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  1. Yeah, I’d be in for at least two of those sets. Possibly 3. I’d need to be able to make Justice in all of his looks…
  2. I’m gonna guess Genis-Vell Captain Marvel. Or Phyla-Vell. My brain just keeps going with someone who was named Captain Marvel. Although, it could be Captain America alt look. I’m probably just projecting…
  3. Hey, y’all! Just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season this year! The MMMV is a wonderful little corner of the Internet and I wish the best for you and your families.
  4. Superior Iron Man or War Machine. I think I’m still waiting on *the* Iron Man minimate.
  5. I’m quite partial to Marvel Ares. A good runner up would be Darkhawk. And then after him would be the comic Iron Patriot. So good.
  6. I’d love to see a Doc Ock minimate in his costume from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. I enjoyed most of those looks from the show, with the exception of Morbius. That look didn’t really wow me.
  7. Don’t you recognize packs of Sue Storm “Through the Ages” when you (don’t) see them?
  8. Some of us lazy folks will call that “close enough”! LoL
  9. That is a gorgeous custom of Firestorm!
  10. @TheMinimateKing30, welcome to the boards! In my own opinion, the Thor Reborn and Modern Heroic Age minimates are wonderful. However, the bulky chest pieces look odd to me for some reason. there is a Modern Thor from the MvC wave 3 that is my personal favorite modern Thor. He doesn’t have a chest piece and he had a new (at the time) cape that looks awesome.
  11. @Nervous Rex, I remember my Starduster toy quite fondly. LoL. Your Dreadnoks are awesome! I remember them being some of my favorite figures when I was young. Also Raptor and Serpentor. I really hope the releases of minimates really dive deep into the license.
  12. @Nervous Rex, that Zartan is fantastic! A great time to show off this custom seeing as how the GI Joe mates just came out. Any other Dreadnoks you have to show?
  13. Welcome back! Pull up a chair and have a drink!
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