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  1. Bsore

    Do you want a C2E2 MMMV blank? - Part 1

    I love Minimates because...They are an easy and fun connection to my inner child, they are easy and fun to collect, it is exciting to learn of and see what is coming out next. I find myself wanting to collect them as they come out whether or not I know anything about them. They are just so wicked awesome!
  2. Bsore

    TRU Wave 16

    Still not in Northern Utah, Checked 4 Stores: Sugarhouse, South Salt Lake, West Valley, and Layton Nothing!
  3. Ok so Salt Lake Comic Con ended on Saturday the 7th of September with some huge numbers. 50,000 tickets sold for the 3 day event. A huge list of Celebs including: Stan Lee William Shatner Lou Ferrigno Adam West Burt Ward Henry Winkler And a very long list of other guests. On Saturday the last day of the show the event sold out, the local fire marshals stepped in and said they could not let anymore attendees in until people left (the convention had exceeded the occupancy limit of our largest convention center) the count from the fire marshal was 70 to 80,000 people. I have read that the SLCCC now holds the record as the largest inaugural Comic Con in the nation and is being listed as number 5 in the top 5 cons (with reference to attendance) for this year. We had WETA make their first appearance at a con outside of SDCC (According to WETA they have never gone to any con other than SDCC) Some links to stories if you are interested: Thank you for reading and sharing this cool news for Utah and Salt Lake City. Now I did want to share this, I took with me a Hulk Through the Ages boxset with the intent to see if I could have Stan and Lou Ferrigno sign it, Unfortunately I was only able to get Lou to sign it as I had to leave before Stan, here is my boxset:
  4. Bsore

    Happy Birthday Ivan!

    Happy Birthday Ivan
  5. Bsore

    Happy Birthday Youbastards!

    Happy Birthday
  6. I have always enjoyed various Main Stream Superheros, as a kid I would grab metal garbage can lids and be Captain America (the garbage can lids could fly almost as well as his shield), grab a sheet from the clothes line and be Superman, pretend my bigwheel was a bad arse Bat BIke. As I physically grew up (mentally? the jury is still out on that) I would pick up an occasional comic to read, but I never went full bore into comics, I always told myself I didn't have time. I met The Vox at work and he inspired and encouraged (peer pressure a lovely thing) to start with Comics, I went nuts with the launch on the New 52, and during the same time The Vox Introduced me to minimates. it became an addiction real fast, it was a great way to see so many different types of Spider Man... J/K it was actually a unique way to learn more about Super Heros and Villans and with so many variations it has been fun hunting down related comics to follow an Arc or see where the ideas came from. After about 2 years of collecting I believe I am approaching 600 minimates. They are small, easy to collect and display, there a conversation piece for all ages (my parents take a look at them when they stop by and often remember their days gone by.
  7. Bsore

    Happy Birthday DSTZach!

    Happy Birthday Zach!
  8. Yay Salt Lake City, Utah will be hosting their first annual Comic Con in September 2013:
  9. Very Well Done, A Stunning Performance and Superb Presentation, Thank you.
  10. Bsore

    Happy birthday Mattalica

    Happy Birthday
  11. Bsore

    TRU wave 15

    Nice The Black Wash adds a lot, nice work. I checked 2 of the 3 TRUs in Salt Lake Area this weekend, SugerHouse-No, State Street-No, West Valley-Don't know didn't make it there. Wish these were here already...
  12. Bsore

    The speculation thread

    Ditto Ditto ditto The Vox and I have a lot of non-maters at work wanting to know what this line is.