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  1. Hellfire Club: Six figures total 4 male bodies: One larger body - two heads one for Leland one for Van Roehm. Three regular sized bodies - heads for Shaw, Wyngarde, Da Costa, Pierce. Two female bodies: one in the white outfit, one in the black outfit. Heads for Frost, Tessa, Selene, Jean Grey. Encourages multiple purchases to make the whole Hellfire Club. Gets an updated White Queen. might be a hard sell with no true anchor, but, if the new packaging is really gorgeous like the Marvel Legends Hellfire Club, I think it would sell.
  2. Superior Foes of Spider-Man: Boomerang Comic Speed Demon Updated Shocker (I like the Shocker we have, but I know some have asked for an updated version) Overdrive Mach V (since he was Boomerang’s parole officer or what-have-you) Spider-Man version for an anchor Unarticulated Silvermane head on an RC car We have Beetle, so this would complete the team.
  3. Yup! Sure was! At first I thought it might be Solo. I usually just associate Cardiac as a villain. I cannot wait for Cardiac!
  4. While not “small” I would be fine with an unarticulated Old Lace.
  5. Sounds like @elhonez hit the nail on the head. LoL
  6. Yes, embrace the dark side! You shall rise as Darth Burnsideicus!
  7. I may have an unfair advantage here, but, I do believe I know who it is. I shan’t say so I don’t ruin it for anyone else. I can’t wait for this one. Probably in my top 5 most wanted minimates of all time!
  8. My Kronos arrived today and he looks gorgeous! I was looking at the clue included and it talks about Ka-Zar who has already been announced. But says that the following custom will be a vigilante who debuted in the 90s in a Spider-Man comic. @luke314pi, is this someone who is trying to avenge the death of a loved one?
  9. @elhonez, I’m glad I could help! Every once in a while I have good ideas! LoL re: torsos: you’d probably have better luck with the Yellowjacket minimate. I tracked down AIM soldiers about 6 months ago and they were disgustingly expensive on the secondary market (about $25 a pop). re: hair: you could use the X-Factor wave 90s Havok hairpiece. Can’t wait to see what you have when it’s all said and done!
  10. That sounds like a really dirty phrase. LoL
  11. @luke314pi, so good! I still can’t believe we got Shanna and never got Ka-Zar.
  12. Yellow torso: moloids and That Yellow Bastard. what about using a Colossus chest piece over a yellow torso? Would still need to modify it to get the wings on there.
  13. I think Torment Spider-Man is my all-time favorite look for that minimate.
  14. Congrats @Trekker 42 and @Gmonkey2k!
  15. My Mongul is: Animated Thanos head cap Sasquatch face Kree Sentry torso Animated Thanos arms including bicep cover Kree Sentry Hands Animated Thanos crotch and legs Kree Sentry boots Not my finest work, and I would like to eventually make Darkseid, Mongul, Doomsday, Grundy in the larger scale like we had in the official DC minimate line.
  16. I never thought to use Chronic’s head for Arsenal, but that’s brilliant! I was going to use a Silent Bob hair piece for the hat. That does look to be an excellent QC for Arsenal!
  17. Man, thank you! I’m glad you liked the QC! Mind sharing your QC recipe for Arsenal? Some other good DC QCs: Nissa from the Grimm Fairy Tales box set with a red hair piece makes for a great Poison Ivy My Mr. Freeze is: Deadman head Falcon goggles Gotham Fries minus hands and feet Blue MvC Iron Man gauntlets and boots The only real downside is he can’t hold his freeze gun.
  18. I thought about that, but I ended up using a Sasquatch face for Mongul. He had more of that smirking, cocky face that I thought really suited Mongul.
  19. Shameless plug of a few of those that I’ve made: Damian Wayne Black Manta, Captain Cold and Marvel’s Crystal, and Simon Baz
  20. Yeah, I think if you’re willing to paint Abomination headcap would be a good choice. If you REALLY wanna be creative I’d probably modify the Ultimate Green Goblin headcap and shave down the extra horns and then cut the ears off of Abomination’s headcap and glue them onto the Goblin piece. Or, @hellpop used the Etrigan head from the Brave and bold mini fig and that also looks very cool!
  21. FWIW, while not cheap, you can make a REALLY good Demon QC with: New Hobgoblin face Mephisto torso and arms and crotch piece Black belt Blue Batman cape Moloid hands Chun-Li wrist spikes Moloid legs Deadman booties It’s not a cheap QC by any means, but, aside from not having pointy ears and horns, it’s a damn good QC.
  22. As someone who could never pull the trigger on the previous sets of TMNT, this is a must have for me. If there’s any chance at all that we can get Casey Jones with his look from this cartoon, I’d be so very thankful.
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