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  1. Freaqualizer

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I still have the same old sets sitting around my local Walgreens. I’ve been keeping an eye on EBay and haven’t seen many sets pop up. I think a few in New York, Washington and Michigan. My frustration is building.
  2. Freaqualizer

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    We should take a poll and see who has the least amount of mates at their closest Walgreens. Then see what packs are there and see who needs what. Then we can all buy the mates that we need and see if a restock happens. I really just wanna get Cull Obsidian and Animated Skurge.
  3. Freaqualizer

    wave 77

    I don’t really have speculation, just some hopes. I hope we get some Thor stuff. I know we had a Ragnarok wave, but I want Ulik. And definitely the Warriors Three and the Wrecking Crew. I’d take a War Thor. I’d also like to see a random 90s wave. A Deathlok and an updated Firestar to match the Maximum Carnage wave. Cardiac and Nightwatch. Sleepwalker and Slapstick. Some New Warriors. Darkhawk and Tombstone.
  4. Freaqualizer

    Infinity War

    So, Minimates Menagerie had some Cull Obsidian minimates. Not many, looked like just 3. I didn’t pull the trigger on one and they’re already gone. One day i’ll complete my Black Order.
  5. Freaqualizer

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    @Chigarillo, PM sent.
  6. Freaqualizer

    Infinity War

    I’ve been watching eBay closely since my local Walgreens is packed with older waves. I have only come across 3 auctions with Cull Obsidian. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the location of the sellers. I really want to complete the Black Order. And i’m not paying $155 for 8 packs of minimates.
  7. Freaqualizer

    What the F

    Sooooo, this seems to be the animation style that everything is moving towards. I hate to be the old guy who says “I don’t like it! It’s not MY Thundercats!” But, i don’t like it! It’s not MY Thundercats! #not my Thundercats
  8. Freaqualizer

    Happy Birthday DSTZach!

    Happy birthday @DSTZach! May your sideburns continue to grow in thickness and in girth. Have a great day.
  9. Freaqualizer

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    I only hear Laurel. Does this mean i’m broken? LoL. Everyone else seems to hear Yanni. I’m on an iPhone if that makes a difference.
  10. What if there were circular spots on the diorama where the bases could fit? Since most of the bases we get now are clear, it wouldn’t really look unsightly on the diorama. Plus you’d be able to display all sorts of things as some of the bases allow flight stands and stuff to be attached to them.
  11. Freaqualizer

    Infinity War

    @MrClean, mine too. Most of my Walgreens have the Squadron Supreme waves still. I can only buy so many Nighthawks!
  12. Freaqualizer

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I received my Nuke today. And he’s freaking amazing! Great job! The hint for the mate after the Tinkerer is for a cool looking Hulk villain that’s only appeared in one issue. Hmmmmmmm..I like Hulk villains!
  13. Freaqualizer

    wave 75

    Thank you @Heinousand @Glanternfor the replies. I appreciate y’all!
  14. Freaqualizer

    wave 75

    Would anyone be willing to post a picture of what is under the Punisher’s vest? I’m looking to pick these up, but was kinda curious to see if he has a skull under the hood. Thanks!
  15. Freaqualizer

    TRU Series 26

    Interesting! I really miss the old Kay Bee toys days. Sigh nostalgia is a powerful drug.