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  1. I just noticed Mystique is on walgreens website for order at 13.99 also.
  2. This past weekend I went to a Walgreens after a long hiatus just to see what was there. Still no wave 8, 9 or 10. However I happily purchased a Marvel Legends Mystique and Genis-Vell for 13.99 each, leaving behind the Captain Marvel movie minimates.
  3. You could always do a one per person, but create a multiple man backdrop with numerous others to include with him.
  4. If only he had an extra white Puck hand to hold the stand out in front of him like a portal.... Like the extra head though!
  5. I like the idea. I think it would at least be as interesting to buyers as the whole Avengers BC concept, probably moreso.
  6. I found two packs today while there looking for Marvel Legends. Shock of shocks, new minimates. Only two though because there was no more room on the pegs with waves 7 and previous rotting there. BTW, very happy to finally complete the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four with the Thing! It's a great figure!
  7. Wherever it's offered, it's better than Walgreens.
  8. I can’t be the only one who would like an Andy Kaufmann, right?
  9. I've stopped checking Walgreens. My excitement for any new stuff, beginning with wave 8, 9 and IW2, is gone.
  10. I’m with you on that. If the seller counters with less than a dollar reduction, I will decline and write off the auction entirely. Seems like a pointless thing to do if that’s all they’re going to offer.
  11. Seems to still be in stock. But they've been so screwed up with their inventory of this line, it might have sold out and restocked.
  12. I guess what appeals to me is that I don't want or need figures that are the "next level". I look at Megos with the eyes of my 6 year old self, not the with the blurred vision of the 47 year old eyes I have today. Oh, they will be opened and displayed with my originals. I've bought vintage ones and they were opened as well. These are childhood loves, not investments. They were my first exposure to Super Hero toys and have a special place in my collection. And, they are out. Went looking for Sulu and found Chekov today! Didn't even know Chekov was part of the release. He has Kirk and Spock pictured on his package instead of the Gorn and Roman. Lots of other licenses, but no Sulu, Action Jackson or Mirror Mirror 2-pack.
  13. I can imagine a Hanna Barbera package for a 2-pack looking something like a retro TV set with posed figures in the screen.
  14. Why on earth is there a street date of August 1st on these? Was the lesson not learned before?
  15. Just a heads up Luke, I never received the Flair invoice through email. I only saw it once I logged into PayPal. Didn’t go to junk mail either. Not sure if PayPal didn’t forward it, or if something else went wrong. Figured I’d let you know in case anyone else here is having the same thing happen.
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