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  1. @luke314pi, You’ve been doing an amazing job with these! Another home run!
  2. No, when I made my own custom I used a decal. I think a slip on helmet would make his head look too large. I’m happy with what I see. 🥰
  3. that a Darkhawk? <insert Fry “take my money gif” here>. It’s more beautiful than I could ever imagine!
  4. Wow, that tabletop RPG idea is great! You could buy parts for different classes like mage, archer, thief, ranger, paladin. There could be orcs, ogres, elves, humans and then different parts to customize them. Then you could use them for tabletop sessions. D&D springs to mind first, but this would also be awesome for Shadowrun and other tabletop games. You could have villain packs and army building. I wonder if Hero Clix makes this not able to happen.
  5. The member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard has to be Gladiator, right? I mean, i guess it doesn’t have to be, but a boy can dream! I felt like June’s custom would be Exodus. But I don’t know who July’s would be. Would August be Malekith? And September be Hellstrom? I’m probably just projecting at this point, but i’m still excited!
  6. @Heinous your Blind Spot and Typhoid Mary customs are excellent, as well as the other customs of yours i’ve seen. Blind Spot and Typhoid Mary just seem to stick out the most in my mind. I remember thinking the Blind Spot was a factory minimate when I first saw it. Your skills are really good! Way better than I can do!
  7. Not strong enough? I like them a lot. I just didn’t want to sound like I was being fake. LoL. But they are a thing of beauty.
  8. Thank you! I had forgotten about Dracula and Yelena.
  9. Awesome job! Your customs are quite good. It looks like you hand paint stuff. Which is more impressive.
  10. Wave 10 is Rocket/Adam Warlock, Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange and Hammerhead and who? LoL. I can’t find the pictures of this wave anymore.
  11. I get what you’re saying and no one is saying you can’t have an opinion and voice said opinion. I think the point that @hellpop was making is that there’s a whole lot of negativity in almost every thread. It’s been kind of a bummer, and any time someone says that the atmosphere is negative they get a comment about complaining about complaining. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if the opinion isn’t popular. But this is a community. A community of people who share a common passion. A community should care about everyone’s feelings and not just their own. I try not to shit on someone else’s opinions because I don’t want someone to shit on my opinion. Just some common courtesy goes a long way. If everyone in the world would just be more considerate and treat people how they want to be treated the world would be a much better place. My comments are not directed at any specific person, I have no one in mind during this tirade, it’s a general plea to not let negativity reign supreme and squash someone else’s good time.
  12. I didn’t want to post any spoilers, but @BuffaloDelorean is correct. It was pretty amazing to see him on screen. Other than a brief glimpse in Spider-Man the animated series back in the 90s, I can’t recall seeing him in a cartoon.
  13. I was catching up on some episodes of GotG before Game Of Thrones comes on, and the episode titled The Real Me has a character that i’ve wanted a minimate of forever. I hope we get a release of him, animated or not, real soon. Fingers crossed!
  14. What part of KY? I’ve been checking Louisville area and I’ve found squat.
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