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  1. Would Keith Lee or Brian Cage have powerhouse torsos or will they be just the standard chest block?
  2. The Acclaimed with two fingers up in a peace sign on each hand?
  3. The puns are still going on? I’d have thought they’d have fallen off by now.
  4. The return of DC minimates confirmed!! LoL
  5. There’s a Spider-Ham Lego head that goes REALLY well onto the Itsy-Bitsy Spider-Man minimate. Here’s mine posing with a (for some unknown reason handless) Spider-Man Noir. 😊
  6. I’ve really been wanting a White Wolf minimate, so, I found a way to cobble together a (not so) QC White Wolf. It’s: Animated White Tiger mask (I removed the pony tail using an exacto knife and filled in the missing mask pieces with putty. Blizzard torso. White Ranger movie arms, crotch, and legs. I really like how he turned out.
  7. One of the most beautiful and satisfying collections of custom minimates I’ve ever seen. Great job. These should sell out immediately (after my order is received, of course 🥰).
  8. I would LOVE the Slingers! Especially Ricochet. I love his look.
  9. That’s a good callout. I’ve had my Switch for many years and have only played it once in docked mode when some friends came over to play Diablo. I’ve only ever used it in handheld since. Maybe I’ll look into the OLED.
  10. I didn’t go OLED. But, I was tempted by the TotK OLED version.
  11. @cylonchaney, I really like the colors of the middle model the most.
  12. LoL! If it makes you feel any better, I’m usually wrong. And I just offer up my own personal wishlist. And I’ll definitely be ordering the option with all of the characters. I ordered a Stormbreaker Loki a long time ago as I had plans to make the Wrecking Crew, and I never did anything with it. So, I think I’m prepared to finish off the team!
  13. If I’m right (which, per my wife, I very seldom am), I think the Wrecker debuted in the late 60s and the rest of the Wrecking Crew debuted in the 70s. And if it’s the Wrecker I’d lose my ever-loving mind.
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