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  1. Sweet do you have any pics? I can't customise for crap, but its something I'm going to start getting into, I watched Luke's start to finish customisation video on youtube and it inspired me, I just need to find some free time to sit down and practice.
  2. I was sat reading a couple of my What If? Classic trades the other night and it got me thinking about how cool a series, or even just a box set, of What If? MiniMates would be. To my recollection the only What If? figures produced have been of Spider-Girl (she first appeared in What If? #105 then later span out into an entire range of comics originally known as MC2), which seems odd considering how toy companies love to put out variations on favourite characters. So with that in mind I thought I'd see if anyone else felt the same way and would also like to see some What If? MiniMates, and if there seems to be any desire I'd put it forward to Diamond. Some What If? characters I'd like to see are: Poison from What If? Spider-Man The Other. Rogue-Thor from What If Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor?. The Fantastic Four Mike Weiringo tribute issue that contained an FF consisting of Spider-Man, Grey Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man. What If the Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool?. What If Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?. What If Barbara Ketch Had Become Ghost Rider. But there are so many more great ones, so what do people think, is it something you'd like to see, or am I completely off the ball?. Thanks for any comments or suggestions guys.
  3. Ghost Rider TTA: Phantom Rider Late 90's awful gaudy Ghost Rider (the red and yellow costumed one) Modern Jonny Blaze Modern Danny Ketch with a 2 pack containing the midnight sons era Jonny Blaze with his hellfire shotgun and Alejandra. And some bloody bikes for 'em (and a horsie too!)
  4. Is that Nightcrawler the one from the kidpool universe?
  5. Awsome, add in the armoured psylocke and havok for the full roster and one of my favorite X-Men incarnations is complete, which lead to me thinking up some more army builders that we haven't had yet, genoshan guards and smileys!
  6. I assume you're referring to my post? and my comparison is perfectly valid as Uncanny X-Force is nothing like the original X-Force (90's) title, I'm well aware of the quality of the current incarnation but you can't deny they are in no way similar.
  7. Actually i enjoyed the first few story arcs of the book, but I'm guessing it will be no more X-Treme X-Men than Uncanny X-Force is X-Force, just a comic that uses the same name. I'd wait and see what it's like when it's out before commenting on it really.
  8. Didn't it bond with her in Venom: Along Came A Spider as well?
  9. Does anyone know if the female Venom is Ann Weying or Patricia Robertson? I would have guessed Weying but im not 100% sure.
  10. Maybe I'm just spoilt by Minimates and Mega Bloks renditions but these look ridiculous, bobble head iron man? some sort of emo hulk? I'll be steering my nephew clear of these, although I will have to purchase a video game if they make one, my partner collects lego video games (and I don't mind them all that much to be honest). I help out at my nephews school every week for a few hours, supervising/encouraging kids to play with lego, but all the stuff they have is oooooold and it's much better for playing with, I'm just not into lego's current output.
  11. I'm not agains Kubricks per se, its more that its a pain getting hold of them, it would be good to see how the capcom stuff fares though, a megaman line would be pretty sweet, which at the end of the day is just capcom's version of astro boy in a sense.
  12. Chuck always says "never say never." There are still some cool guys to do. Well that's made my day (well technically night, 3.11 in the morning! god-damned insomnia. Thanks for the reply Zach.
  13. That's a shame I would have loved, say, 3 box sets based on the Messiah trilogy, Lets say: Messiah Complex: .Cable with baby Hope. .Layla Miller with the M branding .Forge .Exodus (and Predator X if it was anywhere near possible) Messiah War: .Pre-teen Hope. .Stryfe. .Bishop with his crazy big cybernetic arm. and either. .Future Deadpool or .Future Apocalypse Second Coming: .Teen Hope .Bastion (winged version) .Modern Cyclops .Modern Rogue Guess I'll just keep dreaming.
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