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  1. Add Ned to that 4-pack and it would make it better. Hell, if Age of Ultron could get a 5-pack, why can’t FFH?
  2. There’s another set that has a top bid of $61.00 + $11.99 shipping with 2 and a half days left.
  3. Watched the movie today, and when I got home from the theater, my Endgame boxsets showed up. A decent selection of figures in the boxset. I think they could have thrown in the Capt. America/Thor-Rocket Raccoon Walgreens set into the boxset and make it a real Quantum Suit boxset. Yeah, after hunting down the Walgreens sets, I think I’ll be done from buying anymore movie Minimates for the foreseeable future. I only collect the movie Minimates in the first place, I have collected every single movie Minimate since the first Iron Man set, and these box sets just don’t seem worth it to me anymore. Plus, ever since TRU’s closing, It’s always been a hassle for me finding the Walgreens sets because I don’t have that many Walgreens near me and they all have the worst selection of Minimates in stock.
  4. The official image of the Endgame Walgreens sets were released today, if anyone is interested. Still a shame that we didn’t get a Scalemail Captain America or an Stormbreaker Thor, but it’s not difficult to customize those.
  5. I would pass out of pure joy and happiness if we ever got a set like this. Hell, if we got a wave like this, I’d buy two sets of everything. One to open and display, one keep in mint condition.
  6. I would have traded the leather jacket Captain Marvel variant in the box set for a powered-up Captain Marvel variant. It was way more prominent in the movie than the leather jacket look was.
  7. Agreed. It’s such a shame that we won’t get a Minimate version of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio.
  8. Nice. And for a minute, I thought it looked like you’re using a Survivor Rick Grimes head as a MCU Quentin Beck head. Black suit Wolverine from The Wolverine movie series set?
  9. Great job, Mattallica. Those look amazing, especially the Red & Black Spider-Man. What chest piece did you use for Mysterio?
  10. Oh, hell yes! I am going to make a Quantum Realm suit for every Avengers/Guardians member.
  11. Sweeeet! Can’t wait to see them in stores.
  12. Jeez, they couldn’t give Captain Marvel a jacket piece instead of painting it on her? Otherwise, the set looks good. Hope there are more figures for this series.
  13. Wow, I would assume that Captain Marvel would get her standard Red & Blue costume and her Starforce costume. Good to know.
  14. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me I was disappointed that there was a unnecessary blank head piece inside the helmet for the Hank Pym minimate, and the Ghost minimate did not get a character head piece on top of her standard mask head piece. I hope that clears things up for you Zach.
  15. Most of these sets are sold by 3-party stores like ToyWiz.
  16. Yeah, mine Hank Pym helmet came with a blank head. Really disappointed that Hank Pym got a blank useless head, but Ghost got the shaft and didn’t come with a character head. 😠
  17. Fun teaser trailer, showed off enough to get people excited, but not enough to reveal any of the plot. I wouldn’t mind having that civilian Carol with the SHIELD hat as a minimate, or a comic convention exclusive box set of the Starforce characters. So many few spots.
  18. Captain Marvel Teaser Trailer
  19. This, absolutely would have been a great set. Or Bill Foster, he played a pretty important role in the movie, why not give him a spot.
  20. Yeah, still wish we got a Janet Minimate rather than another Hank Pym Minimate.
  21. Luke has the preorder up now and he has the estimated arrival as October.
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