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  1. @Mattallica, those are really cool, thank you for posting these. My wife also made a few masks for us so we had several we could rotate, wash and wear whenever we have to leave the house. I hope you and your wife are staying safe.
  2. Holy smokes! That was super cool! Great job!
  3. Once you have the hoxpox they never go away. Future outbreaks can be experienced.
  4. Or Commando? But the visor part might be a lot of work. Or it could be a decal.
  5. I really hope it’s Smasher! I love the costume.
  6. @luke314pi, thanks for the update! I’m glad you’re still able to work in this. 😊 be safe and thank you for all you do for this forum.
  7. Ooooh! Thanks, @DSTZach! Those look awesome!
  8. @Chigarillo, great job on all of these!
  9. Looking at the preview pictures, I am SO excited for this wave. Man, they’re all so colorful and awesome looking.
  10. I love this community. That’s awesome! Thanks for the response. 😊 Is the release of Gladiator changing any other releases down the line, or is there a different Shi’ar imperial guard character we can expect?
  11. @luke314pi, just being nosy, but did you switch out the custom that pretty much sounded like Constrictor because of the official minimate being in the works? Or was it Just a happy coincidence?
  12. Sooooo, I’m gonna get Deathlok and Darkhawk in the same year? I never thought that would happen. But, man, these are gorgeous.
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