great, @luke314pi
  19. Oh, man! I’m pretty stoked to see how this turns out!
  20. @Captain Paco and @Minimike, I had immediately thought of Black Adam when I first saw that new Adam Warlock torso. I’m so glad to see that it works so well! I will need to pick one up. In my head, a good Black Adam recipe was Namor head, the receding hair that Minimike used, the Adam Warlock torso, black arms (with a different lower arm), initially I had thought that Shazam’s belt would be best, but that Iron Fist sash works so much better, black crotch piece, black legs and Shazam boots. The lower arm I thought would work a little better is the Walgreens Adam Warlock lower arms with white skin tone hands. I felt like the gauntlets on that Walgreens Adam Warlock looked more fitting to the aesthetic of Black Adam. I waffled on if I would add a cape or not. He’s kind of pictured with and without a cape. But, I was torn on if I wanted a hooded cape or not. LoL. If I wanted a hooded cape, I would have gone with Isiem. If I wanted cape without a good, I would have gone with Hela. If I wanted to paint, I would have gone with the comic Collector cape painted black. Great job on all of these DC customs. It makes me miss the DC minimates so much.
  21. Happy New Year! Here’s best wishes for the year to come.
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