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  1. I wouldn’t mind getting the Savage Avengers, especially if it means we can get Conan. Even though he’s a relatively easy QC it would be great to have an official minimate of him. That said, I hope it would be Brother Voodoo in his normal costume, not just the suit and tie he wears in a lot of the comics I’ve seen from that run.
  2. Wow! That’s a first! When someone guessed Emplate, with parts to make Template, I really figured that was the correct answer.
  3. This is a throw from left field, is it Ogun? With parts to make Shogun?
  4. Luke made a Shadow King with an alternate head for Farouk a few years ago. I don’t think it would be Shadow King again. But, I could be wrong. Whoever it is I am excited for, as I was just thinking the other day how we need more villains!
  5. Such a great job on all of those, bruv! Keep up the great work!
  6. A friend is also looking to make one, and I think the closest we’ve seen is the Adam Maitland scary head from Beetlejuice
  7. That Binary is excellent! Great job!
  8. @DSTZach’s favorite character: the Rose.
  9. Where are people seeing these pictures of the new wave?
  10. Thank you all for the kind words! big thank you to @Heinousfor being so supportive and patient with me as I ALWAYS bug him with questions and ask for his opinion. @Padrino, thank you so much! @elhonez, I wish the ears were a bit more rounded, which I may end up doing in the future. However, it’s a lot of cutting to make that piece fit with the Kuma torso. Steal away! @AFMcGill, I love all manner of obscure characters. LoL. Headsman was one of my favorites from the Thunderbolts. I’ll have to look for that Goblin.
  11. A photographer and a painter, I ain’t. But, I’m a dreamer. If this link works, it should be: The Headsman War Thor, who seems to need some touching up on his loincloth Wendigo The Owl, the headpiece for The Rose, and Grizzly.
  12. Honky Tonk Man in the High Castle! The Junkyard Dog Whisperer! Owen Hart to Hart! The Beverly Hillbilly Jims! Brother Love Island! yeah. I really cannot think of who this would be, I just wanted to contribute. LoL. But, I can’t wait for the reveal.
  13. You’ve seen them on Instagram. LoL
  14. Does that mean all of the QC Young Avengers I’ve just made will be all for naught? Figures. That’s usually my luck. LoL
  15. Any hints you can give, or is it too soon?
  16. Orrrrr..Inhuman royal family!
  17. I am the Dread Pirate Roberts. There will be no survivors! I agree. He was so menacing when we was a wrestler, and so likable in the Princess Bride. I may have to watch that movie this evening with the missus.
  18. I think Mattel did this in their MOTU WWE line. It was a clear Faker John Cena.
  19. I haven’t pulled the trigger on any of the GI Joe sets yet, but, I think I’ll be all on when we start to see some Dreadnoks. But, I loved my Raptor figure when I was a kid. So I’ll need to pick one of those up.
  20. Love that Moon Knight! I appreciate the hard work you put into your customs. I’ve been making QCs for a while and just started painting my own parts for customs. It’s a laborious process and makes me appreciate all that people on her do!
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